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For the One You Love: Chapter 3

For the One You Love
A Gundam Wing Fanfiction
By: Memory Dragon
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Bandai. I don't own it and make no claim to.
Notes: This is the chapter I started crying for when I was writing it. Not really because of what I wrote, but I was trying to picture just how Duo would react in this situation. And then I thought, "Oh my god! The poor guy!" before going write back to writing.  See? I have some heart. Doesn't stop me from thoroughly tormenting the characters, but hey.

This chapter is several years in the future and many years after the series ended. I picture Heero and Relena being at least 20 if not older when they were married. So, Heero may seem a bit out of character. This is because people change over time and I think he'd loosen up quite a bit without a war going on. Also, thanks to Weiß Kreuz Glühen, I have this obsession with making Heero into a history teacher. And don't expect too many details on how Duo is protecting Heero. I'm trying to focus more on his emotions. Well, that and I actually have no clue how he's doing it. I'm a writer, not a spy.

Anyway, on with the chapter.


Chapter Three: I would love to love you like you do me

Not so long ago, Heero started talking to himself. It’s really cute. He only does it when he thinks on one else is around. I would never have guess when I first met Heero all those years ago.

He does it to test out how his theories and words sound aloud, or sometimes just to talk to himself. I think he likes hearing his own voice. Not that I mind, granted. After all, so do I. But he’s just opened up so much since he started teaching. Never would have imagined in any of my wildest dreams that Heero would enjoy talking. What’s next? Trowa working on audio books?

No wait. I forgot. Wufei’s the literary fanatic. Hell would freeze over if he started doing audio books and Trowa went into telemarketing. What could Quatre being doing, I wonder? Hm... I’ll have to think on that.

Right now though, I am going to sit here and enjoy Heero’s voice, because he’s just talking to hear himself at the moment. He was trying to work on an article earlier, but now he’s given up on all semblance of productivity. Only Heero would try to follow Dorothy’s advice when she shooed him out to be productive, but he soon saw how futile that was.

He really is adorable, pacing like that. Occasionally, he stops to fix the glasses from falling down his nose. Becoming farsighted might be seen as a curse to some people, but in all honesty the glasses suit him so well. They make him go from the passionate ex-soldier I love so much to a cute, mousy looking history professor in a matter of seconds.

Who have thought Heero would become a history teacher? For high-schoolers, no less. Talk about hell freezing over. But it oddly suits him; he teaches it so history won’t repeat.

The students really seem to connect with him too. It’s astonishing, really. No matter how hard he is on them, he’s still one of the most popular teachers on campus. And for one who never actually had a childhood, he gets on pretty well with them too.

He’s so nervous. It never ceases to amaze me how Heero could survive countless battles and near death experiences in a complete calm, yet the second Relena goes into labor and he’s beside himself with worry. And so amusing at the same time.

Dorothy nearly had to kick him out of the hospital yesterday. That was an entertaining sight, let me tell you. And today I’ve been laughing along with the school secretaries. Only Heero would go to work on a Saturday to do nothing but pace.

Speaking of secretaries...

“Mr. Yuy?” Heero jumped, making the older red-head giggle. “Mr. Yuy, there’s a phone call for you in the office. From a Miss Catalonia.”

If I hadn’t known Heero’s super-human speed, I would have been impressed. The secretary didn’t even see him move.

But I have other things to worry about at the moment. The office is largely open and unguarded. The perfect place for that revenge happy bomber I’ve been waiting for to take out his anger on a certain Gundam pilot.

Not that I’m gonna let him do that.

I silently moved from the room, heading up to the roof of the main building. Sure enough, there’s my bomber. He’s smirking as he sees Heero talking on the phone. I was hard put not to start smirking as he reached for the trigger.

Confusion crossed his face as nothing happened as his youthful fingers pressed against the little red button. Sad really. He must have been no more than seven when we fought. Probably had a parent fighting, hence the bomb today.

Don’t you get it, little guy? There’s a reason you couldn’t even get near Heero’s home room. In fact, it’s the same reason none of the bombs you set up are there anymore. Put simply, the reason is me. And it’s your own stupid fault for not backing off after my warnings.

I slipped out from the shadows, taking out a gun. It clicked as it rested next to his head. The man froze. “I’ll see you in hell,” I said softly, pulling the trigger.

He fell forward without a sound. Didn’t even have the chance to scream before the bullet reached his brain.

I sighed, looking at the body distastefully. He had caused me to miss a very important phone call and so young too. A real pity. But I’d better get over to the hospital. I don’t want to miss hearing what they name the kid.

* * *

I was able to get to the hospital just before Heero. Relena was fine, I noted with a sigh of relief. Never thought anyone could survive such a long labor... My respect for her skyrocketed over the past twenty-four hours. For her, and any other woman who has given birth.

The new addition to the Yuy household is also doing well. A baby boy. Seven pounds, eight ounces, and with his father’s startlingly beautiful blue eyes. He’s going to be as handsome as his father one day. All the girls will be swooning for him. He’s already got the whole female population in the hospital adoring his chubby, pink cheeks...

I’m really curious as to what they will name him. So far, the young couple have been very indecisive about it, even after all the pressure coming from their friends. They finally just decided to wait until after he was born.

