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Without You Part 3

Without You
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, nor do I make any claim to.
Characters: The Brigadier, Simm Master, Tenth Doctor
Warnings:  Ultimately under-preforming on slash and cuddling, but hopefully worth it anyway? 
Original Prompt: The Doctor dies, permanently, and the Master somehow, accidentally ends up taking over his role of galactic saviour.
The Doctor comes back (don't care how) and the end up having awkward good guy sex.

Notes: Written for the best_enemies anon meme.

Part 1 Part 2


After staying with the Master for three more 'blip-hunts', the Brigadier finally asked to be taken home.  The Master had made quite a bit of progress, though he'd been sullen for a while after the Brigadier said he was ready to leave.  "I'm an old man," the Brigadier said by way of explanation.  "All this running around and saving time is the work for someone whose bones don't creak as much.  You know where to find me if you need anything."

And so the Master did, dropping in at odd hours.  He waited quietly with Doris if the Brigadier happened to be out and Doris had even grown quite fond of him.  He turned up every week or two, simply to talk.  Sometimes it was about what he'd been doing, sometimes about the Doctor.  While the Master was far from a knight in shining armor and he still made a lot of mistakes, he was slowly learning to care about more than just a few people and things.  There were many missteps, but the Master was making marked progress.  He'd even saved a space ship recently, for no other reason than he could and stopped by for Christmas with presents. 

It was still strange talking with the Master, but the Brigadier found it easier as time went on.  He'd never have believed that the Master was a reformed criminal himself...  sometimes he still didn't believe the scoundrel, but he definitely wasn't the man who ran for Prime Minister any more.  Still moping over a lack of new name too, which the Brigadier only shook his head at when the Master wasn't looking.

Nearly a year passed of this unspoken arrangement between them.  Finally, the Master came one afternoon, looking a lot more solemn than he had the last few visits.  Doris had excused herself to go shopping, leaving the two of them alone to talk.

The Brigadier waited for the Master to speak.  He'd long since realized it was useless to try and prompt the Time Lord when he wanted to talk about something, so he worked on the report for the last undercover mission UNIT had sent him on as the Master sat quietly across from him.

"I'm ready," the Master said finally after about ten minutes of idle chatter.  "I want... I want to burn the Doctor's body."

"Is that so?" he asked.  The Brigadier looked up, watching the Master carefully.  He was a lot quieter in general than he had been that first night over a year ago.  If he wasn't mistaken, the traveling had actually done the Master a lot of good towards healing his mind as well as his morals.  He was still sour and sarcastic and just a bit of an arse if the Brigadier were going to put it nicely, but he'd mellowed out quite a bit. 

Speaking of sarcasm...  "No, I was just here to see if you wanted to buy a bridge!"  Mellowed, but still with a nasty temper.  The Master glared at him sullenly, a bit of the old manic energy showing through as he got agitated. 

Again, the Brigadier wasn't sure why the Master had come to him.  That was something he'd assumed the Master would want to do privately whenever he finally decided to let go.  This time, however, the Brigadier was glad the Master came.  It was one last chance to see the Doctor off and the Brigadier would be honored to stand watch.  "Where were you thinking of burning the body?" he asked, a little gruffer than normal.

Calming down, the Master stared at his tea absently.  "I thought about here on Earth, but...  The Eye of Orion is where the memorial is and he always liked it there.  Will you..."

The Brigadier nodded.  "I suppose I have enough left in me for one more trip, if it's for the Doctor.  I owe him that much."

It only took a few minutes for him to get ready and they were back in the TARDIS.  The Master glared at the console, which hummed a bit happier when the Brigadier walked in.  "I don't know what she sees in you," he said moodily.  The Brigadier merely smiled, greeting the old girl politely as he'd taken to doing in his earlier trips.  He wasn't one to argue if a sentient ship had taken a liking to him after all.  Arguing with the insanity of the universe would only raise his blood pressure and the TARDIS did tend to make sure the ride wasn't as bumpy for him.

