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Left Unspoken: Unexpected

Left Unspoken
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven
Part Eight: Unexpected

By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne belongs to Arina Tanemura. I don't own it and make no claim to.
Warnings: It's short, but hey, it was written as a joke.  XD
Character: Chiaki Nagoya
Time Line: Manga time line, at the end.


She’s back! She’s back! She’s back! “Mar-” but when he went to embrace her, she wasn’t there.

“Where is Access... I mean, Shinji?” Chiaki heard as he struggled to keep his balance. The counter balance he had expected to be there was unexpectedly... not. What the hell did Maron want Access for? First not waiting for him to pick her up at the hospital, now this...

Whatever it was, it had Maron excited. He moved back to stand by Minazuki as Miyako confirmed her son’s presence. Why did Maron want to the angel’s reincarnation before Chiaki? There was just something not right about that...

“What’s up? Does the baby want to see me?” Oh, gee. Thanks, Access. And who was the father here?! He would have turned away to sulk had not Maron’s swift affirmative caught them both off guard. She was up to something... “Yes? But I saw her once before...”

Definitely up to something. She seemed far too happy, even for being a new mother. Or maybe he was just being a little jealous that something other than him could make her smile like that... Once again, what the hell did she want Access for?

She bent down so the angel’s reincarnation could see, and held out his daughter... his daughter, mind, for Access to see. He was about to grumble about the unfairness of it all when she spoke her mind finally. “She’s had her right hand in a fist the whole time and she wouldn’t open it. And I was wondering why...” Wha? “Look! Look! See?”

There was a short silence as Access- he really needed to start calling the kid Shinji... -saw whatever it was Maron wanted him to see. By this point, Chiaki was burning with curiosity. There was method to his wife’s- wife! She had actually consented and didn’t back out at the last second! She was his, finally! Only his! And yet Access was still getting more attention at the moment... Um, original train of thought... Oh, yes. Method to her madness, it seemed. For it certainly had to be madness. Why she was showering Access with attention and not her attractive husband was- “A black earring?”


“F-Fin?” Okay, he could forgive Access for stealing her attention this once. Just this once though.

And Maron too, for being this happy even though Chiaki was apparently out of the picture for the moment. “Well, her name is Natsuki,” she said, blushing slightly. So beautiful... But he wasn’t so beholden by her beauty to miss his old friend’s tears. He was happy for Access. Now they could finally all be together. Maron wouldn’t cry anymore at night. She didn’t have to feel guilty anymore. Everything would finally be al-

“I love you, Natsuki! Marry me!”

Chiaki’s jaw dropped. “Oy! Why are you proposing now!?” Miyako yelled from beside him. Maron just stood there happily. Alright, last straw. He had even forgiven Access about before, but this was too much.


“Yes, Sinbad?”

Access was hugging his daughter happily, and he had the nerve to use that old nickname... “You know you’re holding my daughter...”


It was all he could do not to smack the four year old then and there. “Ya know... Some things are better left unspoken until you’re older...”

“Whatever you say!”

Chiaki just gave up. There was no winning here... And he had the feeling he’d be hearing a lot more of Access’ declarations of love before they were of legal age...

Sighing, Chiaki did the one thing left he could. He put his arm around Maron’s shoulder and kissed her cheek, startling her slightly. The smile she returned the small show of affection nearly made his heart stop. “I love you,” she said softly, making his faltering heart race again.

Then again, some things really shouldn’t be left unspoken...


Quote of the Chapter:

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."
-Friedrich Nietzsche