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Epic Web of Fear AU

So I just finished watching the recon of The Web of Fear. I have only one thought after this serial. Well, two, technically. The first being that six episodes was really too long for it, but this is nothing new with some of the older serials.

The main one, though, is that the universe is in serious need of a Web of Fear AU. There is no denying this. Honestly, why hasn't this been done before?

So I give you my epic plot bunny, though be warned, spoilers for the serial rest therein.

In The Web of Fear, the Doctor goes up against the Great Intelligence, who, if you're unfamiliar with Two serials, controls the robot Yeti. The Great Intelligence has set a trap for the Doctor, all so that it can absorb the Doctor's mind and memories. This would leave the Doctor with the mind of a baby/child and at one point he tells Jaime that if this were to happen, Jamie would have to take care of Victoria... and the Doctor himself.

Obviously, this does not happen. The Doctor crosses a few wires to reverse the polarity (well, not in those words, sadly, but hey) and instead starts to absorb the Great Intelligence before Jamie and Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart stop him from defeating it in their misguided attempt to rescue the Doctor.

However, I want an AU where the Doctor didn't manage to save himself. In sacrificing himself to the Great Intelligence, he does defeat it, but at the price of his own mind. And so we get a warped sort of Jamie and Victoria acting as parents in a Kid fic, looking after the Doctor. Oh, but that's not all.

The Colonel, of course, wants to honor the Doctor's sacrifice by helping in what way he can. Once promoted to Brigadier, he founds UNIT and gives Jamie and Victoria jobs at the newly established alien defense organization. He is also on hand to be an awkward babysitter on occasion, because let's face it, this mental image is almost as hilarious as the Short Trip where the Brigadier makes the Doctor babysit his godson.

So, UNIT raises the Doctor. I'm not so much of a Victoria/Jamie shipper (I like their relationship without all that silly romance, thanks), but I could see them settling in as Auntie Victoria and Uncle Jamie to the Doctor. And, because Mem is a little Brigadier fangirl, he gets to be Uncle Alistair too. I'd not be adverse to Benton becoming part of the 'family' either. Yes, Mem is also a sucker for this sort of 'family' fic. So shoot me.

Anyway, somewhere along the line the Doctor does grow up a little and manages to accidentally get himself killed, hence regenerating into Three... still with the mind of a teenager. No, this really doesn't change Three's personality much, now does it? The Doctor decides it's high time he learns how to pilot the TARDIS again though, so he embarks on his quest to understand it all while helping out with the usual UNIT shenanigans. Obviously, he's still a Time Lord, so by this time he's probably gotten several real Doctorates, even though he's only a teenager in mind.

This would, of course, lead to the Master coming in and expecting their game to start up... only to be very put out that the Doctor doesn't remember him in the slightest. And more shenanigans.

Oh, Jamie. Why do you have to be too Scottish for me to write? I really want fic of this.