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So... this was a heck of a lot of crack.  Fair warning.  This is part of the Torchwood rp but has absolutely nothing to actually do with the rp, which is why I'm not friend locking it.  I know.  That makes no sense, but let me explain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.

Okay, so in the role play we have two worlds.  The one Torchwood and Doctor Who operate normally, then the parallel world where Torchwood is evil.  In this parallel world, lots of things happened differently.  Mainly though  (because Cy is a big fan of the Master and, well, why the hell not?), the Master isn't a bad guy.  In fact, he's just been good friends with the Doctor all this time and therefore gets kidnapped and tortured by Torchwood for two and a half years before he's able to escape to help the Ravens with their quest to bring down the evil Torchwood.  Aka, a reason to bring him into the rp. 

That said, Cy and I have fun on occasion discussing just how certain moments of the series (both classic and new Who) would have happened had the Master been a good guy.  This was the result of one of those conversations.  I don't even remember what we were talking about, but at one point Cy said that we all know Three would have found Delgado Master adorable...  At which point I came up with this plot and she said she'd pay to read these scene.  Well, nemaline now owes me her hypothetical first born child, or the equivalent.  Anyway, it's short and it's crack and completely un-beta'ed, so just keep that in mind.

On one last note, this is my first attempt at Three, to which Cy told me I have the perfect Three voice.  I don't know if it's really perfect or not, but it has given me a taste for writing more Three era stuffs in the future.  


This really had to stop.  It was, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart reflected, getting more than a little out of hand and needed to be stopped at its cause as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, both of the men in question made a quick ending to this as impossible - and annoyingly - as possible and left the Brigadier in a very sour mood.  And when the Brigadier was in a sour mood, the whole of UNIT felt it.  Captain Yates had taken to tiptoeing around the halls while Sergent Benton stayed well out of sight.  Only Jo seem impervious to the Brigadier's mood, remarking on how the whole situation was really quite sweet.

She also wasn't the one the Master decided to trail behind like a wounded puppy, eager to please as he attempted foil any type of calm the Brigadier managed to achieve, simply because there was some argument between him and the Doctor.  The Brigadier did not approve of being used a shield in any sort of argument, lovers, friends or otherwise, but an argument between his chief scientific adviser and the chief scientific trouble maker (terms that could and were interchangeable depending on which Time Lord was annoying him more) was intolerable at the best of times.  Right now, he was about ready to strangle both of them.

"My dear Brigadier," the Master continued, vying to retain the frustrated human's attention from the perfectly legitimate paper work that needed to be done, "it's really quite simple.  The new power source I'm suggesting will be twice as powerful as that old, stuffy one he made last year and will decrease the amount of spending you have to allocate to electricity by a third.  All you need to do is allow me access to the power generators and I'll be out of your hair." 

That got the Brigadier's attention.  He looked up from the leave requests he was considering granting with a sharp gaze and raised eyebrows.  "You'll be out of my office?  For how long?"

The Master smiled patiently, attempting to hide his annoyance at just how eager Lethbridge-Stewart was to have him out of the way with the pleasant expression.  Under usual circumstances, the two of them barely managed to tolerate each other but apparently whatever the Doctor had done to anger the other Time Lord was enough to drive him to be more forgiving of 'human inadequacy' to understand his brilliance.  "A few days at the least, Brigadier.  I assure you I won't be underfoot at least that long."

It was a risky proposition and the Brigadier weighed the pros and cons out in his mind.  A reprieve from the Master wouldn't help the Doctor's temper any, but it would help the human side of moral and the Brigadier's own sanity.  At the moment, he could care less for the Doctor's temper as long as work got done and work got done faster when the Master wasn't there to distract either of them.  On the other hand...  The Master was a thorn in the Brigadier's side, it was true, however fond the Brigadier might secretly be of both the wayward aliens.  There was no denying the fact he tended to cause far more trouble than he was worth having around, despite how much he did show remorse at the end of it.  If this Time Lord was allowed near the power source, UNIT might end up regretting the choice for more than just a 'few days'. 

It was the fact that the Master was unlikely to leave his office and the Brigadier to peace and quiet until he got his way that finally decided the human.  "Very well, then.  I'll call down and tell the guards to let you through.  If I hear of any trouble..."

The Master held up his hands in a movement to placate him, a bit of genuine relief in his eyes for a few seconds before the Time Lord hid it away.  The Brigadier kept his face strictly business as he considered that.  Presumably, the Master was losing just as much patience with him as he felt but still felt the need to pretend to ignore the Doctor.  Hopefully, this arrangement would suit both of their purposes.  When the Master spoke, it was with a real smile.  "No trouble.  I promise to be on my best behavior out there.  You... won't tell the Doctor where I am?"

Leaning back in his chair, the Brigadier raised an eyebrow.  This was incredibly childish, even for those two, but he nodded, waving the Time Lord to finally leave him in peace. 

What resulted were a few days of actual relative quiet.  There were no pressing emergencies, only a few ministers wanting to yell at him for not responding as quickly as they felt he aught to have and the Doctor mainly grumbled to himself, sulking in his laboratory while Jo tried to cheer him up.  The Brigadier had just been about to relax and congratulate himself on a deal well made when an explosion rocked the building and the power went out.

Not waiting for the Master to return (though no doubt the other man deserved to hear this as well, he was too furious to not do something about things now), Lethbridge-Stewart marched to the Doctor's laboratory.  "Doctor, I demand that this ends now," he said, launching straight into a reproach.  "This is a military establishment and no place for your petty and childish arguments.  I want a full explanation of what's going on."

