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Let the Wookie Win

This was a drabble written for the weekly drabble challenge over at best_enemies .  As it is over five hundred words, it rather failed as a drabble, but hey... No one's really counting, right?  Anyway, the two words were 'Chess' and 'Jedi' and, well, I had to make the obvious joke with it...


The Doctor coughed politely over his shoulder, trying to get the Master's attention.  He coughed again after being ignored almost completely, then decided that the direct approach was the only way to get the Master's attention.  "Master," he said finally, poking the Master's shoulder to ensure a reaction.

"I'm busy."

"Yes, I can see that."  Shoving his hands in his trouser pockets, the Doctor rocked back on his heels and glanced over at the problem again before continuing.  "But you really should listen to me just this once."

"Doctor," the Master said, eyes never leaving the chess board in front of him as he considered his move, "your insistent prattle is far from endearing right now and since I'm not doing anything particularly devious or criminal, I'd appreciated it if you didn't interrupt my bid to win."

The Doctor nodded, then shook his head and his blond hair had to be pushed out of his eyes.  "Well, yes.  That's rather the point.  Master, you really shouldn't-"

"I hardly need your advice for winning."

That was accompanied by A Look as the Master spared a few seconds of attention to glare.  Unperturbed by The Look, the Doctor took that as his cue to continue on.  "That's just it.  You see, there's an old saying from a movie...  An Earth film actually.  I think you'd like it, if you'd just give it a chance, though before you start, yes, I do know your opinions on cinema from primitive-"

"Is there a point to this?"  The Master asked, clearly exasperated. 

"Oh."  Surprised by the Master's bluntness, the Doctor had to scramble to remember his original point.  Oh, yes.  The chess game.  "It's a Jedi saying, from Star Wars.  'Let the Wookie win.'"

The Master raised his eyebrows, understanding the reference much to the Doctor's surprise.  He had, while on Earth, watched the film.  He'd been rather disappointed with the Emperor's actions and subsequent failings as an evil dictator, but the movies as a hole had been rather entertaining after watching Clangers reruns to satisfy his curiosity.  He also knew that Jedis had said no such thing and the advice being given by the gold android, but he decided against mentioning that fact and showing too much interest. 

His opponent, who obviously wasn't a Wookie, still had the requisite strength, distemper and furry limbs and was growling softly with eyes that held no small  promise of personal pain for his person.  The Master hadn't quite factored that into his strategy when he'd been challenged to a game by the local chess champion after bragging about his own intelligence.  He understood now why he'd been winning so easily and after a preliminary attempt at hypnotism he found that the creature was stubbornly insusceptible to 'Jedi mind tricks'.  Since he was attempting to keep a low profile on this planet, using the TCE was out of the question as well.

With a sigh, the Master moved his bishop into a particularly disastrous position that would, if his opponent weren't a complete idiot, quickly lead to his own defeat.  "Point taken."



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Mar. 1st, 2011 09:51 am (UTC)
Hehe, it's just like the Master to be so dead set on winning the match that he doesn't even look up to see who or what his opponent is. He's lucky the Doctor's got his back. :)

Nice little fic, it was fun to read.
Mar. 1st, 2011 09:15 pm (UTC)
It was fun to write. <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it. But yes, the Master didn't quite think that one though. Good thing the Doctor's seen Star Wars, even if he miss-remembers it.. XD
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