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2011: Review

So, saw tweedymcgee with this meme.  Thought I might steal it, before I think better of all the work this is going to be. 

Stuff I wrote this year, in roughly chronological order:  (God, am I really going to do this?  Okay, here goes...)

(Not including White Day and the whole Banana fiasco, since those were posted to the anon meme last year, even if they were posted to my journal this year)

Let the Wookie Win (Five, Ainley Master)
Chess can be a very dangerous game when you play to win.

Broken Reality (Ten/Simm Master)
Trapped in the TARDIS of his best enemy, the Master finds that getting what he wants isn't always a good thing.

A Fight to the (petite) Death (Three/Delgado Master, Jo)
Fencing had always been one of the Doctor's favorite pastimes. However, he doesn't always play fair.

Rosemary and Time (Three/Delgado Master, Jo, the Brigadier)
UNIT has finally found the Master, who went missing a month ago after being wounded. Relieved to hear the news, the Doctor finds that there's something still wrong with the Master.

Mouse Trap (Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Five, Erimem, Peri, the Rovie) First chapter found here, and you can follow the links from there.
Jack is acting strangely, leaving the rest of his team baffled by his odd mood. But when it comes to light how much danger he's really in, it's up to Gwen and Ianto to save him with the help of an odd stranger.

Do Virgins Taste Better? (Three/Delgado Master)
Do Virgins taste better than those who are not? In Earth fairy tales, dragons are notorious for choosing virgin sacrifices. Someone is about to find out the truth of the matter the hard way.

Glove (Three, the Brigadier, Jo, Implied Three/Delgado)
The green-eyed monster can be very useful whilst catching megalomaniac Time Lords.

Reminiscence (Delgado Master)
Walking through a market place looking for spare parts, the Master finds a reminder of his past on Gallifrey where he least expects it.

From Russia With Love (Ten/Delgado Master)
Trying to get his mind off recent events, the Doctor visits Moscow and gets a ticket to the ballet. The ending of the ballet reminds him far too much of how much he's just lost and he's surprised to see an old friend in the row in front of him.

America's Favorite Pastime and Practice Makes Perfect (Five/Ainley Master, Three and Jo)
Two short drabbles.

Sparkling Is Not Cool (Eleven/Simm Master, Amy/Rory, River)
The Master drags the Doctor vampire hunting because he feels he needs to make a point. Large wooden stakes with points, to be precise.

Freedom of Speech (Ten/Simm Master, Five/Ainley Master, Donna, Tegan, Turlough)
One of the Doctor's favorite sites has gone down and it's interrupted a meeting between him and an online friend. Determined to stop the culprit behind the recent DDoS attacks, the Doctor quickly finds a lot more than he bargained for.

Tickle Time (Ten/Simm Master)
Over the course of being tickled, the Doctor finds out an interesting fact about the Master's biology.

Pink Elephants (Three, Jo, implied Three/Delgado Master)
Not wanting to think about the pink elephant in the corner, the Doctor tries to work on a new sonic screwdriver. If only the elephant weren't quite so stubborn when it came to trying to get the Doctor's attention.

Without You (The Brigadier, Simm Master, Ten)
Surprised to find the Master at his home, the Brigadier is immediately suspicious. The Brigadier is eventually forced to admit the even more surprising fact the Master isn't there to stir up trouble. Faced with actually having to help the Master, the Brigadier resigns himself to a few more adventures.

Doujinshi (Five, Tegan, Implied Three/Delgado Master)
The Doctor takes Tegan to Comiket to help her appreciate cultural differences and freedom from censorship. However, he is none too pleased to find his own personal life in the pages of a doujinshi.

Two Wrongs (Three/Delgado Master, Implied and one-sided Three/Jo)
The Doctor travels to Milan to investigate a sighting of the Master, but he can't stop thinking of Jo's recent departure. Two wrongs don't always make a right, but they could make someone happy for at least a little while.