I had to look away hen Heero burst in the room. The warm light in his eyes when he saw Relena is still too harsh for me sometimes. It’s kinda funny, really. I mean, how long has it been now? And yet it still hurts to much for me to watch them together. I can be so pathetic at times.

Heck, my whole life is rather pathetic when I think about it.

I wish I could be in there congratulating him. It might have been one of the few times he would have accepted a hug. I could have held him, if even for just a few seconds. If only as a friend...

But if I hadn’t been there to stop the bomber, he might not be here now.

I sighed, pushing away all regrets. Time to focus on the conversation. I had sworn to never regret this life. And I don’t, for the most part. I just miss Heero’s attentions every once in awhile, even if those were only the attentions of a close friend. It’s much more than I have now.

Heero is holding the baby for the first time. He looks so happy right now, something else I would have never been able to give him. Yes, this is what was best for him. I’m glad I did what I did.

After all, I don’t need happiness.

“So, what are you going to name him?” Thank you, Dorothy. Get the question I’ve been dying to ask out on the floor. It’s about time too.

Relena looked to Heero, questioningly. “You said you had one you were thinking of?” Which, naturally, he hadn’t told Relena what it was. Not even her. Just that he had one. He can be so damn secretive at times.

Heero looked at the little boy again. He was still screaming loudly as the new father handed the baby back to the nurse. “Yes.” Okay. I’m confused. Why does he suddenly look so sad? “What about... Duo?”

Relena looked up in shock, then smiled. “Yes. Duo is a good name.”

I... But.... He’s naming the baby... after me...

A tear ran down my cheek before I could stop it. Ah, hell... Who am I fooling? I stopped trying to keep the tears in and just let them fall.

Oh, Heero... Even after you knew about me... You’d still...

I’ve never been more honored in my life.

I missed some of the conversation, but that didn’t matter at the moment. When I was finally able to control my tears, Relena was saying something about wanting drugs next time. The next time part made Heero blanch. I moved from my hiding spot quietly. I wanted to think for a bit.

The roof of the hospital seemed as good of a place as any to sit. It’s been a while since I’ve just sat outside. Usually, the only time I’m outside with when I’m rushing to one place or another to get ahead of Heero or Relena. A gentle breeze brushed my face as I found a shaded area to sit in.

Of all the names...

Once again, tears threatened to spell from my eyes. But this time I managed to keep them back. Heero... he could never love me, the way I do him, but I was wrong to think he would have avoided me if he found out. He still thinks well of me, even after knowing...

I jumped as I heard the door open. It was Heero! Crap! I’m out in the open! How stupid can I be! It would all be over now if he saw me. I pressed myself flat against the wall, praying that Heero would stay on the other side...

No such luck. All he has to do is turn around and he’ll be staring straight at me. But his back is to me, thankfully.

Okay, now to move before he turns around... I slowly began to inch to the other wall.

“Duo...” His voice stopped me in my tracks. I almost didn’t hear it at first. I couldn’t move. I had to strain my ears as it was, to hear what he said next.

* * *

“Duo...” Heero hesitated, looking out at the buildings and streets below him. He leaned over on the wall. “I... I wish you were here. I never... I never realized how much... your friendship meant to me, until you were gone.”

He hadn’t. He had always taken Duo and the other pilots for granted after the war. Now, he visited the others often, savoring each moment he had with the few Heero called friends.

Friends. Yes, that was what they were. Heero had never thought he would need them, but now he couldn’t live without them. Except for the one he was forced to live without. The one he wanted to see the most. The one who’s death taught him just how important friends were.

“I probably... No, I could never love you, the way you loved me. But I wish you had told me. I know... I know why you didn’t. It would have been awkward, I guess. But maybe... Maybe I could have recognized how much... how much I needed friends a lot sooner.”

He hadn’t thought it would be this hard, talking like this. He didn’t even believe in any real religion. So why he thought Duo would be listening now, Heero didn’t know. But he had this feeling... He always believed in his feelings before. So why would he not act on it now?

“Relena just gave birth to a baby boy. I named him after you, Duo. I wish you could see him. I wish you could have been there, making fun of how nervous I was. Cracking jokes about what my students would do if they saw me. I don’t know where you are, if there’s a life after death, or if it’s just nothingness. But I-”

The door opened. Heero stopped talking as soon as he heard the handle being turned. “There you are, Heero!” He glanced back to look at Dorothy, who seemed slightly winded after all the flights of stairs. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Quatre and Trowa have arrived!”

He looked out at the view below one last time before nodding to her and starting for the stairs.

* * *

Duo came out from his hiding place, wiping the tears from his eyes that nearly threatened to overwhelm him. “I’m right here, Heero. Right here...”


Memory: Okay, that was really cliché, but I liked it. The next chapter starts out just as humorously and has a bit of action. And then I after that one I finally get a plot! Gasp! Shock! I know. Also, the next chapter takes place four years later. So little Duo is four. And a real little terror, but that's for the next episode to reveal...

Now, if only I could stop having to write an essay or two a night, I could get some work on this done. Sigh. See you guys next week.

Quote of the chapter:

"You recognized my barrier to love
I know there's nothing worse
Than unrequited love,
So I prayed to God that I could give the love you gave to me
But something's lying in my way, preventing it to be.
-- Love to Love You, The Corrs