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Well, that's it for the third installment of Mrs. Pond and the Doctor.  I hope everyone enjoyed it!

The Ice Warriors and Mrs. Pond
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, nor do I make any claim to.
Characters:  Amy Pond, Third Doctor, Brigadier, Sergeant Benton, Ice Warriors.
Warnings: Amy's wrath at being captured yet again.  Nothing else too major this time though, unless you count awkward cliffhangers.
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Amy is so through being captured.  It's the Doctor's turn this time, and the Brigadier is going to have to keep up if he's going to help her clear their names!
Notes: It's the end of the fic as we know it.  Hopefully, it was worth the wait.  Nar tells me it's the best ending of Amy-verse yet.
Thanks: Many thanks to narwhale_callin for betaing and putting up with my whining over how long it took to write.  <3 

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Chapter 1  Chapter 2 Chapter 3


"You weren't at the ceremony."

Amy looked up from her glass of wine to see the Brigadier and the Doctor walk in with worried expressions. She shook her head, more to herself than to them. They'd been trying to cheer her up since Ixkyr's death. "Doesn't matter. I never usually stay for ceremonies anyway," she said, taking a drink from her glass. The dry wine pricked her throat with a pleasant kick. The TARDIS really didn't skimp on its wine cellars.

They traded glances over her head, but Amy was having none of that. "So you've explained how the seed thing worked, then?" she asked before they could double-team her. She'd had enough of the Brigadier's awkward kind words and the Doctor's sympathy. She stood up, walking out to the console room and forcing them to follow her.

"Yes, they understand how to use it well enough now," the Doctor said, watching her carefully. "I helped them pick out a nearby planet that should be suitable to their needs, and the Brigadier helped with the security arrangements when Latryxiss took over. Amy, you-"

She spun around at the console, her hair flying around her as she started pressing buttons. She had a vague notion of which ones to press to get the TARDIS in motion. "If we're done here?"

"Where would you like to go?" the Doctor asked, his eyes gentle. "Centauri Prime is nice this time of year, and I've heard the Starlaces-"

"Doctor," the Brigadier cut in warningly. "I do have work to get back to."

"I'm sure the others can handle your absence for a little while, Brigadier. This is a time machine, you know."

"I don't think-"

"I want to go home," Amy said, interrupting their bickering.

"I quite agree," the Brigadier said wryly.

"No, I want to go home. Not to UNIT, not to Centauri whatever. Home. Leadworth," she said. When neither the Doctor nor the Brigadier moved, Amy turned to the TARDIS. "TARDIS, activate Emergency Program One, for Amelia Pond."

"It's set to take you back to UNIT, Amy. That won't-"

A small holographic figure of the Doctor appeared on the console. Her Doctor, with his tweed and his stupid bow tie and his arms at his sides as he regarded them impassively, remarkably still for that regeneration.

"Who the devil is that?" the Brigadier asked.

"I believe, Brigadier, that you're looking at one of my future regenerations," the Doctor said, absently scratching his cheek. "That shouldn't be possible. It hasn't even been recorded yet. Even the TARDIS can't look into her databanks from the future, surely?"

Amy didn't care how it worked. She looked down at the Doctor, wishing nothing more than to have him and Rory here with her as well. "Doctor, take me back," she said to the hologram. "That's what this program was there for, wasn't it? Take me home."

"Amy. Amelia Pond. Little Amelia," her Doctor said, rolling her name around in his mouth. "If you're seeing this, it means that I'm in a fatal situation and I'm either dead, or about to die. So I'm sending you home. No, don't get angry with me-"

"Doctor, I'm sure if that were really happening, I'd be furious, but right now I need you to hurry it up," Amy told the hologram, talking over it. The Doctor and the Brigadier were talking softly off to the side, but she ignored them.

"-sorry," the Doctor continued as if anyone were actually paying attention. Amy rolled her eyes. She didn't want the Doctor's apologies. "I am. That's why I need you to pay attention, Pond. There's something you've forgotten, something important, and it's my fault. But you can remember it again, if you try. There's a ring box on the console, and it belongs to you." Amy froze, almost hyper-aware of the ring on her left hand. But that wasn't the ring the Doctor meant. He was talking about her engagement ring. When Rory had been...

