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Left Unspoken: Cookie Jar

Left Unspoken
Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four: Cookie Jar

By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne belongs to Arina Tanemura. I don't own it and make no claim to.
Warnings: Beware the suguar cookies. Oh, and the puns. I think I may have a bit too much fun with this one...
Character: Access Time
Time Line: Anime time line, after Chiaki admits to Maron he knew she was Jeanne from the beginning.


Access Time had been trying, completely unsuccessfully, to start a conversation with Sinbad for the past thirty minutes. The kaitou seemed very unwilling. In fact, Access was getting the distinct feeling that his presence wasn’t terribly wanted at the moment.

This was not going to put the little black angel off, however. If comments about the weather weren’t going to drag a conversation out of the angsty teen, Access would have to go straight to the heart of the matter.

The only problem was this: How does one broach the subject of ‘The object of your affection hates your guts and wants you to drop off the face of the planet?’ Well, it ain’t as easy as it sounds. Despite having known how Sinbad felt, oh-too-well, that didn’t make the topic easier to approach.

It didn’t help that this was all sort of his fault. Access had hoped from the start that Sinbad would actually fall for Jeanne, for his own selfish reasons of course. He didn’t want to feel guilty. Great angel he was, using Sinbad just to save Fin-chan. Actually, it could even be argued that the Access only wanted Sinbad to fall in love with Jeanne so that someone else would feel the same way he did.

Access preferred not to think that was the case. He hoped not, at least.

Okay, one depressing person too many in this apartment. Time to stop being depressed! Sinbad’s mood was beginning to affect him too much. A sign that Access was taking far too long in cheering the kid up. Okay, fail once, try, try again... “Sinbad-”

“Go away, Access.” Fifth time he’s said that. The angel tried to keep his feathers from getting too ruffled, but all this moodiness was really starting to get to him. Sure, Sinbad had a right to be depressed, considering Jeanne had hurt the angel’s human friend really badly this time. It was the other way around too, but that wasn’t completely his fault. It had been Access’ idea to have Jeanne fall in love with Sinbad...

Think positively, Access! Sinbad certainly wasn’t, so it’s his job as a black angel to do so for the human. So he should just get this over with. “Look, you knew this would happen eventually.”

The little angel was taken aback the venom in the glare that was thrown his way. “Just leave me alone.”

Access was sure his mouth hung open for a few moments before he could gather his wits. But after that his feathers were really ruffled. Literally. “Okay, I know she said she hates you and that she can’t trust anyone anymore, but-”

This seemed to be the last straw for Sinbad too. Good. Being angry was better than being depressed. Not much, but it said Sinbad wasn’t so depressed that he wouldn’t respond to anything. But even Access wasn’t prepared for the words that mistakenly flew out of Sinbad’s mouth.

“What do you know!?” The human’s eyes were full of fury. “Damn it, Access! How do you know how I feel?”

The tiny angel felt a pricking sensations in his eyes. He closed them quickly and balled his fists. “Stupid Sinbad!” he yelled, kicking the surprised human ineffectively in the arm. He flew into the apartment without a backward glance.

There were some good things about being so tiny. It meant he could hide in the big ceramic cookie jar, which was what he made a bee line for. If Sinbad was going to be mean, then the angel was going to eat his cookies.

He wasn’t stupid enough to get trapped inside the huge jar, so he pulled the lid half off and left it there. Fortunately, Sinbad didn’t seem to be in a rush after Access either, because it took him a little while to move the big ceramic lid. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve before diving in.

Stupid Sinbad. Of course the angel knew what he was going through. Fin-chan had said the same words to him often enough. She’d even called him the Devil’s advocate. He started munching on the cookies, not really caring that they were his favourite kind of sugar cookie. Stupid Sinbad...

After about ten minutes of this train of thought, Access hears a tentative voice call out his name. “Access? Are you there?” Nope. Not gonna answer. He continued to eat his third sugar cookie. “I’m... I wasn’t thinking straight before. Access? I didn’t mean...” Not gonna say a word. No chance. “I’m sorry for saying that, Access. I forgot about Fin.” Yeah, no kidding. Still no response though. He wasn’t ready to forgive Sinbad yet. “Access... Where are you?”

