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He is the closed circle.

And here be the last two episodes of our watchalong.  Because we had to get through War Without End, especially with the recent death of Michael O'Hare, the actor who played Sinclair.  T_T  Yes, I needed lots of chocolate.  That stated, on to Timey-Whimey Funtimes Part 2!  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive

Also, these two episodes are extremely important to the arc.  Therefore, there are many, many spoilers.  Keep that in mind if you haven't seen these two yet.

War Without End Part 1:

"November 30, 1995 - As I write this, I've just started writing "War Without End, Part One," #316, the first part of the two episodes that bring Sinclair to Babylon 5, which we'll shoot sometime after the first of the year. It's been touch and go, but we've finally been able to schedule all of the guest cast members from "Babylon Squared" for this one, which is the flip side of that episode. It's probably going to be the most expensive show we've done yet, due to the hideous production requirements for this one. It's also the one I'm most nervous about writing, even more than "Fall of Night," because an awful lot happens here, and it has to be done just right. It's going to be probably the toughest writing job of the series to date.

I'll be putting Sinclair and Sheridan together a lot, which is shaping up to be an interesting combination. We're also going to see Minbar for the first time."

Fear not, you done awesome.  Seriously, I don't think a second of that script was wasted.  Very tight writing on this one.

"Did you work out the circular sequence of events as you went, or was it all mapped out beforehand?
No, it all has to hang together, or it's kinda useless. It just required working out the details of what was, is, and will be. Then I walked on water...."

Cause let's face it, any time you start messing with the timelines, things get screwy.  Unless you are the Doctor, and then it's just business as usual.  But revisiting an old episode?  Yeah, that's hellish, trying to get all details to work right.  It can go wrong so easily.  Or it can be fantastic.  War and the DS9 tribble episode are the two best examples I can think of.  Actually, you can't top the DS9 tribble episode.  That was sheer cracky brilliance.  But I digress...

"Why didn't Sinclair interact with G'Kar?
The problem is that you've got about 42 minutes to tell your story. You have to get into it, and get into it fast. Unless there's a reason for the scene to be there, if it doesn't move the plot along, it shouldn't be there. You'll note there isn't even a B-story in the two-parter...there wasn't room.

Sure, it would've been nice to have Sinclair meet G'Kar, sit around, talk about how they've changed...have Sinclair and Londo meet, talk about stuff...have him and Ivanova sit around, talk about stuff...but then you've got just a bunch of scenes that are basically, "Well, hello, how've you been?"

The next sounds you would've heard would be the click of remote controls changing channels across the nation.

As it is, in that two-part episode, you've got Delenn, Garibaldi, Sinclair, Sheridan, Marcus, Ivanova, Lennier, Zathras, Major Krantz, Krantz's second...it's our most character-intensive episode in a long time, all of them being present in every other scene, plus the other three characters we see in part two. It was, quite simply, stuffed to the gills, and there wasn't room for a single wasted word.

That's the difference between a novel and a television show; you can stop the action in a book as often as you want to have asides, but you can't do that in TV with as much facility. To do the scenes you describe would've meant turning this into a three-parter, and as it is part one is almost an extended teaser for part two. It would've been moreso with these additional scenes.

If it isn't necessary, it shouldn't be there."

It really was a very tight script.  As someone who occasionally writes unnecessary scenes, I can't give them up entirely, but still.

"It would've been nice to see some of those scenes, it just wasn't practical. And you have to make hard choices. As someone once said of writing, "You have to kill all your darlings," meaning the nifty little things you'd *like* to do, as opposed to the things you *have* to do."


"Well, reactions have been coming in on the two parter, and so far everyone's wog-boggled. Peter Jurasik called to say he didn't know what I'm smoking these days, but to please send ten pounds of it to his house at *once*. Mumy went nuts over it, everyone's very excited...including and especially Michael O'Hare, who got his copy of the script today, read it straight through, and is *extremely* excited by the story, and what happens with his character, and is VERY much looking forward to the shoot."

I'm with Peter Jurasik.  Seriously, him and Clamp.  I want some of what they're on.