After setting the TARDIS in motion, the Master led him through the endless corridors into the heart of the ship.  Though he knew that there was no such thing in the TARDIS, it still felt a bit like the Brigadier was going downward into some particularly pleasant cave.  "What are you planning to do after this?" the Brigadier asked as they walked.

"More traveling," the Master said, a lost look entering his eyes that was gone within seconds.  They might be burning the Doctor's body, but the Brigadier suspected that the Master still hadn't really come to terms with the Doctor's death.  "I might go back... back to UNIT in the 24th century every so often.  They weren't as bad as you lot were.  Jessica just got a promotion too and she asked... she asked if I would stay with them for a while."

Jessica?  The Brigadier raised his eyebrows.  Since when had the Master been on first name basis with Benton's descendant?  He couldn't help but feel a little worried for her, despite knowing she could take care of herself very well.  Still, he was happy to hear she had gotten a promotion and UNIT would always welcome help from a Time Lord.  "Still being called Koskey, or whatever it was?"

"Koschei.  And no."  The Master's eyes darkened for a moment, but he kept walking.  "I told them a different name.  I'm not Koschei anymore.  Koschei still had the Doctor."  If that made any sense, the Brigadier supposed the Doctor would be part of the problem.  The Doctor usually was.

They got to a door on the right and the Master paused, his hand on the door knob, but not turning it.  "Is he in there?" the Brigadier asked.

The Master started, shoulders tensing as he pulled open the door violently.  He ignored the question altogether, stepping into the room without waiting for the Brigadier to follow.  The Brigadier sighed at the melodramatics as the door slammed shut.  The Doctor had never been that bad.  The Master could be awfully childish in this body and it reminded him constantly of a few of his students from when he'd taken up teaching math.  The Brigadier had to remember that scolding the Master only made the man insufferably worse, so he didn't comment.  He opened the door again to let himself through, mentally preparing himself for what he'd find in that room. 

When he walked in, the Master was at the controls of some machine.  The Brigadier's eyes were automatically riveted, however, to the body laying on the bed.  It was covered with some sort of translucent energy field that shimmered lightly the more he stared at it.  The Doctor.

Through the field the Doctor lay still, completely frozen in time.  The bruises and cuts he'd seen through the monitor over a year ago were even more noticeable.  The Doctor's suit was in shambles, cut up and torn in every which way and his hair was mussed at uncontrollable angles. Not a face the Brigadier recognized.  There was nothing to tell that this really was the Doctor, other than the Master's word, and it didn't even really feel like the Doctor.  Just another body.  But this was the Doctor's TARDIS and that couldn't be anyone but him.

Maybe it was just the field, but the Doctor almost looked as if he were still alive.  Just like that old fairy story of the princess who slept waiting for the prince to wake her, surrounded by thorns.  This was real life though, not a fairy tale.  The Doctor was dead and the Brigadier was seeing it with his own eyes after all this time...

The Brigadier reached out to the field, surprised to have his hand snatched back by the Master.  "Don't touch it, you idiot!  Not unless you want to have your hand frozen in time too."

"I thought you were supposed to be turning this machine off," the Brigadier said pointedly, not bothering to hide his own sorrow at seeing the body in front of him. 

The Master ignored him again, not looking at either the Brigadier or the body.  He went back to flipping switches, steadily growing more agitated and nervous as he did.  "We don't have to go through with this now," the Brigadier said a bit more gently.  "He'll wait until you're ready."

The Master hesitated, his hand hovering over a switch as he shut his eyes.  For a moment, the Brigadier thought he might just agree... then his eyes snapped open and he turned angrily to face the Brigadier.  "I'm not living in his shadow any more.  I'm not so weak that I can't burn the body of an old enemy!"

"I never said you were."  Looking back down at the body in question, the Brigadier felt his heart break.  Only one heart, but that was enough for him.  He couldn't imagine what having two broken hearts must be like.  This wasn't about what the Brigadier wanted though.  Seeing an old friend off could wait until the Master was ready for it.  "But you're also saying good-bye to an even older friend."

