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House Cleaning

So, I did a bit of house cleaning today. Or more correctly, tag cleaning. All Doctor Who fics now have Doctor and Master tags corresponding to which ones the fics contain. If you want to read my Eleventh Doctor fics, you can now click on the handy little Eleventh Doctor tag. Same for whatever version of the Master you're looking for. Rather than doing pairing tags, since I tend to have a lot of random ones and/or no pairing, just look for them under single character tags.

Also, I've added a Brigadier tag. Because really, he's awesome and deserves his own tag anyway. He's the only other character I gave a tag to though. I considered Tegan, Jo, and Amy since those are the other companions that have popped up more than once, but decided those were too much effort. Maybe if I continue more with Amy-verse, she'll get her own tag. For now though, the Brigadier shall remain the special case.

Torchwood character tags might come later if I'm feeling particularly productive. Don't expect any character tags for my anime fics, because that would just be tiring, though I've considered it for my xxxHolic and Tsubasa fics, since I've written for those recently... Maybe.
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