Clouds (Theta/Koschei)
Two best friends go out star gazing only to find the clouds in the way of their view.

The Perfect Storm (Ten/Simm Master)
The Master liked storms.

Io Sono Prigioniera (Ten/Simm Master)
Still trapped on the Doctor's TARDIS, the Master tries to escape his bonds. However, certain things are impossible to escape. Sequel to Broken Reality.

Alone in the Dark (Eleven/Delgado Master)
Despite saving the planet, the Doctor gets thrown in the darkest dungeon without any chance to prove he'd been working in the planet's best interest. He finds some unexpected company in this cell without light.

Zombie Plan (Three/Delgado Master, Jo, the Brigadier)
The Master's summoning attempt to gain immortality has gone horribly wrong and now there are zombies threatening to overwhelm UNIT HQ. It's up to the Doctor to explain the usefulness of a solid zombie plan.

Lost Chances (Nine/Delgado Master)
The Master is out shopping for an adjudicator's uniform when he gets jumped by some northern thug in a leather jacket. He has an odd feeling that he knows this strange and dangerous man and he can't help himself from finding the eye of the Storm.

Confessions (Five/Delgado Master)
On a rainy day the Doctor goes to visit a past regeneration of the Master. He has a confession to make.

Browncoat (Ten/Simm Master)
The Doctor's lost his coat and is desperate enough to try and ask the Master to help him find it. What he doesn't expect is finding the Master obsessing over something that isn't him.

It's All Been Done Before (Simm Master/Shalka Five)
The Master finds himself very bored on a time-locked Gallifrey and decides that there's only one thing to do: Build himself a robot Doctor to cater to his every whim. Too bad the robot has other ideas.

Foolish Games (Three/Delgado Master)
The Doctor goes undercover for UNIT and is bored to tears with the assignment. When the Master shows up, he at least has something else to occupy him, even if it's just their usual game.

The Name of the Game (Three/Delgado Master, the Brigadier)
The Master is after a dangerous drug and the Brigadier gets caught up in it all. Now the Doctor has to stop the Brigadier from killing them all and save the Master.

Lead and Follow (Three/Delgado Master, OC - Lizzie, Eight)
When the Doctor doesn't come to a moon the Master had taken over to stop him, the Master has to come up with a plot to get back the Doctor's attention: Learning how to dance West Coast Swing!

The Sea Devils and Mrs. Pond (Three, the Brigadier, Amy Pond)
The TARDIS has left Amy behind and she's been captured by a group of fish men. While waiting for the Doctor and Rory to come back for her, she finds some unexpected help.

Chocolate Cake Blues (Five, Evelyn, implied Five/Tegan)
After leaving Tegan again, the Doctor sets off to collect his companions and tries to forget the whole thing ever happened. The TARDIS has a different idea.

An Unacknowledged Acquaintance (One/Ainley Master)
After the events in the Death Zone, the Master is stuck on a dull planet waiting for his TARDIS to repair the life support systems. There, he sees the last person he wanted to meet.

Self-Preservation (Three/Delgado Master/Simm Master)
Running for his life with the Master, the Doctor finds someone he just can't leave behind.

A Car with Character (Three/Delgado Master, Bessie)
Bessie loves her Doctor, but some things were taken too far.

The Price of a Wish (Delgado Master, Yuuko, Watanuki)
With his TARDIS thrown off course, the Master comes across a particular shop that grants wishes. A crossover with xxxHolic.

Holy Roleplaying Time Lords, Batman! (Ten/Simm Master)
The Doctor and the Master settle in for a bit of roleplaying. Or they would be, if the Doctor would stop being distracted by the gadgets...

The Fire for an Enemy (Ten/Simm Master)
The Master has escaped from the TARDIS again, and the Doctor is surprised to find him in ancient China.

Cages (Three, Real Syaroan, Mokona)
Fed up with UNIT, the Doctor takes a drive and finds a body in the road. Upon further investigation, the Doctor realizes that this boy isn't all he seems. Crossover with Tsubasa Chronicle.

