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I write too much

No, really.  I do.  AO3 tells me this.

So for those of you who didn't know, I've gotten an AO3 account.  Yup.  I finally just decided to go with it and make an effort to post everything.  Like... months ago.  -_-;;;  Still, every thing is finally posted.  It only took me forever and a day to get it up there, but hey.  Admittedly, I've also been hiding most of the fics by burying them with originally posted dates, but that's beside the point.  I don't want people finding my old anime fics.

So, according to all the stats, I've got 76 fics.  That's a lot.  Especially since it's still not technically all I've written, what with the ridiculous amount I've written for various rp's over the years.  Seriously, according to the stats on AO3, I wrote 235,755 words last year alone.  Except last year I was still going strong with the Torchwood rp, and I wrote lots for that.  I mean lots.  So that count on AO3?  Probably makes up for little over half of what I actually wrote that year.  I WRITE TOO MUCH.  Thankfully, all the other years I have aren't nearly as much.  2003, which was my first year for posting (well... technically not really, but there's no way in hell anyone is connecting those fics to me, so yes, technically, really) only had 36,424 words.  2004 had about the same with 33,225.  Though, I was also writing some original works at the time.  2005, I only actually had one fic totaling at 11,174 words.  I skipped 2006 all together (I think I remember lots of rp's and a few original works, plus it was bottoming out on manic depressive tendencies that I'd started towards the end of high school), and 2007 only had 7,046.  Which makes a bit of sense, since I spent the second half of that year posting to this blog.  I was, understandably, just a little busy.  I also was in the middle of writing long fic.  Plus, that was the year I wrote the inspiration for this drabble.  I am totally willing to reuse stuff, lol.  2008, I had 46,429 words, which was when I posted that long fic.  2009 is technically devoid of fic... but that's also when the Torchwood rp started.  And what I posted in 2011?  Yeah, it's probably equal to or lesser than what I wrote for the Torchwood rp.  Not only is that sucker long, but I wrote tons of little short stories for it too.  2010 had 17,898 words, which also included lots of Torchwood rp and the start of my Whovian career.  That's where my 65k B5 crossover came in too, which only five people ever read.  So yeah, I wrote tons that year too. 

2012 hasn't seen nearly as much written.  To be fair, I started out the year fairly burned out after the ridiculous amount I wrote last year.  Also, I had a lot less time to write, considering my job shifted around my responsibilities at right around that time, and instead of having a decent amount of free time while doing other things to write, I was suddenly grading constantly.  So I basically took a break and rp'ed.  Cause really, I've never quite stopped roleplaying since I started back in high school with the Weiß rp.  I've got 51,803 words so far.  However, that's slightly off, since A) I haven't typed up the next Amy-verse yet and that's over 40 pages in my notebook and B) Long fic I'm currently working on just surpassed Amy-verse fic in length. 

Basically, I have a lot of people ask me why I don't ever even try NaNo.  I just really don't need to, to be honest.  I write enough without NaNo that anything more would just be ridiculous.  Plus, why have the stress for that when I can just do a writing frenzy? 

Other interesting stats... Apparently, my longest fic is technically Mouse Trap.  Which surprised me a little, cause Mouse Trap didn't feel like the longest thing I've ever written.  It clocks out at 39,009 words.  I say technically longest, because if you combine the In Any Other World fics, that puts me at 42,202 words as my longest.  Considering I actually wrote those two as one giant fic, alternating chapters so that I knew when I'd need to cross them over, it's longer than the Torchwood fic. 

Letters of the alphabet I'm missing titles for?  E, J, K, Q, V, X, and Y.  Seven letters out of twenty-six ain't bad, I suppose.  I have too many F's.  -_-;;;  I also have like, eighteen fandoms I've posted in.  So I am apparently many and varied in most things.  I guess that's good at least.  Also, as far as ratings go, I've got 41 gen, 26 teen and up, 7 that are mature, and 2 explicit.  I'm surprisingly family friendly, considering how much I've written for kink memes.  I feel like I should also mention that these are also only the things that I've posted.  I've got lots of half-finished or abandoned fics in lots of different fandoms over the years that I just sort of lost interest in.  I've even had a few this year that just didn't work out.  I was the most bummed out by the DW and Crusade crossover with the Doctor meeting Dureena.  Sadly, that one just wasn't taking off.  I still think they need to meet and be the last of their kinds together.  As for kinds of relationships, I've got 42 gen fics.  I like that number.  <3

Now that I've finished uploading on AO3, I no longer have a reason to put off typing Amy-verse.  -_-;;;  Yes, I've been doing that a lot... Still, hopefully I'll get it done soon, because I should really start typing up long fic if just so I'm not overwhelmed while having to type that one up.  Seriously, I've typed 65k in ten days before.  It sucked and my back ached for days.  I honestly still don't know what I'm going to do with long fic.  Part of me just wants to sit on it until a Big Bang just because, but then I wouldn't get to post it in chapters.  I enjoy my cliff-hangers, damn it.  I especially enjoy making people wait for them.  I'm sadistic, what can I say?

