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Left Unspoken: Father's Pride

Left Unspoken
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five: Father's Pride

By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne belongs to Arina Tanemura. I don't own it and make no claim to.
Warnings: Sappy stuff.
Character: Kaiki Nagoya
Time Line: Manga time line, when Maron is in the past.


Kaiki watched over his son as intently as the boy watched over Maron. She slept on peacefully, oblivious to Chiaki’s heartbroken calls. Checking his watch, he walked over and placed a hand on his son’s shoulder as an attempt at reassurance. It didn’t seem to have much affect, however. Chiaki’s eyes never left Maron’s prone form.

Truthfully, Kaiki had never been happier. Not since... her death...

The doctor had no fear for Maron would waking up. She was a kind girl. Far too kind to leave Chiaki behind like this. While his medical knowledge said there was a good chance that she would never wake up again, something told him this girl only needed a small percentage to make a miracle happen. Because Maron was special.

She’d have to be. She was such a brilliant kaitou, after all.

He was never quite sure how he knew that. But ever since that time where his memory became fuzzy, if not completely blank, her name and Jeanne’s became synonymous. Someday, he needed to remember to thank her properly for that. He was sure that it was Maron at that time, who caused Chiaki to start to open up to his father again.

The only explanation he had for that time was that he had been possessed. As un-medical as that sounds, it was the only logical conclusion he could come to. And he knew, without question, that he had done something to Chiaki. He was too afraid to dig through those clouded memories to find out what.

Jeanne had somehow, well, dispossessed him though. She also talked Chiaki into speaking with Kaiki afterward. For that, he would forever be in Maron’s debt.

Someday he’d have to ask Chiaki for the whole story. Yes, he knew about Chiaki’s alter ego now too. It was impossible not to have recognized his own son, even as a kaitou. Kaiki must be getting in the habit of thinking unprofessionally, for he also knew that those two were being aided by some kind of higher being. And their battles were far from the old black and white moves about good and evil. There was too much grey in-between. He was only sorry there was nothing he could do to help them through this.

Toudaiji-kun and Minazuki-kun were both asleep on the near by bench. A small smile graced his lips. They were oblivious to the chemistry between them because of small doses of unrequited love. Kaiki had the feeling that would change soon, however.

He nearly started whistling, but stopped himself. Probably wasn’t the most appropriate thing to do. No, Kaiki was pretty sure it wasn’t. But he was really happy. Truly euphoric. Which was only damped by the fact that Chiaki was rather upset...

Soon Maron would wake up. Chiaki would be fine then. Then he could whistle. He really shouldn’t be happy about this... But because Maron was in a coma, Kaiki had learned of two very important things.

The first was that his son had found someone he loved deeply. Chiaki was truly in love with Maron. Someday (hopefully soon), when whatever they were fighting for is finished, they would be happy. She would give his son complete happiness, which is every parent’s dream.

It did make him a little sad as well, because it was then he knew Chiaki would never come back home. But that didn’t matter anymore. Because that was the second thing Kaiki realized. Chiaki was willing to let his father support him. His son was letting Kaiki back into his life, at least a little.

He had realized both of these facts the moment Chiaki had asked him to save Maron. When Chiaki’s forehead touched his shoulder, his son had been making every effort not to cry. For Kaiki, it had been one of the happiest moments of his life.

It was also then that he knew he didn’t have to worry about Maron. If there was any chance at all, Maron would never leave this broken form of his son behind. Just like... Well, the circumstances were much different from that time. Maron had a chance, whereas it had only been a matter of time then...

Another reason he shouldn’t be this happy right now. Kaiki should be able to empathize far too well with what his son was going through. Unfortunately, Chiaki knew too much about the family business to believe any kind of reassurance his father could give. Unless... Unless...

A quick glance at Toudaiji-kun and Minazuki-kun told him they were still asleep. They wouldn’t hear if he... Besides, this would assure him an explanation at a later date. Chiaki would definitely want to know how his father had found out...

He walked back over to Chiaki and put a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder again. “She’ll wake up.” No response. Kaiki added very nonchalantly, “A kaitou wouldn’t die from something like this.”

Kaiki got a great deal of pleasure in watching his son’s eyes go round.

“Wh-what are you s-saying?” Under normal circumstances, Kaiki would have shot through that pathetic attempt to cover. He refrained his urge to torment his son this time though. Chiaki was going through enough at the moment. His son continued on, unaware of the parental dilemma. “Maron’s not a... She’s not Jeanne...”

“Sh...” Oh, good. Still asleep. But Chiaki does need to lower his voice just a bit. “You’ll wake Toudaiji-kun and Minazuki-kun.” His son was startled. Probably forgot a world existed outside of Maron. He tore his eyes from the girl for a brief second to confirm this. “I made sure before I said anything.”

“How did you...”

Kaiki smiled gently. “Later.” Chiaki shook his head in disbelief, earning the boy a small grin from his father. “Then maybe you can tell me the full story. For now however...” He reaffirmed the pressure he was putting on his son’s shoulder. “Believe in her. Just keep calling her and she’ll wake up again.”

Troubled blue eyes met identical warm and understanding ones. Chiaki turned his attention back to Maron, calling to her softly. Kaiki gave his shoulder one last gentle squeeze before checking his watch. As much as he’d like to stay, he did have a hospital to run...

He checked the instruments monitoring Maron one more time before leaving. Faith though he may have in the girl, chances he would not take. He would lose two very important persons then. And he would stay close by, within hearing distance. Not even Kagura could object to that, as long as work was still getting done...

Someday, he would have to tell Chiaki just how proud he was of his only son. He was growing into a fine young man and would be a great doctor. Now was not the time, however. For now, he would just continue to watch his son grow and cling to the relationship they never really had just a little longer. So until then... Until then...

It would be left unspoken.


Quote of the Chapter:

"They say that blood is thicker than water. Maybe that's why we battle our own with more energy and gusto than we would ever expend on strangers."
-David Assael