The Master and Mrs. Pond (Delgado Master, Amy Pond, Three, the Brigadier, Benton)
Still waiting for her proper Doctor and Rory to find her again, Amy meets the Doctor's best enemy and gets chased around by a giant purple monster. So much for hearing embarrassing stories of the Doctor's childhood over chocolate!

Strange Creatures (Three, Jo, Benton, the Brigadier)
After an argument with the Brigadier, the Doctor was hardly expecting anything to be done about it. He certainly hadn't expected it to be taken seriously.

Let It Snow (Three/Delgado Master, Jo, Brigadier)
Not officially claimed yet, but pretty much everyone knows it was me anyway.  -_-;;;

Death (Theta/Koschei, Five/Ainley)
The Doctor almost couldn't remember a time when the Master wasn't afraid of death.

Water (Delgado Master)
Not officially posted yet, mainly because I was waiting until I found those pictures...  -_-;;;

Rain (Five, Peri)
Taking out his new companion for an adventure, the Doctor reflects on the symbolism of the rain.

Autumn (Ten/Simm Master)
The Master and the Doctor take in the beauty of fall in New England.

Fickle Fortune (Delgado Master, Lizzie, implied Three/Delgado Master)
The Master learns the hard way that luck does indeed have everything to do with competition dancing. Sequel to Lead and Follow.

Red Handed (Three/Delgado Master)
The Doctor looks good in red. The Master notices.

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?

Good Lord in Heaven, did I really write all of that the past year?  Plus, another drabble for the 100 challenge that I just haven't typed up yet (it's a bit longer than a drabble, actually).  Not to mention the Torchwood rp... Really, not going to think about how much writing that equals.  x_x  So yeah, a lot more...

Where did you publish/archive your stories?

lj, Teaspoon, and the canon-pairings/gen fics go up on ff.net.  I'm usually fairly good at updating all of them.  I've considered AO3, but like... that's just too much effort. 

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Explicit sex.  No, seriously.  I'd never have even considered it before Broken Realities.  In fact, I barely had the patience to read the stuff back then, much less write it.  It took me a long while to develope the patience to skim, since the back button could make me miss the rest of a good fic.  As for pairings... for non-romantic ones, I suppose Simm and the Brigadier.  XD  That one is just one of those that would only work out in my head.  Nine/Delgado Master too, I suppose.  Not to mention Three/Delgado/Simm.  Actually, I've done a lot of odd pairings.  Just look at the Amy-verse.  Her, Three, and Delgado Master really just work wonders.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.

I think it's a toss up with Self-Preservation, Without You, and the Amy-verse fics.  Self-Preservation was just...  God, it felt good writing that one.  I was on a writing high, everything flowed, and the characterization worked.  I felt wonderful while writing it and I think it came out really well.  Without You is just the Brigadier, and everything I love about him.  It was a fantastic prompt and I'm glad I decided to just go for it, despite how long it got.  Though, the prompter said that they were writing one as well, and I'm kind of sad that it hasn't been posted yet.  Amy-verse is just fun.  I adore writing Amy.  I can use words with -ish and thingie and it works. 

Okay, NOW your most popular story.

I'm actually not sure? Broken Reality was pretty popular.  So was Without You, and that one got recced.  Freedom of Speech and Doujinshi also got lots of comments. 

Story most under appreciated by the universe?

Probably either Two Wrongs or my DW/xxxHolic/Tsubasa crossovers.  Two Wrongs was definitely an interesting story for me to write.  I felt like a complete bitch while writing it, but I think it worked out in the end.  Sadly, not a lot of people like that sort of story.  The xxxHolic and Tsubasa crossovers were, well, I'm pretty sure most people have never heard of those, at least not in the DW fandom.  Anime and DW doesn't mix particularly well.  I think those two fics really worked though, as far as combining two separate fandoms.  I'm proud of how they turned out. 

