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Mouse Trap: Epilogue

It is finally at an end!

Mouse Trap
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who, nor do I make any claim to.  I also make no claim to the rovie and the character Erimem, who are both from the Big Finish audio plays.
Warnings: It's the end officially this time.  Hope you all enjoyed it!
Author's Thanks: Many thanks to Cy for sticking with me and betaing this to the end. Also, to everyone who has stuck through with this fic.  Which would be basically no one on livejournal, but hey.  I also haven't had anywhere to post it on lj.  Still, if I do have silent readers, many thanks!

Anyway, on to the epilogue!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7


Using the machine Ianto and the Doctor had made, it was an easy process to switch the two men back into their proper bodies. It was swift and painless, despite the headache Jack had upon waking up in his proper body. "That's my fault, I'm afraid," the Doctor said with regret. "I tried to dim my thoughts so it wouldn't burn out your brain, but there was only so much-"

Jack waved him off, wincing at the movement before putting on a slightly more pained version of his usual smile. "It'll heal. I've got more to thank you for. I'm just glad to be back."

The Doctor was equally pleased to be in his own body, fiddling with the celery pinned to his lapel with great pleasure. "I suppose we should be off then. Don't want to mess with the time lines any more than we already have, though I'll admit I'm looking forward to properly meeting you all in... which me did you meet?"

"Tall, thin, gorgeous hair," Gwen prompted, obviously very knowledgeable about the subject despite only having met the man once. "Pinstripe suit."

"Nice ass," Jack added. "Though I met the one before that too."

The Doctor frowned, then winced, though it wasn't at Jack's statement. "Oh, no," the Doctor said, looking quite pained. "Not that skinny, babbling idiot who forgot to put his shields up. I'm assuming the coarse Northern fellow with the big ears is the one you're talking about, Jack."

Ianto had to hide a small laugh as Jack only grinned. "The one and the same on both accounts."

"Then I'm afraid you haven't met me at my best. Still, no use for it and you've met me now," the Doctor said with a sigh. "At least it wasn't the one who comes after me with that atrocious coat. I can't even begin to imagine what I'll be thinking."

While Ianto was contemplating the certain type of egoism that it would take to believe each current regeneration was better than the others, Gwen moved forward with her hand held out to the Doctor. "I think I'll miss having you around. Are you sure you won't stick around for a while longer, Doctor?" she asked as he took her hand with a firm shake.

"Unfortunately, I really must dash. I promised to take Peri and Erimem to see the emerald caves of Ramora, though..." the Doctor looked a mixture between wistful and impish as he glanced around at the three of them. "I wouldn't mind a few extra travelers, especially if it means more of Ianto's coffee."

Ianto was oddly touched by the invitation, though he was more than a little glad when Jack's arm wrapped around him possessively as he laughed. "Trying to steal my team, Doctor?" Jack asked, looping his other arm around Gwen.

The Doctor stuck his hands in his pockets, grinning boyishly. "Can you blame me for trying?"

Following Jack's proud negative, Ianto carefully detached himself from the immortal to give his own farewell. He technically should be in bed still, but he'd been going stir crazy the past few days when his bed rest had been enforced and he was rather worried for the state of the Hub while Peri and Erimem had filled in for him. Though, in retrospect, he really hadn't been too put out when Jack, Gwen and the Doctor had returned from an emergency covered in purple slime from an over excitable Galpradin bird. The Doctor promised to return it to its home planet a few star systems over, but not before it had slimed all of them in gratitude. Still, Ianto was glad to be back on his feet again.

The Doctor took his offered hand with a fond smile and Ianto shyly returned it. "Good-bye, Doctor," he said awkwardly, feeling like he should say something else, but unable to think of anything.

"Take care of yourself, Ianto," the Doctor said, clasping his arm with a friendly pat.

Ianto nodded, stepping back as Jack moved forward to claim his farewell. Instead of taking the Doctor's offered hand, however, Ianto wasn't at all surprised to see Jack pulling the Time Lord against him for a deep kiss that lasted a good fifteen seconds before Peri whistled. She and Erimem came up to join them. "To show my appreciation for the rescue," Jack said, pulling away from the stern looking (though secretly amused, if Ianto were reading the expression right) Doctor. "It's too bad you won't stick around. I could get used to this regeneration."

The Doctor was about to speak, but a small indignant squeak came out of his mouth instead, followed by a glare of reproach at Jack's hand as it retreated from his backside. "I think it's time for us to leave," he said after a polite cough, putting some obvious distance between him and the leader of Torchwood as the others laughed.

Further good-byes to Peri and Erimem were said. Before the Doctor went back into the TARDIS though, Jack called him back one more time. "The TARDIS did have one request."

"The TARDIS?" the Doctor asked, mildly surprised as he stuck his head back out, brushing away some of the fringe that flopped into his eyes. "Really? Was this when you were connected to her?" A look of almost jealousy entered the Doctor's eyes, but he quickly covered it. "What did the old girl say?"

"Well, not so much of a request, really, but I think she'd appreciate it," Jack said, a wicked grin crossing his features that put all of them on guard. "I'm sure she'd like it if you went to visit her crush every so often."

"The TARDIS has a crush on someone?" Peri asked.

"The TARDIS wants to crush someone?" Erimem asked, gaining her a laugh and an explanation of the slang term from Peri. "Oh, I see. The TARDIS has a secret sweetheart. Who is it?"

Jack drew out the suspense as long as he could looking altogether far too pleased with himself. "She's apparently very infatuated with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. She's even got a collection of pictures of him in her databanks to swoon over while you're off and about."

"She what?" The Doctor sputtered, though the name didn't seem to mean anything to anyone else. The Time Lord turned to face the blue box with indignation colored with jealousy he didn't bother to hide this time. "The Brigadier? What is she thinking if - well, I suppose that does explain the incident with the garbage bin. Still, the Brigadier?"

Erimem pushed the still sputtering Doctor inside the TARDIS after a small wave and the police box soon faded from sight once all of its passengers were on board. The distinctive sound of the TARDIS dematerializing was one Ianto didn't think he could ever forget.

"Okay," Jack said, smugly crossing his arms across his chest. "Back to work for us. Gwen, I want that report for UNIT on my desk at the end of the day. Ianto, I need you to do a cover story for the bird sighting. Also, more coffee?" The latter came out as a half plea, causing both of them to laugh as they walked back to the Hub.

That night as Ianto lay in bed with Jack after some brilliant sex, he decided traveling with the Doctor would have been nice. But he wasn't going to give up Jack for all the worlds in the universe.


Memory: Well, there you have it.  I hope that everyone enjoyed the ride!  I know it was a little bumpy at times, but I never leave a fic unfinished.  It's always satisfying and a little sad when I end a long fic, but hopefully you all had as much fun as I did.

I leave you with a quote about the TARDIS, because where would we be without her?

Quote of the chapter:

"That is the dematerizing control and that over yonder is the horizontal hold. Up there is the scanner, those are the doors, that is a chair with a panda on it. Sheer poetry, dear boy. Now, please stop bothering me."
-The First Doctor