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Not even gonna try...

...to relate this to fic.  Really, I'm not.  But someone needs to hear my Kodansha ravings. 

So.  As if the whole their/there fiasco in the Sailor V manga wasn't enough, I'm reading the new translation of Sailor Moon, volume 1.  While I'm glad they're calling her Usagi instead of 'Bunny' as a nickname for Serena, and of certain other translation things, there are some times I just want to smack the translators around.

Mainly 'Bump Head'.  Bump Head is probably the single worst translation of Odango-Atama that I have ever heard.  Seriously, guys.  While admittedly there will be some new people who are just now getting interested in Sailor Moon with the manga's re-release, most of your sales are going to be hard core fans.  We all know what Odango-Atama really means and why he calls her that.  'Dumpling Head' is what most fan translations use, and that's the one that we're all going to recognize.  'Bump Head'?  Damn.  That makes me wish for the dub.  Meatball head was better than that.  Much better.  Pathetically much better.  Bump Head is awful.  Later on he starts calling her 'Bun Head' which makes a little more sense and is a bit better, but did they have to use Bump Head first?

That's the only really jarring thing I can remember at the moment.  Though I do seem to remember the Tokyo Pop translation saying Mamoru was in college or something like that, and this one is saying he's in high school.  I honestly don't remember which one was correct (and sadly, I probably still have the resources to figure this out within a few seconds, but we're not going there), but this version makes it slightly less creepy that he's hitting on a middle school student.  Doesn't matter much though, because he still watches Usagi-chan as she transforms, and that is creepy no matter how you look at it.  Tuxedo Kamen-sama, you are a creep. 

There is one other translation issue.  This one, admittedly, is actually a right translation of it.  I am much more than passingly familiar with the Shitennou and all the mythos that Naoko Takeuchi used to create the characters.  Them and the inner senshi were pretty much my first OTP after all, if you can call four couples a 'one' true pairing.  In fact, they're still one of my strongest.  I usually don't get that tripped up on character romances.  And yes, I'm aware they don't technically exist, but even Takeuchi-sensei shipped them.  WE HAVE A PICTURE TO PROVE IT.  While only Kunzite and Minako-chan were ever confirmed in canon (Sailor V manga finale, Sailor Moon rpg: Another Story WHICH TOTALLY COUNTS.), there was The Picture and enough in the video game that we never cared about how much canon we could prove.  It's tragic and heartbreaking, and I ship them like no pairing I've shipped ever since.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this fact here before as well.  So yeah, a bit more than passing knowledge. 

So when I was reading, Jadeite was called the 'Far East Commander'.  This did not phase me in the slightest, as that's part of the whole Shitennou thing.  I'm a bit more used to the term 'General' and it'll always be my preferred English name for them, but the Far East bit fit right in and I didn't even realize it.  It was only when Nephrite comes in as the 'North American Commander' that I realized what they were doing and doubled over laughing.  Did I mention the video game?  He's totally got a shrine in Canada.  And no, I'm not joking, for those of you unfamiliar with the game.  I was totally pulled right out of reading the manga because all I could think about was Sailor Jupiter wandering around some forest in Canada looking for Nephrite's Kage stone.

Damn it.  Now I want to replay the game.  Except then I'd have to still get through Sailor Mercury in Nepal, and you have to level her up, by herself, to level 18 from level 5 or 6 before she can even hit the boss for more than 1 or 2 hp.  >.<  Really, couldn't you have nerphed Nergal down a little so that Ami-chan can actually defeat her?  I hate that part of the game...  It takes so looooooooooooooong since the enemies don't get stronger.  T_T

Anyway, I'm just going to keep on reading for now.  And not hum Moonlight Densetsu.  Okay, I might be humming it, but you have no proof. 


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Jan. 6th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
I'll admit: my initial (and more or less exclusive) exposure to Sailor Moon was through the dubbed version when I was little wee (oh, my entry drug. Such fondness.) I didn't learn it came from manga until I was much older (when I learned what manga was), and the friend I learned it from said the manga translation was so horrendous that I shouldn't bother. So I never did. Also: there's a game? Like, a video game? I mean, long long ago, I got a Sailor Moon board game for my birthday that I was super excited about, but then no one wanted to play it with me and so it was never played and I was sad because I wanted to play it so much.

Bump head?! BUMP HEAD?! WTF!!! Hell, even Meatball Head is better than that! EPIC FAIL, TRANSLATORS.

Hm, I actually thought Mamoru was in college. I vaguely remember the dubbed anime actually saying that at some point (how on earth they got away with that, I'm not sure). Could be different in the manga, though, for all I know.

**tragic face** Oh man, it's been so long--remind me which one Kunzite is.

He's totally got a shrine in Canada.

***laughing for two minutes straight***
That---That is the best! Though you think they could've at least called him "the Far West Commander" or something. Or even "the New World Commander." Jeez.
Jan. 7th, 2012 12:11 am (UTC)
You can't hate the dub. It brings warm fuzzy feelings of childhood devotion that you can't hate no matter how bad it was. The TokyoPop manga translation (the old one) was a bit of the same for me. God, I started reading that when I was thirteen? I'm pretty sure I was in middle school or junior high. I got the magazine with Magic Knight Rayearth and Parasite in it. I think there was one other, but I don't remember what it was. So yes, it was awful, but I still have fond memories of it being my very first manga. XD

Behold. And yes, you can download it and the emulators from there. Fair warning... There's really not much to the game play at all, and you'll spend hours leveling everyone up before they can even hit the bosses (there are actually specific levels for each boss where it's just not possible to even hit them if you're under it), but it's worth it. I used to play it every summer. The plot is actually pretty good too. And I love the villains. Sailor Moon is so the only time you'll see a villain say "Please die now! <3" Heart included. Also, there are lots of other good games on the site, fantasynanime. Tales of Phantasia and Seiken Densetsu III (Secret of Mana II) are both on there, and they're two of the most awesome games in the universe. I believe all of the old Final Fantasies are on there too. So go forth and play, because everyone needs more video games to suck time out of their lives.

Meatball head is so much better that it's almost painful. Sigh. >.<

That's what I thought too, and I do remember it in the Tokyo Pop version saying he was in college. They might just have changed it for this version to make him less creepy (too late).

Kunzite is the white haired General who served Beryl-sama. Or black haired, in the live action Sailor Moon, but that's a whole different bottle of worms right there. XD The Generals are all bad guys from the first season, but in the manga, they were originally Mamoru's guardians like the inner senshi were for Sailor Moon.

YES. It is underground in village that is in the middle of a national forest that NO ONE CAN FIND. Because no one would go looking in Canada anyway. Trust me, it's awesome. Play the game and see for yourself.

And yes, we all had that reaction upon first playing the game as well. If you're going to play though, I'd suggest saving yourself the trouble of figuring out what levels you need to be at by using a walkthrough. It's a headache trying to figure that out on your own and really, you want to enjoy the game.
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