Advancing on the Brigadier, the Master got right in his face.  The Brigadier no longer feared that the Master would hurt him, so the intimidation of this move was even less effective than it had been a year ago.  "I don't need to have a body taking up space on my TARDIS.  I'm fine with this."

The Brigadier gave him a look of reproach and the Master slowly backed away.  He was well used to the Master's outbursts and he'd come to accept the Master's silent apologies after as part of their routine.  The Master listened to him for whatever reason now and that was usually enough to keep him in line, despite how the Brigadier could never figure out why.  "I am fine with it," the Master said again a bit calmer. 

The Brigadier nodded and the Master went back to working on the machine in silence.  It was a few minutes more before the Master turned around.  Flicking the last dial, they both watched the bubble-like shield slowly fade away.

He hadn't known what he was expecting.  The Brigadier supposed even after all this time, he expected the Doctor to come up with some sort of miracle and walk away from this, as smug and impossible as ever.  Even the Master seemed to be holding his breath, waiting for the Doctor to beat the odds once again.

However, neither of them were really quite prepared to see the Doctor actually gasping for breath and coughing as the shield blinked from existence.  It was one thing to hope for it and know it was impossible.  It was quite another to actually watch the said impossible thing happen.

The Brigadier's shock broke first.  He moved to the Doctor's side, helping the tall, lanky man sit up.  After a few big, lungfuls of air, the Doctor turned to look at him with instant recognition in those intelligent brown eyes that the Brigadier had never been happier to see.  "Brigadier!" the Doctor gasped, his lips breaking into a large grin.  "Brilliant.  This is brilliant.  I knew you wouldn't let me dow- Oh.  Ow.  Didn't expect that."  The Doctor winced, touching one of the cuts on his face that the smile had stretched.  "Didn't expect to be alive.  And you lot, I don't think you did either.  Have I been dead long?"

"According to the Master, it's been nearly two years," the Brigadier said, smiling in spite of himself.  The man was a damned nuisance at times, but the Brigadier had never been so glad to see the Doctor alive.

"The Master..." They both looked up to see a pale and trembling Master, looking like he had just seen a ghost.  "Ah, there you are, hoodie and all," the Doctor said, grinning again.  "Still alive?  Well, that's no surprise.  You've always been good at that.  Had me worried there for a while, but-"

"You're dead," the Master said with a hoarse voice.  "I saw you die.  Your hearts stopped and nothing I did could get them to start again!"

Stretching, the Doctor winced again and swung his legs over the side of the bed.  "Yup," he said, popping the 'p'.  "Well, I was.  I think the TARDIS gave me a jump start.  A few years ago, I got stuck in a parallel world where the old girl wouldn't work.  Gave her ten years of my life to jump start her and get us back home.  I guess she gave them back.  Still, it'd have taken a while to do the transfer.  Probably... oh, two years?"

The Doctor sniffed as he babbled, dangling his feet over the side of the bed and smiling happily to himself.  He missed the warning glance the Brigadier gave him as he tested out his body.  "Oh, time stasis.  No atrophy.  Tingles a bit, but that's brilliant. Really brilliant.  Still got a crick in my neck though.  Not sure how that happened..."

"You were dead," the Master said again, starting to tremble more violently.  Pulling a gun out from under his hoodie, he pointed it shakily at the Doctor. 

The Doctor grew much more serious at that.  He stood up, taking a careful step toward the Master.  "Master, why don't you put that-"

"Stay back!"  The Doctor put his hands up in a motion to pacify and stayed where he was.  His eyes flickered over to the Brigadier who nodded. 

It was the Brigadier who took a step forward this time and spoke, drawing the Master's attention.  "Just put the gun down."

The gun swung around to point at him, but the Brigadier kept moving forward despite the Doctor's warning.  The Master's eyes hardened as his resolve steadied his hand.  "I don't need him.  I don't need an old man like you either!  I'll go back to my own life.  I don't need either of you!"  The gun swung back around to the Doctor who had tried to take a step forward.  "Stay where you are!"