Okay, the plaintive note in the boy’s voice was beginning to rub on his conscience. No! Access was not going to answer no matter what! He’d made up his mind. He took another bite out of the cookie.

“Please don’t hate me now too, Access...” Damn it. “Please answer me...” Alright, alright... Angels aren’t supposed to hold grudges anyway.

He put the sugar cookie he’d been eating down and prepared to launch himself out of the cookie jar. It wouldn’t do to have Sinbad find him here.

Unfortunately for Access, it would have to do. Just as he was getting up, he tripped on a cookie and fell into the side of the jar. His body weight wasn’t enough to tip the jar over completely, but it did hit the wall before righting itself. Which hit the lid, of course. Naturally, instead of flying off like normal things would, the lid instead closed completely. Leaving Access trapped. Guess he was that stupid after all. Great.

“Sinbad!!” He cried as loud as he could while trying to tip the jar over. “Sinbad, get me outta here!!” It was working! Tipping, tipping-ack! Falling!! He was nearly knocked out by the impact, but managed to keep the cookies from hitting his head.

Well, that was brilliant. And it didn’t even crack the jar. What the hell is up with that?! The counter is far enough from the floor that this sucker should have been in shambles. Then again, that probably wouldn’t be good for Access either... He could just see the headlines now. BLACK ANGEL KILLED BY COOKIE JAR. Yeah. Getting stabbed to death by pointy pieces of a cookie jar. Probably a very good thing.

“Sinbad!!!” he yelled, pushing up against the top of the jar. “Let me out of here!” Please let Sinbad have heard the crash. Please, please, please- “Sinbad!!” Nothing. No response.

Suddenly, the jar was moving. “Wahhhhh!!” Once again, Access became well acquainted with the wall of the cookie jar. He was beginning to ache all over. By the time this was over, he would really be a black angel. Black and blue.

Sinbad finally opened the cookie jar, light once again reflecting off the ceramic walls. Freedom! “Acce-” In his rush to get out of that damned jar, Access didn’t see Chiaki peering over the top. The boy nearly dropped the cookie jar in surprise, and Access only just barely managed to avoid a head on collision.

“Stupid cookie jar!!!” He glared at it, as if the jar would crumble under his gaze. He hoped it would! Served it right!

Sinbad seemed to be in a bit of shock. But after the boy got over it, he also warranted the little angel’s glare. Sinbad was laughing. Oh, yes. What a great way to show regret for past actions. Laughing. “Sin~bad! It’s not funny! Stop laughing!!”

“I’m sorry...” The audacious teen finally managed after several moments of rolling on the floor. Honestly. Laughing so hard that Sinbad had to wipe the tears from his eyes. How rude. See if he tries to make Sinbad feel better next time. Fat chance!

Stifling the last of the laughter, Sinbad put the offending cookie jar back on the counter. “I’m sorry, Access. Just seeing you glare at the jar like that when I thought you’d...” Slight pause. Once again, Access felt a little guilty about waiting quite so long to answer. “I... well, I’m really sorry. About before, I mean. I wasn’t thinking.”

The tiny angel puffed himself up a bit. “You should be!” Okay, that didn’t help. Sinbad looked away. It did make Access feel just a little better though. It’s not like Sinbad didn’t deserve at least a little guilt there. “Alright, alright. You can make up to me by making me hot cakes!” There. Apologies made and accepted. With terms, of course, but still. This was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Sinbad raised an eyebrow. “How can you still be hungry after all those sugar cookies?”

“Heh...” Access laughed nervously. “Well, make them later or something!”

“For breakfast then.” The boy gave Access a weak smile, which the angel returned whole heartedly. “Thanks, Access...” The small angel just landed on the boy’s shoulder and started complaining loudly about how much he hurt. Stupid cookie jar...

Though he was much worse for the ware because of it, he was glad he hadn’t actually flown off now. He was so childish sometimes... Small wonder he was still a black angel. Besides, if he had flown off, then Sinbad would have tormented himself more (that kid had some major self-guilt issues). And Sinbad was helping him save Fin-chan. If he had...

Some things... Some things should never be left unspoken.


Quote of the Chapter:

"Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were."
-Cherie Carter-Scott