"That ring is important. I want you to keep it for me," the Doctor continued. "Keep it, and remember, Amy. Oh, Amelia Pond, remember what's important to you. Forget about the mad old man in the blue box. Just let the TARDIS die out somewhere out of the way. The old girl deserves a rest, after all these years. Brilliant little Amelia, the girl who waited. You never know when to give up. But you shouldn't wait for me this time Forget about-"

"TARDIS, cut the message and just take me home," Amy ordered. She didn't want to hear any more of that message. The hologram of the Doctor paused, and she leaned down until she was eye level with it. "And there is no way I'm forgetting you, raggedy man, so don't bother. I remembered both of my boys, and don't think I'm letting you get away with making this message. So come and find me already, and bring my husband with you."

There was a brief moment of silence as the hologram paused. She thought it really had stopped for good, except then the Doctor shook his head sadly. "Not this time, Amy," he said, shocking her to the core. He was responding to... no, he was responding to what he knew she would say in a real situation like this, the jerk. "But you'll be amazing, no matter what happens. You don't need your raggedy Doctor any more. I don't think you ever have."

"I do, you idiot," she said softly, blinking back tears. "And if you don't shut it, I will burn all of your uncool bow ties."

The Doctor looked faintly disapproving as he stared at her through time. "Bow ties are and always will be cool," he said, the frown turning into a small grin as Amy muttered a few curses. Of course, the Doctor would see that threat coming.

The hologram flickered out of existence as the time rotor came to a stop. Good. She didn't want to think about how lonely it must have been for the Doctor, being the only one to remember Rory, or how guilty he looked, or the fact that he wanted her to forget everything they had been through to live a normal life while he died somewhere, lost and forgotten. She did a quick glance at the scanners, hit the door lever, and rushed out of the TARDIS. She ignored the calls of her name and took off into Leadworth.

* * *

"There you are," the Doctor said, sitting beside her on the bench across from the duck pond that only had ducks for half of her memories. She watched Justin and Elise feed the ducks with their two-year-old son, remembering when they graduated a year ahead of her and how empty the high school drama department had felt after they left. Mels had chided her, saying she should just fill it back up herself. And now Else was married, enjoying her life with her son and husband, feeding ducks only Amy remembered not being there.

Would she ever get that with Rory? Did she even want that with Rory? The Dream Lord had shown her how much she wasn't cut out for that domestic sort of lifestyle, but some of it had been nice. Having her husband with her had been all she wanted, even if she didn't realize it at the time.

The Doctor sat silently, watching the family with her. Not her Doctor, but a younger and just as complicated, frightening, and wonderful... with all the same horrors of traveling with him. She didn't know what to say to him, this different version of her best friend who was a mix of younger and older. She wondered if this was how River felt, knowing how much the Doctor had changed her life, but not being able to talk to him about it. And she wanted to talk to him about it desperately, to ask him questions and get advice or even just talk and yell at him.

"I'm sorry," the Doctor said finally, breaking the silence. "I don't appear to be the person you're waiting for."

"It's not your fault," she said automatically, even though it was. It just wasn't the Doctor's fault yet. She couldn't get properly angry at him like she wanted to, because he hadn't done any of it yet. She pushed those uncharitable thoughts aside and searched for something she could talk about.

"Mels is gone. I thought I could talk to her, but she's gone off on this trip without telling anyone where she is. I shouldn't be surprised." Mels always did try to follow Amy's footsteps, except she always got into genuine trouble when she did these disappearing acts. How much would it be to bail her out this time? Amy worried her lip for a moment, wishing at least one thing in her life would go right. "My parents... I've known them either all my life, or only for a single day. It would feel weird going to them, and they'd want to know where Rory is..."

She certainly hadn't told them about her adventures with the Doctor. Hadn't even had time before rushing into the TARDIS after the reception. Even if she had, it wouldn't be anything like how she could talk to Mels.

They fell into silence again. Amy stared at the ducks that had failed to be there for half her life, and she wondered if she should get the bottle of wine she had bought for going to visit Mels. She could drink it by herself well enough, or maybe with this Doctor. Another reminder of what she was missing, since this Doctor would actually drink with her.

"It was my fault, wasn't it?" she asked suddenly, not taking her eyes off the ducks. "I should have let Nyrytzl take me hostage. That's what they say in those defense classes the Brigadier makes me take, that it's more dangerous to try and break away like that. Because the hostage taker is more willing to shoot. But I didn't listen, and now Ixkyr is dead." Amy took a breath, letting the words fall from her lips calmly, despite the storm of emotions she felt.

"It wasn't your fault, Amy," the Doctor said gently.

"I think it was," she replied, continuing to stare straight ahead.

She heard the Doctor sigh softly. "Sub-Commander Ixkyr made his choice to die with honor, to protect someone. That someone happened to be you."