The Brigadier continued walking forward calmly, not afraid of the gun that pointed at him every few seconds.  He was counting on the Master to be thinking of all those nights they'd spent talking, all the times he'd saved the Brigadier's life.  The Master had changed over the past year and he'd started to care.  While that process wasn't complete yet, the Brigadier was willing to bet his life on it.  And he was right.  The Master didn't fire, looking more and more uncertain the closer the Brigadier got.

Finally, the Brigadier got close enough to side step the weapon and put his hand on the Master's, pushing the weapon down gently.  The Master stubbornly refused to lower it though.  "You know what he did to me!  Why should I?" he asked angrily, looking back and forth from him and the Doctor.   The Master was furious with both of them, though the Brigadier wondered if the person the Master was most angry with was himself. 

"I thought you didn't like to be alone," the Brigadier said gruffly.  Perhaps he should have been gentler with the words, but it seemed to work regardless.  The Master shut his eyes and let the Brigadier take the gun from him.  "Good lad," he said approvingly.  The Master gave him a tearful glare, but didn't say anything to it.

The Doctor came over to stand by the two of them once the gun was disposed of, looking fairly astonished at the whole thing.  He reached out and ruffled the Master's hair fondly, testing the waters.  Expecting the Master to snap again, it was the Brigadier's turn to be surprised as the Master just closed his wet eyes and allowed the touch.  "Give us a few minutes," the Doctor asked, silently thanking the Brigadier with his eyes.

The Brigadier left the room after that.  He could hear quiet murmuring as he walked away, but he wasn't inclined to eavesdrop.  Making his way back to the main part of the TARDIS, the Brigadier made himself a cup of tea and waited. 

It was hard to tell time in the TARDIS, but it felt like a few hours later before the Doctor strode in, flicking a few switches on the console and petting her fondly.  "I take it you got my message?" the Doctor asked quietly.

"I did," the Brigadier said, taking stock of this new version of the Doctor.  He'd gotten a few band-aids to cover the cuts and had much more color to his face now.  The outfit was, at least, fairly mild compared to some of the Doctors he'd met in the past, but the Brigadier wasn't so sure he approved of the hair.  "How did you know I would do it?" the Brigadier asked finally. 

"Didn't," the Doctor said with a cheeky grin.  "Didn't even know if the TARDIS would get him to you.  Actually, I made quite a few of the messages for other people just in case.  I'm glad it was you though."  Digging his hands in his pockets, the Doctor leaned against the console.  "Alistair, thank you for looking after him.  You've done the one thing I've never been able to after all these years...  You've helped him."

He as touched by the Doctor's thanks and almost couldn't respond for a few moments.  It was more than the superficial thanks he'd gotten while being knighted.  None of those people really knew him or what he'd done to save the world and he hadn't really been looking for the thanks to begin with.  The Doctor knew all of that, however.  This was true thanks and the Brigadier finally realized taking in the Master last year had been worth it all.  He didn't do it for the thanks and certainly never expected to get it, but just this once it'd been nice to have.  "How is he?" he managed to say after a while.

"Sleeping now.  I slipped him a sleeping pill when he was a bit calmer."  The Doctor looked absently towards the door to the corridors, a weary look crossing his face.  "He just needs time to get used to it all again.  I think... I think he'll be just fine now."

That was good news, at least.  They still weren't friends really, but the Brigadier had, in spite of himself, grown rather fond of the Master over this past year.  It was still a strange subject though that he tried not to think about too much.  "What will you do with him now?"

The Doctor sniffed, coming to sit by him and leaning back lazily.  "Well," he said, drawing out the word, "I thought we'd spend a little while at the Eye of Orion since we're already heading that way.  After that, I might drop him off with that UNIT group he's grown attached to for awhile.  It'll do him some good, that.  Always did for me."  The Doctor gave him another cheeky grin, both of them knowing that UNIT had been one of the few things to keep the Doctor sane during his exile to Earth. 

