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For the One You Love: Chapter 5

For the One You Love
A Gundam Wing Fanfiction
By: Memory Dragon
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Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Bandai. I don't own it and make no claim to.

Chapter Five: I'm alone, holding myself again tonight

He’s fallen asleep at his desk again. Heero looks so innocent like that. Like he’s never had a care in the world. The years are stripped away from him. It’s only the glasses nearly falling off his nose that remind me I wasn’t looking at a ghost of his past self.

I’d try and put a blanket around him, but no one’s ever done that without waking him up. Well, Relena has, as much as it hurts to admit. But she hasn’t come to check on him tonight. Probably too tired to wait up for him. Her life’s been awfully busy lately. Thankfully, it’s been fairly quiet around her too.

It’s very tempting to try though. To know that he’s just at ease in my presence as well as hers... Well, it wouldn’t be the same as him loving me back, but it would give me something. Some little thing that I could cherish on cold nights like these...

But no. If he were to wake up and see me there... Can’t risk that. Besides, he would question where the blanket came from when he woke up. While ghosts can do many things, I doubt he believe one put a blanket over him.

I should be asleep as well. I’ve just got this bad feeling though... I couldn’t rest. So I came here. Knowing he’s safe gives me some peace of mind and watching him is one of the greatest, and only, pleasures in my life.

I’m really pathetic, aren’t I? Pining away like this over love... A love that will never be returned even. Such an ironic punishment for the God of Death. Fitting too. After all, if death were to touch the ones he loved...

I suppose I could try and move on, if I wanted to. Forget about Heero and start a new life. Maybe find someone new. But then who would protect Heero? And Relena too, for that matter. Better I worry about those kinds of things than Heero. He deserves a chance at happiness after all he went through. I suppose some people might say I do too, but I’ve been the God of Death far too long for that... No sense in changing now.

I feel my eyelids getting heavy. I guess I’ll get some sleep tonight, despite that bad feeling. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve fallen asleep here, watching over him like this. Nor the last, probably.

Ah, well. A little cramp in the morning won’t kill me. Hasn’t yet. Just need to make sure my bad leg is fairly straight and I should be fine.

At least I would be getting some sleep. As much as I want to watch over him, twenty- four/seven, someone half asleep all the time wouldn’t make a very good body guard. Have to keep myself healthy as well. Been doing pretty well at that too, if I do say so myself. So far a limp is my only sustaining injury... Just had to land on that wrong...

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Resisting the urge to grumble along with Heero, I kept quiet. I received a bit of a shock after looking at my watch though. Five A.M. Who the hell calls at that time on a Saturday!?

Heero picked up the phone after the third ring, just as I turned on my headphone that was tapped into the phone line. Whoever it was had some nerve... Meaning it was probably important. Sigh.

Heero’s voice sounded much more awake than he looked. Same old Heero, never showing weakness... “Hello?”

“Hello, Mr. Yuy,” a deep velvet voice purred. Yes, purred. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. This isn’t right. Something’s wrong...

Heero felt it too, for instantly he was completely awake. “Who is this?” He demanded of the phone.

The voice on the other side of the line chuckled. The bass voice turned my blood cold. I immediately started tracking it, Heero setting up to do the same. Between the two of us, this guy is toast. “Now, now. No tracking. Someone might get hurt.”

My heart stopped, along with my fingers that had been typing earlier. That feeling I had before... Heero kept right on moving though, his computer flicking to life under his touch. “What are you talking about?”

“I mean I have your two children as hostages. And I don’t wish any... harm to come to them before it is time.” Heero paused for the barest second, then continued hacking.

Little Duo and Leyna... It was impossible! I saw Heero put both of them to sleep this evening! No one could get into this house! My security system would never have... Shit. My world class security system was probably blaring back at my apartment, not far from here. Damn! I’m such an idiot! Why didn’t I ever think of this before!!

Still, it couldn’t be true. To be able to get passed my security... I turned to a mini camera I kept with me at all times and peeked in on where little Duo should be sleeping. His bed was empty...

Oh, God... No...

“I see you don’t believe me. I’ll talk to you later, Mr. Yuy.” There was a click on the other side of the line. Heero cursed softly.

“Darling, who was that?” A drowsy Relena asked from the doorway. Heero jumped up and grabbed her arm, pulling her down the hallway to check on the kids.

It was her scream that brought me out of my shock. I had failed, yes. But I have to fix that mistake, and fast. Moving as quietly and quickly as possible, I started to make my way back to my apartment.

I’ll find those two. I have to. Even if it means Heero might find out...

* * *

I had no luck finding little Duo and Leyna. Neither did Heero, who’s been searching as relentlessly as I have. Damn. How could I have let this happen!? All either of us could do is sit and wait for the next phone call.

The God of Death only knows that’s all the police are good for. They’re useless. I can tell Heero’s frustrated with them too. The police have been treating him like he’s a regular scholar. Like they didn’t know that the husband of the one-time Queen Relena was a Gundam pilot!! Honestly...

Okay, maybe I’m overreacting somewhat. But hell... It’s my fault for not stopping this. To think I didn’t even know about this operation...