"I don't care about honor!" she yelled, letting some of her anger show through for a brief moment. She sucked in a breath, exhaled slowly. "He's dead. He died for me, because of me, and I don't know how to feel about that."

She should be grateful to him, but all she could feel was anger. Now Ixkyr wouldn't be able to figure out for himself if his actions were honorable or not. He wouldn't be able to see that he had saved his world by helping them, that he had saved her. He wouldn't ever be able to smile again, like he should have. And wasn't that awful, that she was angry at someone for saving her life?

She felt the Doctor's arm slip around her and pull her close, and she closed her eyes, blocking out those bloody ducks that constantly reminded her of everything that should be here, but wasn't. "I can't tell you how to feel, Amy," he said as he hugged her tightly, "but I can say that honor was important to Sub-Commander Ixkyr, and you would do his memory the most good by honoring his sacrifice. I think he would like that."

She stayed there, eyes closed and leaning up against the Doctor, breathing in the smell of motor oil, lavender, and that odd hint of the time vortex that she could never quite place. Even though he wasn't her Doctor, he still gave really good hugs.

After a while, the Doctor sighed again. "Would you like to stay here?"

Did she? Amy shook her head. "It doesn't feel like home anymore. Not without Rory. There's too many things that are missing."

She felt the Doctor relax, and she opened her eyes to see him smiling down at her. She was going to miss this Doctor, she realized with a start. He wasn't her Doctor, but she was really going to miss this one too, once her Doctor and Rory found her. And he would miss her when she left too.

"Come on, then," he said. "Let's find the Brigadier before he stumbles onto something of his own future."

"He's been looking for me too?" Amy asked, touched. She really wouldn't just miss the Doctor, would she? UNIT had been her family for the past five months. The mental image of the Brigadier wandering about in her time was amusing. Was he still alive in this time, somewhere, still fighting aliens? Amy resolved to find out when she came back. If he was still alive, he'd be in his 80s, and Amy wanted to visit him, Benton, and Yates. It would be nice to finally introduce them all to Rory and her Doctor.

"He has something for you as well," the Doctor said as he helped her up. "Something with the relic that they found in Nyrytzl's rooms."

Her curiosity piqued, she pushed aside her concerns for later, when she was alone in the TARDIS and she could think by herself. She still couldn't quite manage a smile, but she would be fine. She had to wait for Rory to get his butt in gear and find her, after all. And until then, she had this Doctor to look after.

They found the Brigadier being hassled by Mrs. Fairfax. "And you leave Amy alone!" she told a very put-upon Brigadier.

"Mrs. Fairfax, it's okay," she said, jogging up to them.

"Oh, Amy." The old lady smiled at her in a way that made her feel like she was five, her animosity towards the Brigadier all but forgotten. "You're not in trouble, are you? You're married now, remember, and you shouldn't go off with that young Melody and get into trouble. You've got to be respectable now."

"As I was saying, Madam, Mrs. Pond is helping UNIT with an important investigation," the Brigadier said. He looked more than a little relieved to see Amy and the Doctor, and she felt a bit guilty for her dramatic exit earlier.

"That's nice, dear," Mrs. Fairfax said, patting her arm fondly. "Are you working with the police again? It sure sounds awfully important. How is Rory doing?"

"He's fine," she said more curtly than she meant to. Though she was a little relieved that Mrs. Fairfax didn't think to correct the Brigadier on her name. She wasn't quite sure how to explain to everyone that she hadn't mentioned her married name for the past five months. Bless little old ladies and their memories.

"I'm terribly sorry, Madam," the Doctor said, saving her from more awkward questions. "But we do have a lot of work to do. If you'll excuse us?"

Mrs. Fairfax took one look at the Doctor, her eyes widening. "Oh, of course, Mr. Detective. You are a Detective, aren't you? Just like in the old days. Why can't young people these days be as polite and well dressed?"

Amy fought back a laugh as the Doctor preened just a little as Mrs. Fairfax walked away. "Careful of that one, Doctor," she said as they walked back towards the TARDIS. "She's still married. And I'll tell the Master that you're cheating."

"Mrs. Pond," the Doctor said, puffing himself up. "In order for it to be 'cheating,' as you termed it, one would have to be in a relationship in the first place. Which we are not."

"Oh, right," Amy said. "You and the 'unimaginative plodder' are still in the UST phase."

"Still in the what?" The Doctor asked, honestly puzzled.