Actually, I think a lot of my fics got under-appreciated.  I'm pretty used to it, since I write a lot of odd-ball things.  I've even had several people commenting that I'm under-appreciated.  *shrugs*  It's more interesting to write something you don't see every day and I like challenges.  The one time I've really just gone and written something that was just like everything else in the fandom, I've absolutely despised that fic.  It doesn't matter if it's still one of my most popular fics.  I hate it.  So I'll stick with my odd fics.  I don't mind so much if hardly anyone reads them.

Story that could have been better?

Oh, there's a lot of those.  Foolish Games I absolutely hated, and I think that one could have been a lot better.  I had no idea what I was doing with that cliche and my attempt to wing it only made things worse.  I always felt a bit bad for Rosemary and Time.  I really should have written more of Amnesiac Master, rather than just cutting it short like I did.  That's why I didn't do the same with Without You, actually.  There were several drabbles that could have been much better, I think, but those would take too long to list.  Alone in the Dark was another one that never quite satisfied me.  I think my Eleven voice really needs some work.  A Fire for an Enemy also should have been much, much better.  It was so meh.  I think that's the fic with the most wasted potential.

Sexiest story?

Um...  Well, the Broken Realities series was the most explicit?  Other than that, I'm going to say that Nine/Delgado Master fic, since Nar says the sex was like unexpected leaping tigers.  I actually have absolutely no idea what to say for this question.  I just write it.  ^_^;;; Honestly, I didn't even realize Lost Chances was sexy.  I suppose my drabble that's not typed yet might also count?  I don't know.  I'm the only one who's read it and it doesn't feel sexy to me, but we've already figured out I'm not the best person to decide these things.  Flist, you're probably a better judge on this than me...

Most fun story?

Self-Preservation or Amy-verse.  Those two were just fun.  Also, some of my crackier fics, like Freedom of Speech and Do Virgins Taste Better?  I have a lot of cracky fics...  Let It Snow was also fun.

Story with single sweetest moment?

Hm, that is a good question.  I'd like to say either the cuddling in both Let it Snow and Zombie Plan, or some of the cuddling in The Name of the Game (both Master and Brigadier cuddling.  I've a soft spot for the Brigadier cuddling). Without You was one big hurt/comfort fic, and I liked a lot of that one too.  I really liked Three singing lullabyes to Simm Master and the cuddling in Self-Preservation too.  I have no idea, actually.  Let's just go with anything that cuddles.  I like cuddling.  I write a lot of warm fuzzies.  Perhaps my flist can help me out on this one.

The story that made you cry?

I've only ever cried for something I wrote once, and I got over it within five minutes and went right back to torturing the characters with joyful abandon.  I generally put that one down to freak hormones.  I don't think I've really written any Who that was really tear-jerking.  I've been told I've made people cry before, but not so much with my Who fics.  Most of the time, I didn't even realize it was that touching or worth crying over. 

I don't remember if it was this year or last year, but there was a moment in the Torchwood rp with Eirwen that I wrote, that basically just hit way too close to home.  She and Ianto were discussing PTSD, and well, hormones again.  I kept thinking about my Uncle.  That was more me getting maudlin over my Uncle than anything else though.  It definitely was not an easy post to write. 

Hardest story to write?

Foolish Games.  God, I hated that story.  I don't know why, I just do.  And it's never sat well with me either.  My Five fics give me no end of trouble too.  I think I started It's All Been Done like... three times, before it started working with me?  Two Wrongs was also hard, if just because I felt horrible while writing it.  And let's just not go into the whole sex scenes, shall we?  I've ranted about those enough recently. 

Easiest story to write?

Hm...  Self-Preservation or Amy-verse?  Those fics basically wrote themselves.

Most overdue story?

Apparently, The Master and Mrs. Pond.  I didn't realize that everyone wanted sequels nao.  XD  Self-Preservation and Io also were loooooooong over due.  I wrote those forever ago, but with betaing it took forever for them to get up. 