I think I've figured out why I'm so insistent on having so many readers on this one though.  I've got one seriously long original work, which took me three years of off and on depression to write and only like, two people have ever read it though all the way.  Then there's the 65k B5 fic, which only five people have ever read and are likely to read it, since it's tied so closely to the rp that no one else would get it.  If I'm putting that much effort into writing that much again?  People better read this one, damn it.  >.>  I'm just sort of tired of writing long things that no one is actually going to read.  Don't get me wrong, I loved writing B5 fic, but I want more fruits for the labor I'm putting into it this time. 

Other things that surprised me:  I knew I'd written more Classic Who fics than New Who, but it's still a little surprising to realize that the ratio is almost 2:1.  I hadn't realized I'd written that many more Classic Who fics.  Also, "The Master (Delgado)" is my most used character tag.  That actually doesn't surprise me.  Well, slightly, since I'd expected Three to have a bit more, but still.  I also used the tag "The Master has issues" far more than I probably should have...  It was generally followed by "The Doctor fixes them/makes them worse/not helping/takes advantage of them."  It makes me feel somewhat predicable. 

On the topics of tags, they amuse me on AO3.  I'll admit, I've got a bit tag-happy.  My favorite one I've discovered so far is "Temporary Character Death - Jack Harkness."  He gets his own tag that's apparently popular enough to come up on a search.  This amused me greatly.  I was extremely disappoint though on the fact I had to make a Third Doctor & Brigadier tag.  Seriously, are their no other fics on AO3 with the two of them in a non-romantic relationship?  That's just sad, people.  I was rather amused to see my own Brigadier & Master (Simm) come up in tagging a latter fic, which I know I made since I'd had to type it all out before.  Really, people, why not just call the Brigadier, the Brigadier?  It would make my life easier.  But no, for some reason they all go with his looooooooooooooong name.  It also slightly bothers me that no one ever uses titles in the tags.  Maybe that's just a side effect of being in a military family though. 

Speaking of titles, that seems to be my number one pet peeve in fic right now.  Cap is not Mr. Rogers.  Bruce is not Mr. Banner.  Please to remember titles.  It's really not that hard to remember Captain and Dr., is it?  I don't know why, but I just cringe whenever I see that happen in fic.  Actually, I take that back.  It's not my number one pet peeve in fic right now. That would go to Diva behavior.  If I see one more fic where someone runs out of the room crying this week, I will scream.  It can be done with proper build up, but within the first or second chapter?  No.  Just no.  Go back and re-write it.  I've stopped reading like, five fics this past week because of that.  

In other news... I signed up for the Cap/Ironman gift exchange.  Yes, I'm still fretting about it.  Just ask Cy, she had to listen to me whine about it all day yesterday while I deliberated.  I'm still a little freaked out about the potential prompts being un-writable for me (Not insinuating that the potential prompter is bad at writing prompts... but just that they won't click with me and/or be too slashy for me) and deadlines being... well, deadlines.  T_T  Why did I sign up for this again?  Sigh.  Still, if all goes well, it'll be nice to receive fic for once?  Cause let's face it... I write lots of fic for other people.  I've written 65k worth of words for specific other people, cause if I'd been writing that for myself, it wouldn't have been something only five people would read.  I've done many anon responses, and still more fic that people ask me to write.  And while I've gotten a few prompt fills on various anon memes, it's quite another thing all together to get something written specifically for you.  So that will be nice, even if I'm still freaking out over prompts and/or deadlines. 

I dunno.  I think I'm freaking out more because I'm in the middle of long fic, which will mean that will have to be put on hold while I write for the gift exchange.  Which can sometimes be a good thing, but at the same time I'm sort of hesitant to leave it.  Sigh.  Why do I have all this anxiety for fic?  T_T  Hopefully, I'll be able to write around 5k-10k for the exchange and dive back into it.  At least, I'm hoping the exchange will stay in that range.  I'm not sure what I'll do if it spirals out of control.  One more thing I'm fretting over.  >.>

I'm just going to go fret by myself now...