"January 22, 1996
Today was a very interesting day; today Michael O'Hare returned to the Babylon 5 stages in preparation for shooting the two-parter, which begins tomorrow. Today he came by for his wardrobe fitting and to get his hair trimmed, say hi to folks, and hang out...lunch was me, John Copeland, Michael and Bruce Boxleitner eating together at one of the tables in the lunch area behind the stage, lots of laughing and kidding, and the two get on great. (Turns out they'd worked on other projects before, including the short-lived A Rumor of War series by Sterling Siliphant.)

Anyway, it's a great atmosphere, and everybody's psyched for the two-parter. It's like he never went away."

Everyone plays nice!  Yay!  And he certainly seemed excited to be back on the show.  <3  He is the closed circle, after all.

"Won't Sheridan and Sinclair both be standing around giving orders?
The similarity is only if you choose to define them by their narrow roles. Their personalities are vastly different. Also, Sinclair's been through a lot in the intervening couple of years, he's grown, he and Marcus would definitely have something of a relationship since he would've been there while Marcus was being trained, and so on. And their roles in the story are very different."

Not everyone has to go through the meet-cute.  Sometimes they can get along like normal people.  It's a concept, I know.

"About Ivanova cracking under pressure
With most of their systems down, everyone around her dead, Sheridan dead, knowing she's about to die and there's nothing she can do about it, and obviously knowing full well who's out there...about to witness the deaths of a quarter million sentients on the station...I felt a bit of an outburst, a final letting go of the emotions, was not inappropriate for her. (Although I do think Claudia may have played it a bit too hysterical at times; separate the lines from the performance and look at it again.)"

Maybe a little, but I totally don't blame her?  I mean, most people would be pretty damn hysterical at that.  So her being a little 'too' hysterical didn't phase me in the slightest.

""You hand this woman a script and say to her, 'Miss C., everyone around you is dead and you are in command.
The station is falling down around you and you're in terrible pain, about to die by decompression or laser burns or crushing--or worse, you could become a Morden and be controlled by the Shadows the rest of your life.
You have no hope of rescue.
You may not know where you are.'
And then you say she was a tiny bit on the hysterical side?"

Hey...from where I sit, that's just another day at the office.

Don't know many producer/writers, do you?"

That amuses me for some reason.  XD

"There probably wasn't a credit there because it was an incidental voice rather than a recurring voice.

The other Vorlon also sounded different because I directed Ardwight in different inflections...literally stood there outside the booth using my hand like a baton to indicate the rising and falling inflections as he spoke, to give it a wave kind of sound."

You are a control freak, you know that?  Yet somehow, this works.

"Sinclair's Minbari words are subtitled "alright," which is a misspelling -- it's really "all right."
Yep, it was misspelled, and it wasn't misspelled in the script. When I saw that on the final tape, it was too late to correct it for this airing. It'll be corrected later. (Somebody wasn't being careful when they did the captioning.)"

Oops.  XD  Grammar Nazis.  Can't avoid 'em.

"How did Sinclair get so cryptic so quickly?
He was kinda Zen when he left, frankly...and two years living among Minbari, learning their language, learning to think the way they do, learning the whole history of the shadow war...that can have a pretty profound effect on you. It obviously wasn't all hanging around the Hyatt Minbar and watching reruns of I Love Lennier for two years...."

ROFL.  I Love Lennier would make an awesome sitcom.  I'd be totally down with hanging around and watching it at the Hyatt Minbar. 

"Will the relationship between Delenn and Sheridan cause problems with Sinclair?
Well, remember that we never defined what those feelings were between Sinclair and Delenn; she had a great deal of respect and admiration for him, yes. And she had a fair measure of faith in him as well. Question is, what's the root of that? We'll learn some of that in the two-parter. As for Sinclair, he was mainly involved with Sakai."

I saw that question and thought "Aw, poor shipper.  Sorry.  Your ship does not exist.  It just really doesn't."  I'm terrible, aren't I? 

"Sakai certainly wouldn't have wanted to get tied down to life on Minbar, and Sinclair knew that his life would be difficult now with the rangers, so they parted ways."

So much for marwige. 

"I like Zathras...he's just nuts."


"B4 survived the prior shadow war, but in very bad shape; didn't last much longer after that."


"Is the war room staffed continuously?
Yes, the war room would have to have support personnel there when the big guys are off having fun or sleeping."

Sorry.  Can't come to the war room right now.  Too busy having funtimes and/or sleeping.  NO.  WE MUST NOT LET SHERIDAN FINISH A SENTENCE.  CALL HIS COM LINK NAO.  *cough* Sorry...