"Then..." the Doctor continued, "we'll see, I suppose.  Hopefully he'll keep changing for the better."  Looking over at the Brigadier, the Doctor suddenly looked like the cat that had gotten the cream.  "How do you feel about a vacation, Brigadier?" the Doctor asked.

"A vacation?"  Now there was a thought.  He hadn't been anywhere relaxing since that trip to France with Doris and that had been years ago.  Provided the Doctor actually got to where he was going...  "It would be nice to relax a bit."

"Brilliant!  Next stop, the Eye of Orion. Allons-y!"

* * *

The Eye of Orion was all that the Doctor had promised, silent and peaceful.  The Brigadier was glad this place seemed to be one of the few where trouble didn't follow the Doctor.  The Master was quiet through most of their trip, staying close to the Doctor or to the Brigadier when the Doctor and Master got in a fight.  Which there were a few of, the arguments, but even the Master couldn't keep a grudge with the positive atmosphere of the planet.

After two weeks, they dropped the Brigadier back at his home.  The Doctor hugged him tightly as the Brigadier patted him awkwardly on the back.  "Thank you again, Alistair.  You are one of the best, most brilliant people I've ever been friends with!"

The Brigadier smiled at the Doctor's over-enthusiasm, more wishing the babbling man would let him go sometime in the next century.  "You take care of yourself, Doctor.  I don't need to hear about you dying again."

Finally the Doctor let him go, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking very pleased as he rocked back on his heels.  "Promise, I won't be trying that again!"

The Brigadier turned to face the Master then, who was scowling to himself and looking at the ground.  It'd been a while since he'd been unable to meet the Brigadier's eyes.  "And you'll be off too then?"

When the Master didn't answer, the Doctor started to reach out to the Master's shoulders, but the Master shrugged him off.  Looking back between the two of them, the Doctor glanced at the Brigadier with a question in his eyes.  He gave the Doctor a reassuring nod and the Doctor shook his hand with one final farewell before heading into the TARDIS.

The Master stayed, still not looking up.  "What do you plan to do from here on out?" the Brigadier asked, when it became obvious that the Master wasn't going to speak.

"I'm still going to stay with UNIT for a while.  Then... I might travel with the Doctor.  Only temporarily though."  There was a defensiveness about the Master that puzzled him, but the Brigadier didn't comment.  If he were to guess, he'd say the Master had no real plans of actually leaving after that. 

The Master stayed where he was though, not making a move to the TARDIS.  Finally, the Master looked up to face him.  "Brigadier, I..."

And here he'd thought the Master couldn't surprise him anymore.  The gratitude in the Master's eyes was one he'd never thought he'd see there and he was just as touched as he had been at the Doctor's thanks.  "You're welcome," the Brigadier said a little awkwardly, but no less authentically. 

Swallowing heavily, the Master nodded.  He didn't wait this time, slamming the TARDIS door behind him dramatically. 

The Brigadier watched as the TARDIS disappeared, shaking his head at the impossibility of it all.  Next time the Doctor or the Master showed up, he was going to have to insist that he was retired and that they find someone else.  Still, he walked back to his home with Doris and felt younger than he had in years.


Memory:   Holy cow, that was long.  Still, hopefully enjoyable.  Remind me never to type over 20k worth of words in less than a week again though.  -_-;;;  Still, it's up for the Anon Memeabration, ant that's what counts.  Maybe I can turn out another one before it ends...  I had planned for three prompts this week, but with Elisabeth Sladen's death I've marked one out to have time for proper mourning.  T_T  RIP, Ms. Sladen.  The Doctor will miss his Sarah Jane dearly, as will the rest of us.  

Anyway, on to the quote of the fic!  The Master does seem to understand both tragedies in this one...

"There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it."
-George Bernard Shaw


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Apr. 21st, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
Not too long at all. Just right.

And if you ever get the chance I think a sequel would be wonderful. Well done!
Apr. 21st, 2011 07:28 pm (UTC)
It felt long, lol. I'm not sure what I'd do for a sequel though. XD I'm glad you did like it. I started it as an excuse to torment the Master, so I was kind of surprised when it exploded as it did into a monster response. <3 Thanks for the comments!