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Oh, did I.  Really, I've never been one to turn down a challenge.  That's half my problem.  On a basic level explicit sex scenes were a huge risk for me, and I've learned I hate writing them.  Broken Reality was one big bottle of anxiety, with all the warnings on that sucker.  Apparently, I'm good at writing sex though.  -_-;;;  I've branched out with a lot of Doctors, though I really should try more.  Eleven isn't as easy as he should be and Five... Don't get me started on Five.  I definitely found my place with Three though, which I never would have guessed.  I really need to try writing Nine more.  Eight... I should give another shot.  That fic might not have been his fault, after all, since I was putting him in a highly emotional situation.  I've decided I'm really good at random pairings that no one else would have put together, though I generally don't write them in a romantic sense. 

Really though, sometimes my fics work and sometimes they don't.  It's kind of hard thinking of 'risks' when that's really just how I write.  It usually doesn't feel like a risk so much as 'Let's attempt this and see how it turns out'. 

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?

Well, watching some of the Ice Warriors serials over again so that I can finally finish the next Amy-verse fic.  I've been stalling on that, mostly because I've been caught up in reading Avengers fics and novels.  Maybe trying to scale back on writing a bit, because I sometimes push myself way too much and that can overload me at times.  Having the new job has helped a lot for that, actually, since I don't have as much time to write.  Also, there's an anon prompt I'm eyeing and that Donna is practically screaming at me to write, but we'll see. 

Maybe I'll get around to writing that Donna holodeck fic sometime this year.   I keep putting that one off, though it would be fun.  Also, in the long run, I've got another Master and Amy Pond fic planned.  Other than that, I'll see what comes up.  Yeah, that's probably enough to keep me busy for a while anyway...


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Dec. 28th, 2011 05:14 am (UTC)
I've been wondering why you've been so quiet lately. ^^

Again with the 'sexy like leaping tigers' quote? Man, that must have made quite the impression on you.

My most favorite single sweetest moment of yours is probably seeing the Master comforting Amy. I wibbled and made high-pitched noises, it was so precious.

You are so productive I think even Santa would be in awe of you. You. Are. The Writing Santa.
Dec. 28th, 2011 05:34 am (UTC)
It's one part me being to lazy to type, and one part me putting off writing because I need to just sit down and watch it before I inevitably get distracted. Given how long that list is, I'm fairly sure I've damn well deserved a bit of procrastination.

Well, I was trying to think of sexy fics. And other than the two obvious ones, that's the most emphatic declaration I can think of in regards to my fics? Besides, I really had no idea that fic or any others were sexy. -_-;;; It doesn't occur to me when I write it. Sometimes when I'm re-reading through, I'll think, oh, okay. I can sort of see why people might think that was hot. For the most part this whole written porn thing is a lost cause with me. Watching porn doesn't do much for me either. Reading explicit manga is something I'll do occasionally for the laugh, but I think I'm a more hands on person when it comes down to it.

I think I forgot about that one. The Master needs to comfort Amy more, definitely. Which should be entertaining considering the running gag I've got planned to continue through out the series. Or at least through the next two parts. I'm not sure if I can pull it off five times, but the third and fourth will definitely be awesome.

Writing Santa, hm? I think Santa knows how to pace himself a bit more.
Dec. 28th, 2011 07:14 am (UTC)
Mem, you deserve all the procrastination in the world for what you've given in return. All of it.

I don't think delivering ALL THE TOYS AT ONCE is exactly an effective form of pacing. XD Santa is the most effective procrastinator in the world. Which I guess means I've epitheted you incorrectly, Magical Lizard Scribe Of Ceaseless Bounty.
Dec. 29th, 2011 02:10 am (UTC)
So when people start complaining I'm taking too long on the next Amy-verse, I'll direct them to this comment. <3

Well, that's true. But he's got all year to make them, after all. I certainly do appear to be able to crank things out. I'm not writing and then typing 65k in under a month again though. Once was definitely enough for me.
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