The next phone call came a day later, in the evening this time. Not like any of us had gotten any sleep. But I think he planned it that way. I am so going to bust his face in when I finally get my hands on him...

One ring and the entire house was silent. Two rings, Heero picked up the phone. “Hello, Mr. Yuy. How are you today?” The voice was just as creepy as I remember it. Smooth and velvety, seemed to be right out of some horror flick. I started tracking it as soon as Heero had picked it up and Heero wasn’t too far behind me. “Get enough sleep last night? I know it must have been hard not knowing-”

“Where are they?” Heero growled into the receiver. Damn it, Heero! Don’t be so direct! Keep him talking! Alright, who’s bright idea was it to let him do the talking? Get Relena on the phone for crying out loud! She’s the diplomat!

“They are here with me, safe at the moment. I’m afraid they may not be for long.” A soft chuckle as two year old Leyna began her unmistakable scream.

I will hurt him. Painfully. And slowly. Heck, I’d follow him down to hell and back if I could just get my hands around his neck... Come on, Duo. Focus. Think about tracking him, then think about how you’re going to kill him...

“What do you want?” There was real panic in Heero’s eyes. Almost there... Don’t worry Heero. I’ve almost got it... Just keep him talking a little longer...

“What do I want? That is a very good question. I think I’ll let you know in the next phone call, Mr. Yuy.” Click. Got it!!! Just in time too! I’ll see you in hell first, buddy!

“Were you able to track it, Heero?” Relena asked fearfully. Don’t you worry, Relena. I’ve got it covered.

But Heero’s answer stopped me in my tracks. “I’ve got it. I know where they are.” Crap! He always was better at hacking than me. Should have known... Of course, he can afford to be direct. I’ve gotta keep him here somehow! If he goes too, there’s no way I could remain unseen!

Heero was making to leave. Damn it! Relena, say something!!

“Heero! You can’t go!” Thank you! But that’s not going to work. I have to make sure that he stays, before I can do anything... I don’t want to, but I will knock him out if I have to. As a ghost, I have lots of ways that I could keep him put.

Because Heero was in no mood to listen. “I’m getting them back.” Great. Heero, don’t make me do something I might regret... He would have left then if not for the police getting in the way. Too bad they won’t stop him for long.

“Sir, I know you’re worried-”

The glare Heero gave the man was enough to stop him dead. Relena, thankfully, was not so easily cowed after all of these years of living with him. “Heero, Wufei and Sally will be here soon. They can take care of it-”

“And so can I.” Heero pushed the policeman aside, trying to make his way to the door. I hesitated though, waiting to see if Relena would try anything more. The policeman weren’t doing anything useful either. Come on! There’s how many of you against one of him? Granted, he is a Gundam pilot, but I bet if you tried hard enough you could do it!!

Relena did try something more. She grabbed his arm, forcing him to turn back and glare at her furiously. But she gazed steadily back at him. “Heero... For God’s sake, you’re a history teacher now! You haven’t done this kind of thing in years!” He still didn’t back down... I know you can do this, Relena. If anyone can get him to calm down it would be you... “ Heero, please... Stay with me...”

Yes! Relena really knows how to wind Heero around her little finger! And for once, I’m glad. He’s wavering... And she’s starting up the waterworks. Good girl. Keep him from getting himself killed...

The door opened, revealing a man and woman in Preventor uniforms. Wufei! Thank you! One of the only other people on earth that might talk him out of it! Not only that, but he’ll act if Heero doesn’t listen...

Relena seems to be reading my mind, for she jumped on Wufei before he could even manage a ‘hello.’ “Wufei! Please, Wufei! Tell Heero to stop!” I admit, she’s an admirable woman when she puts her mind to it. She certainly knows how to get what she wants. And she wants Heero home.

Wufei was bewildered, but Sally caught the drift. “Don’t worry, Heero. We’ll get Leyna and Duo back.”

I knew who won when Heero finally sat down helplessly. Good. Now to do my job and correct my mistake.

* * *

Heero waited until Relena was asleep before sneaking out of the bed room. He quietly mad his way to his study and got out his gun with a trembling hand.

Wufei has said there were at least twenty people helping the kidnapper at the base. They would go tomorrow before dawn.

But tomorrow morning would be too late. No matter what Wufei said, that man did not want a ransom. Heero was sure of that. Leyna and Duo would be dead before they even got there. Which was why he had to go now...

Leaving now... He’d be alone. He’d probably... have to kill again. He never want to take another life... Not again... Could he go back? To what he was? Maybe Wufei was right...

The things you do for the ones you love.

Heero stopped hesitating and firmed his hand. Hadn’t he been the one to believe in his feelings? No point in going back on it now. He slowly got out the ammunition and started loading the gun.

Yes. If it meant getting Leyna and Duo back... Heero would kill again. Surely the kidnappers knew about Wufei’s plan. It would be too late at dawn. He had to go now.

“Thank you... Duo.”

Heero left the house without a second thought.


Quote of the chapter:

" Hold me tight, if this is how it feels
This feeling of falling in love with someone
I never wanted to know it

"I love you, It is filling up my heart
I want to shout to the winter sky
'I want to meet you right now'
--Translation from Eternal Snow, by Changin' My Life