Edited at 2011-04-21 07:29 pm (UTC)
Apr. 21st, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
SimmMaster just begs to be tormented doesnt he... I was just thinking of his further "rehibilitation" only with he and the doctor traveling around. I could see issues in that he would be uber-pissed that the doctor came back after all his grieving but then wouldnt be able to really do anything about it because he really doesnt want to go back to flat out evil.. nor does he really want the doctor dead. (he never did, you ask me)
Apr. 21st, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
He does. <3 So do the other Masters though... In general, he's just fun to torment. Oh, he probably thought he wanted the Doctor dead, but yeah. I don't think he would actually want to kill the Doctor. I mean, how long has he spent trying? Surely that's a sign. XD

Hm, I'll consider it. Maybe if I come up with an interesting plot I'll do a sequel. For now though, it feels pretty finished to me. <3
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 22nd, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
He just couldn't do it in the end... XD which is part of what makes the Master and the Doctor's relationship so brilliant, is that it's so very messed up. <3
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 22nd, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
XD Well, I had a choice. I could have done what I did with Rosemary and skip the adventure scene, which has never quite sat right with me, or I could just go ahead and write the Brigadier and the Master on a grand adventure and watch the word length grow. In the end, I needed to show how the Master was changing (and I do adore the Brigadier) so it was the grand adventure. <3

Oh, he's tormentable in all regenerations, though Simm is particularly good at the angst, I'll agree. I'm particularly fond of Delgado Master, though.

Even if I don't write a sequel, I'm sure you'll see me writing other things. I don't think the Who verse is really done with me yet. <3 Thanks for the myriad of comments!
Apr. 22nd, 2011 05:50 am (UTC)
I wouldn't have expected this pairing (in the gen sense) to work, but you made it work.

Apr. 22nd, 2011 01:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks! The TV show never quite crosses the slash line, so I just went with the usual reading between the lines instead of outright. Still, if you're looking for slash there's that whole two hours the Brigadier waited while the Master and the Doctor talked. I'm sure I can leave that up to your imaginations. XD
Apr. 22nd, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
No, I'm not looking for slash, thanks. (And when I do look for it, I prefer Doctor/Jack.)

I just wanted to express how well you handled the unlikely combo of the Master and the Brigadier traveling and working together.
Apr. 22nd, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
The Master and the Brigadier are a bit unlikely as far as companions go. Still, I think out of all the people the Master met through the Doctor, it'd be the Brigadier he went to. He's one of the people who knew the Master the longest and the head of an organization the Master has admitted (at least in the books) to be a worthy opponent from time to time. Not as worthy as the Doctor, but still not to be underestimated when they're at their best. <3

I'm glad you thought it worked though. <3 Thanks again for the comment!
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 22nd, 2011 01:53 pm (UTC)
It's all good! I mostly expected people to just comment on the third part anyway. XD

I'd actually considered keeping the Doctor dead for quite a while... A lot of this fic was the Master moving on, after all. But the prompt did ask for the Doctor to come back and my beta reader wouldn't hear of him not, so I ultimately decided to just go with the Doctor waking up again. Besides, if I do say so myself, I came up with a rather clever way to go about it. <3

I'm glad the character voices worked! I struggled a bit with the Brigadier on this, so it's good to hear he came through for me in the end. I do so adore him and Three is definitely one of my comfort eras as far as writing goes. As to the Master... I don't think he'd necessarily be good, since he's spent so many years being very evil, but I think he could be brought around. Still, we'll see what happens. The one thing we can count on is that the Master will be back at some point, after all. <3

As to a sequel... Well, I have caved in and written sequels in the past, so I wouldn't necessarily rule it out, but I wouldn't count on it either. I wouldn't do a sequel to this one without clear plot in mind and it currently feels very finished to me. Besides which, my last sequel I wrote... Well, my insecurities on that one may or may not be posted whenever Cy has the chance to beta the hell out of it. XD