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Nov. 11th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
You do write a lot. You actually have the opposite problem of me--I need to write more. But school--! :P

Although when I was younger, I used to write pretty much every single day. I was a prolific youngster. Then I was in a car wreck and busted up my arms real bad, so...physically writing became more difficult after that. On top of that were the two years following the wreck where I was battling the anti-self-esteem and anti-self-worth demons...and then of course college. I still have the writing knack when I know I have the time for it--like, remember my Fic That Shall Not Be Named? I wrote about 3/4ths of that in a week. During summer. The other one I'm working on at the moment...most of that was written over two weeks...in the summer. Once school hits, everything has to slow down, alas. :(

NaNo...I really wish it wasn't in November. November is a TERRIBLE time to try and write a novel. Why not pick a month where nothing's happening? Like June?

You are the Queen of Gen Fic, Mem. The Queen. You shall be on the stamps and coins.

I am disappoint that there are not more Brig fics in general on AO3. There ought to be. Because Brig is awesome.

I am absolutely not surprised that Delgado Master is your most used tag. Not. Surprised. At. All.

it'll be nice to receive fic for once?

I wrote you Who/Martians that one time. <3

I'm sure all your exchange fretting will ultimately be not as bad as you think. Even if you get a difficult prompt, I'm sure you'd find a way to subvert it into awesomeness.
Nov. 11th, 2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
Actually, I've also forgotten to mention how much I used to blog. So yeah, there was a lot of writing going on. >.< I don't know if I'm going to return to blogging when I go to China. I gave it up because I was writing too much other things, so we'll have to see.

Hm, yes. That would make writing rather difficult. I get in... moods, I suppose is the best way to describe it, sometimes. Where I just need to be writing and it's a bad idea to try and shake me from it. Only one of my friends as actually learned to ask if I'm writing when I start getting moody and don't want to go anywhere. I also tend to need time to decompress after some scenes, leading to more aimless writing rather than continuing on. I dunno. I'm never that well defined.

November really is an awful month for that sort of thing. I've never understood it myself. Then again, like I said... I've never felt the need to push a certain word count on myself with a deadline. I can push myself through to finishing something like Ice Warriors without needing a noose over my head to do it.

I would rock the stamps and coins.

This is trufax. AO3, get your act together and post more Brig fics.

Well, you lot do tell me I have a rather nice Delgado Master voice. That does help with me wanting to write more of him.

Well, yes. I'm not saying I've never received fic. I have gotten a few responses for prompts, and you, _rubber_chicken, and Cy have all written me fic at one point or another. But I've written waaaaaaaaaaaay more fics for other people than I've had written for me by a long shot. It's just not something that happens with near the same frequency that I give fic to other people. Even Amy-verse is more for you an Cy than anything, what with Cy constantly pestering me to write the first part and the purple people eater in the second. The gift exchange just equals out the balance, where I'm giving fic but also receiving something for it.

>.< But it's still too long of time for me to sit here and fret.
Nov. 11th, 2012 10:40 pm (UTC)
I think it'd be interesting if you did China-blogging! I'd totally read it; I'm generally curious about life in Asia in general, and reading about it from a teacher's perspective would be interesting. I know I always keep a travel diary of sorts--whenever I go to some new place, I always keep records of everything. Just saying, it'd be interesting.

I get in... moods, I suppose is the best way to describe it, sometimes. Where I just need to be writing and it's a bad idea to try and shake me from it.

I get in those moods, too. I get especially snippy if someone (usually my mother, bless her) says I should "take a break" in order to do something else. NO. THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS.

On one side of the coin can be your face, and then on the other side it would be a dragon. It'd be awesome. We should work on getting you your own island to govern over.

True, you are quite more the giver than the getter. You are like Fic Santa.
Nov. 11th, 2012 10:56 pm (UTC)
It largely depends on how much other writing I do. Like I said, I gave up blogging when I was writing more than I could physically keep up with for the rp. I have tended to use journals when I'm overseas though.

*raises eyebrow* I do not think I'd enjoy governing an island...
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
I do not think I'd enjoy governing an island

Aw, why not? It'd be more coconuts for you!
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
I do like coconuts. I don't think the climate would agree with me though.
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:57 pm (UTC)
I don't think the climate would agree with me though.

Ah, that's what you meant. What if we found a temperate island, though?
Nov. 12th, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
It's possible. I'm not sure I'd want to be in charge of people like that though.
Nov. 12th, 2012 02:08 am (UTC)
What if you were just a figurehead and let everyone else do all the work?
Nov. 12th, 2012 02:33 am (UTC)
That could totally work.
Nov. 12th, 2012 02:38 am (UTC)
:D :D :D
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