"Sheridan "leapt" into his future self, hence the difference in wardrobe and appearance. Londo wasn't suprised to see him. If you recall the Centauri guard when we first arrive in the Palace, he says, "I think he's awake again, would you like to see?" The implication being that he's been beaten into unconsciousness, hence Londo's line, "Welcome back from the abyss." It was at that moment of unconsciousness that he "slid" into his future self."

And he does look sexy in them.  Poor Sheridan.  So confused.

"The time-flash (which in Sheridan's case is much more pronounced than what we've seen before) slides you forward or backward in time to where you are at that moment. At that moment, 18 years from now (in the story), Sheridan was/will be on Centauri Prime. So when he slid along the time line, that's where he ended up. Just as in Babylon Squared, when Garibaldi had a timeflash back to his time on Mars. It blips your perception to another point in your life, wherever you happen to be."

You know, I almost want to see this concept explored in Who?  Just because it's kind of a cool way of time travel and I could see a TARDIS episode with that happening.  Maybe something in the vortex effecting everyone.  Come on, it would be awesome.

"Has Sheridan slid past his death on Z'ha'dum?
Well, who can say at this point *what* happens on Z'ha'dum...?"

IF YOU GO TO Z'HA'DUM, YOU WILL DIE.  Kosh can, apparently.  XD

"Would the future Sheridan notice being slid into?
The future Sheridan would have a little memory of what happened during that time, but it'd be almost dreamlike, two steps removed."

I remember reading it in the books.  You know, when my heart wasn't breaking for Londo.

"Why don't the Minbari have many records of the last war?
It was also a very devastating war, and one of their mistakes was that there were those who were entrusted to keep the past, sort of a more advanced version of storytellers, who put all their data in one basket, as it were...very possessive and jurisdictional. When they and that center of data were taken out, a lot was lost. One drawback of a very rigid and structued society."

Minbari dark ages.  It happens.  Just take a look back at the Greek dark ages.  The only real record we have of that is Homer, which was an oral tradition.  I, for one, was not surprised at all by that happening right after a major and devastating war.  Also, because the writer says so.  Sometimes, it makes sense and therefore it happens.

There is a long, nitpicky and wrong rant by a viewer that I was tempted to post, but really, they're being so idiotic it's passed amusement value.  So I'll just skip it.

"If Sinclair had stayed with the station, who would have been transported to Centauri Prime?
I appreciate the questions, but there are so many alternate timelines flying around right now...I'm not sure I want to further complicate the issue."

I'm assuming there is more to this question, but now I'm curious about the alt. timelines flying around.  Still, the reason I posted that was because this:

"I could answer this, but if I expand the time paradox loop any further, I would end up not answering it because I'd already answered it, which means it wouldn't get answered, requiring me to answer it now, and pretty soon the universe implodes, and I don't want that on my conscience."

No boom today...  XD

"But Krantz said it was different for everyone.
Hey, who're you gonna believe, Krantz or me?

Besides, it could've been a sequence from the fall of B5, but not that exact MOMENT, so it WOULD be different, so NYAH.

(suddenly I'm five years old)"

That was on what Garibaldi saw vs. what Sinclair saw on B2.  Mostly just posting it for JMS's response, which is hilarious. 

Lots of good moments.  Like this one.  And this one.  This one tooAnd lots of Zathras.

War Without End Part 2:


Well, I *finally* finished writing the two-parter, "War Without End," which is probably the toughest thing I've written for the series to date. Given everything that has to fit in here, and the fact that it's the other half of the B4 storyline (this ain't a spoiler, that'll be common knowledge in ads and the like), it became a pretty difficult job, moreso than when I'd originally thunk it up. It's kinda like cramming 20 pounds of potatoes in a 10 pound bag...but I *think* I got it all in, even though the initial drafts came out at about 7 pages too long. As I commented to one person, "I'm definitely dancing on the edge of my ability here." But I'm pretty sure I pulled it all off...and I think folks are going to be quite pleased.

But *man* that was tough....

Now, having written 16 and 17, only 5 scripts remain to be written for this season. And there's still an awful lot to fit in before the big season ender, which I suspect will raise quite a few eyebrows."