Good luck on your story and thanks for the comments on mine!
Apr. 24th, 2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
I really like this - it didn't feel long at all, and it flowed well. I was a bit iffy about Simm!Master and the Brigadier, but you definitely made it work. Great Brigadier voice, too!
Apr. 25th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
Thanks! I think it just felt so long to write. XD I think the reason I even thought of it was the DW novel, The Face of the Enemy. Delgado Master works with the Brigadier in that one for a little while, and the Master says several times that UNIT can be a worthy opponent on occasion. So when I was trying to think of who the Master would go to talk to, the Brigadier just seemed like the natural choice. I think especially at that time in his life, the Brigadier would be open minded enough to actually listen. I'm glad you thought my Brigadier voice worked! He actually gave me a bit of trouble a few times. Thanks again for the comments!
May. 4th, 2011 11:02 am (UTC)
Like Neveralarch I was a bit 'Simm!Master and the Brig, eh?', but this is, as she suggests, well-handled and doesn't offend the Brig's Mighty Dignigitiez, and is a good time. Thanks for it!
May. 4th, 2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks! They were sort of an awkward fit. There were times where I started to have the Brigadier get amused, then had to go back and rewrite it because he really wouldn't laugh at anything the Master said. There was quite a lot of remembering that I can't make the characters do what I want them to do when they should be acting like themselves, which is why there ended up with a few 'if the Master had been anyone else's in the first scene.

I am glad the Brig's 'Mighty Dignigitez' are intact. I would simply hate to offend him. XD Thanks again for the comments!
May. 10th, 2011 07:59 am (UTC)
See, I told you I'd return for reading/commenting.

But OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! How did you somehow make the Brig and Simm!Master work so well?! And a happy ending!! We get so very few of those in fic subjects like this, so that made it extra special!

Seriously, though, your voices are amazing, the pacing was superb, and just the way everything came together was awesome. I am in awe of your mighty writing glory. And you should be uber-proud of this accomplishment, because I'm 99.97% sure that this specific and unique arrangement has never been done before in DW fanfiction--so you get a bonus!

Other random things I loved:
--"discretion is the better part of valour" I see what you did there.
--My undying platonic affection for the character of Jessica Benton. BENTONITES UNITED!
--dramatically slamming doors

This is as glorious as cookies and milk. You've made me a happy Santa. Metaphorically speaking.
May. 10th, 2011 03:03 pm (UTC)
And very happy I am for it. <3

It was, as I've mentioned somewhere before, originally a Three era fic. But someone mentioned wanting it post-EoT and, well... My mind automatically went, Simm Master. I can do it. TIME TO BREAK TEH INTERWEBS!!!

I also considered keeping the Doctor dead for a while, since it would just fit well dramatically. But the OP asked for him to be brought back and I was totally missing on the slash bit all together, so... I figured I should try to keep the Doctor alive. That, and my beta reader has told me I can't kill him. XD

I'm glad you liked it so much though! I'm sure it's been done somewhere... but hopefully mine is better, lol. It was an odd pairing, but I think Simm Master worked out better in the end than Delgado Master would have. Simm is just much more vulnerable and I loved making him curl up on the couch all miserable-like. <3

Jessica Benton was really my crowning glory in this fic. I'm generally not given to creating OC's, but when I realized I was going to be creating a future team of UNIT, I had to have a Benton. That scene between her and the Brig was almost completely superfluous to the main plot with the Master, but it was all like... I'm writing it anyway! And no one gets to complain.

And you know the Master is a drama queen. He totally slams doors.

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad I could be the cookies and milk to your Santa. <3
May. 19th, 2011 08:36 pm (UTC)
This is truly wonderful. Though I haven't watched the Classic DW yet, the Brigadier now is one of my favorite characters. Thank you for writing this!
May. 19th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I definitely recommend watching some third Doctor if you're interested in watching Classic Who. I absolutely adore the Brigadier, so I'm glad you liked him!
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