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Left Unspoken: Unconditional Love

Left Unspoken
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
Part Six: Unconditional Love

By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne belongs to Arina Tanemura. I don't own it and make no claim to.
Warnings: Hm... For once, I can't think of anything to warn you about... except perhaps spoilers...
Character: Toudaiji Miyako
Time Line: Manga time line, just after Maron checkmated the painting that belonged to Miyako's brother.


Toudaiji Miyako was crying.

It was true. All true. All of her suspicions and fears. All confirmed with one question. “If... If I really was your childhood friend, what would you do?” Miyako would cry. Yes, Toudaiji Miyako was crying.

Didn’t Maron realize how much she had given away? Going on and on about her brother like that. Coming as Maron tonight, instead of Jeanne. Then asking that question... She hadn’t wanted to believe it. She had denied it until now, denied it so hard she could almost believe it. But now... That little voice in her head was speaking to loudly to be ignored or denied, now.

She couldn’t deny it anymore. Maron had unconsciously given herself away, even after Miyako’s warning. She didn’t want proof. She just wanted... Just wanted...

What did she want, truly? She had wanted to protect Maron. To catch Jeanne and prove her innocence. Because Maron had done the same for her. She wanted to pay Maron back for that time. She wanted to see Maron smile again and be happy. She wanted Maron to talk to Miyako about her parents and problems with Chiaki. She wanted...


Miyako bit back another sob. That hurt too. There was nothing worse than unrequited love. Besides, what kind of a kaitou would fall in love with a policeman’s daughter? It was all well and fine in movies and books, but real life was different. A thief would naturally fall in love with another thief and the policeman’s daughter would always be left standing alone in the end.

That wasn’t fair to Maron. Miyako knew that. Maron was always there. She always tried to make sure Miyako was out of sight when Chiaki tried hitting on her. She always pushed him away in front of Miyako, so her friend wouldn’t have to see. She knew that. But she also knew that when she wasn’t looking Maron let his advances come, probably even returned them. When Toudaiji Miyako’s back was turned, Kusakabe Maron was in love with Chiaki.

It was funny. The two people closest to her were thieves. Had she known better, Miyako would have thought it was all planned to happen that way. But she had been friends with Maron too long for that. And if that were the case, wouldn’t Chiaki have tried to woo her, instead of politely pushing her away each time? Which was worse, anyway? The false affection or the polite wall?

Now she wasn’t being fair to either of them.

She didn’t understand. Why were they thieves? Why send notices and replace the stolen painting with that of an angel? Why did people who were like her brother turn cold and hard, only to return to their normal selves after the painting was stolen? Why...

There was nothing she could do either. Maron would never open up to her about this. It was as simple as that. Kusakabe Maron didn’t want to hurt Toudaiji Miyako any more than Toudaiji Miyako wanted to hurt Kusakabe Maron. Maron knew it would hurt Miyako to come clean. And it did hurt. A lot. Almost as much as knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop these events or help Maron.

It was all clear to Miyako after tonight. First Jeanne knowing so much about her brother, then Maron showing up as Jeanne (Why was that? Had something happened to Maron so that she couldn’t transform?), then finally, the question Jeanne asked before she left. The question spoken so hesitantly that it could be no one else. The evidence was all right there in front of her. In fact, wasn’t that why she had built weaknesses into her last several ‘specials’? What her heart wouldn’t accept, her mind would.

She was so stupid sometimes. Too stubborn, too pig-headed to admit what was right in front of her eyes the whole time. And now she had probably made her best friend feel guilty about whatever it was she was doing. What was she thinking when she said those things to Maron? Just because it was truth that she would cry... was crying... didn’t mean Maron had to know that.

As Jeanne, Maron was saving people from... whatever it was. Jeanne and Sinbad seemed to be the only ones with this ability. Some friend she was, making Maron feel guilty about what was probably the right thing to do.

She had probably wanted to hurt Maron, just like Maron was hurting her. Except Miyako didn’t have the excuse of saving the world like Maron did. No, Miyako was hurting her best friend for her own selfish reasons. Some friend, indeed.

On the other hand, Maron was a perfect friend. Even though she was practically betraying her best friend. Obviously, whatever it was might infect Miyako as well. So in a way, Maron was still protecting her. Maron was probably even denying her love for Chiaki for Miyako’s sake. She’d come to help tonight, hadn’t she? Even when there was something wrong and she couldn’t transform like normal. Was probably nearly killed because of it. Maron was such a good friend to the point of stupidity.

And what did Miyako give her in return? Harsh remarks and guilt trips. She couldn’t prove Maron’s innocence. She couldn’t help Maron through any of this. She couldn’t even give up on Chiaki. She was pathetic...

“Toudaiji-saaaaan! Where are you?” Iinchou? She hadn’t told him about the notice because she was going to help Jeanne. She quickly dried her eyes, though she knew it wouldn’t help. She had been crying for too long not to have signs of the recent tears. “Toudai-Oh! What are you doing out here?”

Not yet! She was still crying! “Why didn’t you tell me about the notice?” ‘Cause she didn’t care that Minazuki would be annoyed. Would he just go away? “When I came over to help you with your homework, your mom told me about it!” Oh. She had forgotten about the homework session... “Was Sinbad there?”

Miyako nodded. She couldn’t trust her voice right now. She couldn’t face him either. She couldn’t let Minazuki see her tears.

Of course Chiaki had been there. Though it seemed like he couldn’t transform either. He was worse than Maron at hiding that fact. Not once did he ask why Toudaiji Miyako was trying to help Jeanne instead of capturing her. But naturally he was there. He had to help Maron. And Maron had probably asked him to take care of her after she managed to transform...

There was an awkward silence for a moment before Minazuki broke it. “Toudaiji-san? Are you alright?” No reply. “Toudaiji-san?” She wouldn’t reply. She wouldn’t face him. Not like this. Not like-

She felt his hand on her arm turn her to face him. He did it too quickly for her to stop him. She saw the shocked expression on his face, once he realized she was crying. She looked away.

“Please, just go away,” Miyako said softly, breaking the contact between them. She turned her back to him again, hoping with all her might that he would do as she said.

“If you want to talk about-”

“I don’t want to talk.” She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t tell anybody. Not Maron. Not Chiaki. Not her parents. Certainly not Minazuki.

He would give up soon. Minazuki always did. He just needed a few words of encouragement. “Go away,” she repeated, more forcefully this time.

But instead of going away, his foot steps moved closer. She looked over to see him standing next to her, politely averting his eyes from her tears. “I told you go away!” What was up with him right now anyway?

“Well, um... They say that misery loves company?” He left the statement open and prepared himself for her wrath. When nothing came at him, he glanced over at her, surprised. Why would Minazuki try so hard to cheer her up, anyway?

“It’s not meant like that, stupid.” Focusing on the conversation and Minazuki did seem to help her control herself, however. For that reason and that reason alone, she went easy on him. And he was trying to cheer her up...

“That’s so mean... And it can be used like that...”

“I said it can’t and that’s final!” she yelled, storming off. Miyako could hear him calling out after her, but she ignored him. Just because she had managed to conquer her tears because of Minazuki, didn’t mean she’d let him know that.

For now her thanks, as well as her problems... they could be left unspoken.


Quote of the Chapter:

"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love."
-Charles M. Schulz