As stated earlier, ya done good.  Definitely worth it.  <3

"In my last general posting to rastb5, I mentioned that from time to time, I'd try to post the occasional "letter to home" just to keep folks up to date on matters Babylonian. Now that I can catch a breather, I figured I'd take this opportunity to do so (though since it's 3:15 a.m., this'll likely be short).

"catching a breather" refers to the script situation. I've just finished writing 316 and 317, the two parter, "War Without End," which was a very difficult task, given the amount of story and logistics that had to be put into it. While writing "Babylon Squared," to which this is the flip-side, I figured, "Oh, sure, yeah, I can get this all in on the other side, no problem," but when it came time to do it, it got awful tight, but finally I fit it *all* in. (Well, all except one teeny, tiny sentence, about where Zathras was first seen, and how, 'cause to do what I'd first had in mind would've taken another 3 pages, and I didn't have that, so that one element I'll have to just deal with later somehow. But that's it.) Hopefully, one need never have seen B2 in order to watch and follow WWE. (Which was one of the hard parts, since B2 may or may not be aired prior to this, all the background information *had* to be in the episodes, so that's a lot of background to include.)

This now leaves 5 episodes to be written for this season. At this point, Lyta should factor strongly in one or two of these, there will be some direct confrontations between our side and the shadows, then a really nasty final episode for year three."

I've always wondered about the whole Zathras thing.  Ah, well.  You can't be perfect all the time.  XD  And it is awfully hard to match things up exactly when you're writing something with two years in between it.  A lot of factors change.

""One would find it hard to believe that episodes like "Severed Dreams", "I&E","A Late Delvery From Avalon" and of course, WWE could be written by the same guy. The pace, dialog, everything are adapted so well for each episode."

Suddenly I'm having an identity crisis....

I like to try different styles for different moods. I also like to vary the tone of the show; one will be more comedic, as with Sic Transit Vir, others much darker, like Ship of Tears. I enjoy trying new things, risking a bit, failing on occasion, but learning in the process."



WHO ARE YOU?  WHAT DO YOU WANT?  *cough*  Sorry.  Had to go there.  XD

"As I wrote the episodes prior to WWE2, I kept leading up to that first kiss, over and over, but deliberately never quite getting there. I knew that when it came time to do it, I wanted to do it in just the way you describe...it would and wouldn't be a first kiss, both at exactly the same time. So there's the moment everyone's been waiting for, but not in quite the way anyone had expected."

And you still haven't given us their technical first kiss, ya bloody bastard.  That said though...  It's never really felt like Delenn and Sheridan's first kiss to me?  I'm not sure if it's just because I watch these two episodes out of order so often or because the other 'first' kiss just kind of knocks this one out of the park, but when I think of their 'first' I think of the one coming up, not this one.

"I knew everyone would be waiting for that first kiss, so I made sure it was different, that it was a first kiss for one of them, but not the other, that it was natural and totally unforced and surprising. So for Sheridan, his first kiss of Delenn was actually his second (by a long ways), and his second, when it comes, will be her first.

Just can't do anything the conventional way on this show...."

That's almost a Whovian conundrum, lol.

"Did you write WWE at the same time as B2?
No, I didn't write them at the same time, but I did a basic outline of what the follow-up (WWE) would be, so it'd all match up when the time came to show that half of the story."

He really couldn't write both at once anyway, if just because of two years of television networking.  An outline can be kept loose in case details are forced to change.

"The curious thing...the interesting thing...is that in just about everything I've ever written, yes, I generally follow where I want to go, end up where I want to end up, but once I get *into* it, once the characters come alive on the page, I inevitably find better ways of doing things, stronger and more muscular paths to the story, more interesting side roads.

Also, this original story was worked out in 1986/87; that's nearly ten years ago. In those ten years, I've become -- or like to think I've become -- a better writer, learned more, written more, picked up some new tools I didn't have then. So you have a situation where the writer in 1996 looks at the writer in 1986 and says, "No, listen...there's a better way. Yes, we'll still get to Disneyland on time, you'll still have plenty of time to ride the haunted mansion...but if we go *this* way, we can stop off and also see Knotts Berry Farm, and the Winchester Mystery Mansion, and maybe even Hearst Castle on the way."

The destination is still the same..but I've found a *lot* more interesting ways of getting there. Which, after all, is what an outline is for: a safe home base that allows you to wander off, knowing that you can always return to it if you get lost."

So you planned on making us cry every time we watched the ending 15 years a head of it's airing?  Bastard.  And I mean that affectionately.