"My dear fellow, I assure you I'm as much in the dark about this as everyone else."  The pun was not helping the Brigadier's temper and the Doctor seemed to understand this and moved on, attempting to pull himself enough out of sulking to act properly huffy and innocent.  He brought a hand up to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully.  "I don't know what you mean by 'petty arguments' but the power outage had nothing to do with me.  It interrupted a serious experiment involving the dematerialization circuit and I'd like to get to the bottom of this puzzle as much as you."

Not impressed in the slightest by the Doctor's defense, he'd been about to go off on him again when Jo spoke up, taking the Brigadier's arm gently.  "It really wasn't the Doctor's fault this time, Brigadier, I promise.  And the experiment was going so well too." 

"Now, now, Jo.  No use crying over spilled-"

The Brigadier cleared his throat bringing both of their attention back to the matter at hand.  "I meant the argument between you and the Master.  Whatever it is, I want it ended.  He is your responsibility, Doctor.  I don't appreciate being used as an excuse to avoid you and have better things to be doing than babysitting a renegade Time Lord."

"Oh, no," said the Doctor with a sigh.  "This wouldn't have anything to do with the Master, would it?  Yes, don't answer that.  It obviously is."  Mournfully, he stared at the smoking bits of wire coming from whatever he'd been experimenting on and started clearing tools away absently.  "I'll speak with him, even if I have to lock him in a closet to do so.  I'm sorry for the trouble he's caused and you'll have an apology from him by the end of the day as well, Brigadier.  I'll have him fix whatever he's done to the power generator as well.  What I want to know is what could he have been doing to throw out the power for the whole complex?"

At this, the Brigadier was slightly mollified.  Though still very much annoyed with their resident alien life forms, he could at least see that neither of them were getting out of this without their own form of punishment.  The Doctor's experiment had been ruined and the Brigadier was more than willing to leave the discipline of the Master to the other Time Lord.  "He thought he could improve our power supply," he said in response to the Doctor's earlier question and standing more at ease.

"Improve the...  And you let him?"  The Doctor looked mildly surprised at this, looking up from this cleaning that Jo had hastened to help with.  "What sort of naive and idealistic nonsense did he use to sell that to you?  Half the cost and power needed?  Really, my dear Lethbridge-Stewart.  I thought you would have known better."

"He promised me a few days without him constantly underfoot trying to avoid you," the Brigadier said sardonically, not bothering to hide his irritation at the insult which had been mostly spot on.  He didn't have to let the Doctor know that, not when he'd known there was a fairly good chance that this might be the out come to begin with.  The Doctor at least looked properly abashed at that, muttering lightly to himself about insufferable fools who took things too personally. 

Jo stepped in by this point, lightly admonishing the Doctor and trying to hide her own amusement from both him and the Brigadier.  She'd been secretly trying to patch up the two rivals since The Argument, but had told the Brigadier she was getting no where with them this time, much to his disappointment.  "Doctor, what did you say to the Master that got him upset?"

Both of them were surprised to see the Doctor's cheeks turn a light pink. Lethbridge-Stewart was much better than Jo at hiding the shock, merely raising an eyebrow as the Time Lord brushed imaginary specks off his jacket to take their attention off his blush.  It fooled neither of them.  "We were having a discussion on some of the finer points of Venusian Aikido and fencing when...  He was leaning against my shoulder and I thought he was half asleep, to be honest.  I just mentioned that the incorrigible fool was adorable like that and he had the insufferable cheek to snap at me." 

Not even bothering to hide her amusement now, Jo was laughing hysterically.  The Brigadier, on the other hand, was not so impressed.  "Doctor," he said, anger and annoyance slipping back into his stance.


"Next time you offend your ward's dignity, I'll kindly ask you both to leave me - and UNIT's power generator - out of it."



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Feb. 8th, 2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
Poor power generator. It got caught in the crossfire.

Ahahahaha, you already know this, but I just adore your Brig voice. And you make all the most precious Three-era AUs. I love how the Brig is relegated to "Time Lord Babysitter." XD

I don't know if it's really perfect or not, but it has given me a taste for writing more Three era stuffs in the future.

And so it began......DUN DUN DUN!!!
Feb. 9th, 2012 02:45 am (UTC)
Poor, poor Brig. He got caught in the crossfire. XD

Heh, thanks. This was just one of those random things we were discussing and Cy said she'd pay to read it. So I wrote it. XD And you know he'd be a Time Lord Babysitter in a universe where the Master is mostly ethical. He probably even got Romana for a while, and the Rani. Actually, we've never discussed the Rani. I'm not sure if she's the same or not. But he probably got her anyway was well. All the while being Very Not Amused as the Doctor runs about saving the universe and the Master is forced into helping the Brigadier because he has so much blackmail piled up it ain't even funny. I don't think Alternate Brigadier ever quite forgave him for the whole Daemons incident. Or the Autons. Or the Keller Machine. Or Chronos. (Just because the Master has better intentions doesn't mean that he stops summoning, creating machines that will blow up in his face, and/or making a general nuisance of himself. He just does it in a misguided attempt to help.) Anyway, when it's all over, the Doctor ends up having to deal with two very annoyed Time Ladies and the Brigadier finds his scotch, which the Master is not allowed to have any. The Master has actually been tied up to a pole of some sort by aforementioned angry Time Ladies who decided women needed to work together and has been calling pathetically for someone to come and untie him for a while now.

Come to think of it, this is really how the above scene probably came into existence. I don't seem to have the ability to stop rambling when I get started.
Feb. 9th, 2012 04:14 am (UTC)
What you just described sounds suspiciously like a very messed up Doctor Who version of Rugrats. I'm amused as hell because you somehow turned the Master into Chuckie.

...the Rani is clearly Angelica.

...oh lord I hope my brain doesn't go further with this.
Feb. 10th, 2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
lol. *whistles innocently* I think this is why some of my friends say I'm dangerous to hang around.
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