"Never mind," she said, walking through the door as the Doctor held it open for her. She still had her boys, even if she didn't have Rory, and really, she needed to cherish what time she had with them. She turned back to the Brigadier then, remembering. "The Doctor said you had something for me?"

"Ah, yes," the Brigadier said, taking an envelope out of his pocket. "This was found in Nyrytzl's quarters along with the broken relic. I'm afraid it's already been opened, but it doesn't appear to be missing any of the contents."

"Nyrytzl probably couldn't read it," the Doctor added. "He might have kept it just in case it turned out to be a manual of sorts."

She gingerly took the white envelope, turning it over in her hands. Familiar handwriting greeted her. "To Amelia Pond," it said simply, and even if she hadn't recognized the writing, only one person still called her that.

She pulled out the letter, ignoring the two bits of loose-leaf paper for now as she opened it.

"Amelia Pond. The TARDIS has had a few hiccups, but don't worry. We're coming back for you as soon as we can. Have some pictures to keep you till we get there."

It wasn't signed, but it didn't need to be. Before looking at the pictures still in the envelope, though, she looked at the other sheet of paper. On it was an even more familiar hand writing, one that made her eyes feel surprisingly wet.

"Dear Amy,

I'm not sure how this works, but the Doctor promised you'd get this letter if I write it, so here goes. It's been a bit of a rough week, with the TARDIS throwing us into the middle of an ice planet. We'd have gone back immediately, but there was some sort of smoke coming out of the console that the Doctor said was toxic, then we got mixed up with these Ice Warrior women. There was a beautiful painting in the inner sanctum that I wish I could show you. The Doctor says we can come back later, once we find you again. I can't even begin to describe it. I just wish you were here to see it with me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that we're going to find you, Amy, I promise. I won't stop looking for you, no matter how long it takes, and the Doctor says he has a pretty good idea of where you got dropped off.

I love you.

Rory Williams

Don't believe anything the Doctor says. He's just exaggerating.

Amy felt the tears prick at her eyes, and she rapidly blinked to keep them at bay. I love you too, so hurry up so I can see your stupid face again, she thought to herself, half smiling at how ridiculously formal the letter was. She'd tease him for that, next time she saw him.

"Amy?" the Doctor asked.

Shaking her head, Amy shifted through the papers left in the envelope to find the pictures. They were upside down, and written on the back was the Doctor's handwriting. "PS. I never exaggerate," she read aloud, flipping the picture over.

This time, she really did start crying.

"Would you care to explain what is so amusing?" the Brigadier asked dryly.

Amy kept laughing, unable to stop as she wiped her eyes and tried to explain. "That ice planet. The Doctor had been there in the future, yeah? With a female companion who got caught? Because no one was allowed in there, but she wasn't executed because she was female?"

"Amy, I'm not sure I should be hearing about-" the Doctor started. She pushed the picture over to him, unable to explain anymore around her laughter. He stared at it for a moment before breaking into a low chuckle. "He does look quite fetching in that frock, doesn't he? High heels as well, I see. Quite fashionable."

The Brigadier took one look at the picture and raised an eyebrow, which only sent Amy into further hysterics. "If we are quite done here, Doctor, I should be getting back to my duties at UNIT," the Brigadier said, electing not to comment on Amy's cross-dressing husband for politeness' sake.

"Amy?" the Doctor asked again. "Are you ready to go?"

Wiping away the fresh tears, Amy smiled. "I'm good," she said, and surprisingly she was. Rory wouldn't ever stop looking for her, and she had her boys here in the meantime to cheer her up. "Let's go home." And this time, she did mean back to UNIT.

"Then let's take off, shall we?" the Doctor said, his hands already flying over the controls.

When a giant shock sent Amy and the Brigadier flying across the console room, Amy figured they'd be taking the long route home. She didn't mind though. Perhaps Rory would be waiting for her when she got back, or maybe she'd have to wait a bit longer for him and this would fill the time. Whatever happened though, Amy was going to make the most of her time now.

And if all else failed, she had some great blackmail material for when she did see Rory again.


Memory:  Well, there's the ending.  I'm currently working on the next Amy-verse, but it'll probably be a while.  It'll also be much darker than the rest of the series.  I didn't intend for that to happen, but it just sort of planned out that way.  I blame the Daleks.  Hopefully it'll still be entertaining though, especially since the Brigadier is still along for the ride.  Yeah, I really just want more Brig traveling with the Doctor.  ^_^;;;

Anyway, the final quote of the chapter is for Ixkyr.

"Honour and shame from no condition rise;
Act well your part, there all the honour lies."
- Alexander Pope, "An Essay on Man"