"It was a good sendoff. (At one point, Bruce said to me over lunch, with Michael sitting with us, "Hey, so how come HE gets to go off and become the next best thing to God and I get the crap kicked out of me?" I shrugged. "Seniority.")"

rofl.  Don't worry.  Sleeping in Light was worth it.

"About the "Babylon Squared" inconsistencies
Yes, the conference room thing is a glitch, in that I had the way to do it, but it would've meant adding about 3 minutes to the episode, and I just couldn't fit it in.

(It basically would've involved him being hidden in the room when there's a timeflash.)

Ivanova et al *were* working actively to get the crew to evacuate, using the fake reactor reading. If they hadn't really cared about it, they would've let the station continue running through time to its destination, or the present; they fought to stop it so they could let the crew get off.

No, Delenn hadn't been appearing/disappearing before this, but Sheridan *had*, so it's reasonable to assume he was seen. Also, we don't know how much time passed between the sighting we notice, and the alert to Krantz.

We couldn't match the clothing properly, so we dispensed with it.

Again, all things that can't be helped when you're filming (and writing) things with a few years between.  Give the guy a break.  Is this what we are complaining about?  There are so many ways this could have gone wrong, so give him some credit for being awesome.

"I know about the sleeve...and actually she didn't touch him in WWE2. It was one of those days when it was a hideous production schedule, and I wasn't on set, and it slipped by everybody else."

Oops.  ^^;;;

"The element I couldn't quite fit into War....

In B2, Krantz says they found Zathras when there was a flash, and he appeared in a conference room.

Now, I sketched out that scene when it came time to actually write the whole WWE two-parter. What happened, basically, was that Zathras was passing by a room where he saw the one piece he still needed to finish his repairs on the time stabalizer. He slips in, as best he can, unnoticed...the meeting goes on as he goes under a table to get the piece of equipment...he finishes just as there's another time-flash...as it ends, momentarily disoriented, he's discovered, and captured.

This would've matched what was in B2, as I'd intended. Unfortunately, it added several minutes of screen time that I couldn't afford. I would've had to cut something somewhere else, and that script was so tight it screamed as it was. So I had to fudge how I did that and let the small inconsistency go. The only other thing I could've cut, the one moveable piece, was Sinclair trying to radio Garibaldi at the end...and I didn't want to lose that."

I'd much rather have Sinclair and that moment than a one line consistency issue with Zathras.  But that's just me.

"Does this blow the mystery of whether Sheridan goes to Z'ha'dum?
Who said there was a mystery about Sheridan going to Z'ha'dum? Kosh seems to treat it as a fait accompli; so does Sheridan. It seems fated that he will go...the question is when, why, and under what circumstances, with what results?

See, sometimes the story works in the shadows (so to speak)...and other times we're right out in the open, we hand you the playbook and tell you we're coming right up the middle. And *that's* when you've got to really worry."

So there were a lot of "Doesn't this make everything anti-climate and spoil everything?" comments.  Which seem awfully silly to me, since hey, he's obviously working it.  Context.  It's everything.  Plus, we've already been told what will happen if Sheridan goes to Z'ha'dum several times anyway.  WHY COMPLAIN NOW?

"Re: the Chrysalis device...it came from Epsilon 3. There was one shot that should've been made more of, where we see a long box with a silver triangle on one side being set up, and left. Unfortunately, the shot didn't make much of it (you can see Zathras putting it out there), and a later shot we dropped showing it again because it wasn't properly featured and you couldn't really tell what it was. There was so much in this episode that had to be pulled off, in a short amount of time, that sometimes things in the background don't get framed as they might be. But that's where it came from: from Epsilon 3 to Sinclair to Delenn, who still has it."

Oh, look.  No paradox.  XD  The Doctor would be proud.

"Vir doesn't have a keeper. They would, of course, try to take care of that detail afterward."

And they do it with a pun that makes me want to both weep for humanity and weep for joy.  God, it was terrible.  Very, very terrible.  And so perfectly Garibaldi that it was ridiculous.  God, I really need to read those books again.

"I'd love to someday tell the story of Valen and Zathras in the most recent shadow war. It's quite a tale, actually...."


"I'm often tempted to create Zathras' brother, Mathras, or somesuch, if only for the look of terror in their eyes when he says, of Zathras, "Ah, yes...Zathras...was the quiet one in the family...."

Who knows, it might be something I might do someday...."

I really do love you, JMS.  XD

"Sinclair went back because he would always go back and always went back; the "alternate" timeline phrase isn't quite correct... t's more like the moment when the two possible wave forms of *possibilities* must collapse into one probability or certainty, both tugging at the same time. For instance, you've got Shroedinger's cat, put into a box, with a 50/50 chance of a poison gas capsule opening and killing the cat. At the instant before you open the box, Shroedinger said, the cat is neither dead nor alive, but *both*, until you open the box and the two possibilities collapse into one. It isn't that the cat had two alternate timelines, only that there were two possibilities fighting it out to become the real one.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

You just explained the alternate future with Shroedinger's cat.  I think I might just swoon again.

More Zathras.  Just because.  I do love these episodes quite a lot.  They're on my rainy day list.  Mostly because we also tend to watch Babylon Squared a lot, and when you watch B2 it makes sense to continue on with War.  It is logical.  Plus, so many good moments.  A lot of them heart-breaking.  Though I have left out some comments here for spoiler reasons... 

In a way, I'm glad I'm a mediocre writer for a small portion of fandom.  Good writers apparently get nitpicked the hell out of every little thing they do.  Me, most people are so desperate for fic that they'll just accept anything that comes along, flaws and all.  And telling people in these small sections that they suck generally means less fic to be had.  An unexpected perk, I suppose.  XD 

Anyway, Z MINUS 4 EPISODES.  It is coming.  And we all know what will happen when it does.  <3


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Oct. 14th, 2012 06:53 am (UTC)
apparently couldn't sleep
About Ivanova cracking under pressure

I thought she delivered that scene pretty realistically, really.

"Sinclair's Minbari words are subtitled "alright," which is a misspelling -- it's really "all right."
Yep, it was misspelled, and it wasn't misspelled in the script. When I saw that on the final tape, it was too late to correct it for this airing. It'll be corrected later.


I Love Lennier would make an awesome sitcom. I'd be totally down with hanging around and watching it at the Hyatt Minbar.

omg I would totally watch it because I already love Lennier.

I saw that question and thought "Aw, poor shipper. Sorry. Your ship does not exist. It just really doesn't." I'm terrible, aren't I?

Now, Mem, be nice to the shipper. I'll admit when I was watching Season 1 I was like "what's up with those two?" It was ambiguous and hard to tell, exactly, what sort of relationship Sinclair and Delenn were shaping out to have.

I almost want to see this concept explored in Who?

That would be a pretty interesting concept--sliding into future and past selves, rather than just "meeting" them.

sort of a more advanced version of storytellers, who put all their data in one basket, as it were...When that center of data were taken out, a lot was lost.

And then one day.........it will happen to the Internet. DARK AGES, PART IV

Lyta should factor strongly in one or two of these

She will become Kosh's avatar or something, won't she? HE STORED HIS SOUL INSIDE HER MIND.

I like to try different styles for different moods. I also like to vary the tone of the show; one will be more comedic, as with Sic Transit Vir, others much darker, like Ship of Tears

It's when he says things like this that make me feel like a vastly inferior writer.

I wanted to do it in just the way you describe...it would and wouldn't be a first kiss, both at exactly the same time. So there's the moment everyone's been waiting for, but not in quite the way anyone had expected.

You bloody brilliant bastard. It really was a nice twist.

And we all know what will happen when it does

Oct. 14th, 2012 02:45 pm (UTC)
Re: apparently couldn't sleep
I thought she was too. I mean, eminent death will do that to anyone, but hey.

But I don't want to be nice to the shipper... *pouts*

As to Lyta, no. She hasn't. You'll see. XD

Aw, don't feel like an inferior writer. It's just branching out and writing different things. I mean, there's a reason I don't write all epic crack like you seem to think I should. It gets dull after a while. Sometimes you just gotta try something new.


*raises eyebrow* You really haven't been paying attention, have you? Kosh has said it several times, and I know Cy and I have repeated it more. XD Actually, I've repeated it in this entry. <3
Oct. 14th, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
Re: apparently couldn't sleep
So people go to Z'Ha'Dum (or however you spell it), I take it?
Oct. 14th, 2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
Re: apparently couldn't sleep
Did you ever doubt? XD
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