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I'm never actually sure if anyone other than narwhale_callin even reads this journal.  Considering she already knows this information, it will be completely redundant if that is the case.  However, if there is anyone out there who still reads and/or cares, a brief update:

Yes, I am still writing fanfiction.  Good Lord, please let me stop writing sometime, because I'm starting to need a break.  So why hasn't anyone seen these fanfics, you ask?

I could tell you I've been writing long fic.  Which is true.  On three accounts.  Yes, you read that right, three.  Next, you're going to be asking why no one has seen these fics.  -_-;;;

Basically... I hate typing.  I hate typing a lot.  And you know what I hate typing the most?  Long fic. Yeaaaaaaaah.  I promise you guys will get the next Amy-verse someday.  You really will.  And maybe the one after that, which is going to be awesome according to my plotting, and it may involve some Simm Master as some people have repeatedly asked for.  Let it not be said I don't give people what they want.  I just have to finish typing the other one first. 

Other long fic is still not finished yet.  It's looking to be longer than Mouse Trap though, so who knows when you'll ever get that one.

The good news is that some time after the 29th of December, you'll be able to find my gift exchange fic that I really can't say much about.  Trust me, you guys are better off for the mandatory anonymity.  You would have gotten so much whining/fretting had I not been forced to keep mum about it.  And yes, I'm still fretting, despite it being a done deal for me.  T_T

I am definitely writing short fic after long fics are done though.  I am done with long fic for a while.  >.<  I refuse.  DO NOT MAKE ME, MIND.  >.>

I will get back to you on whether yelling at my subconscious worked.  Currently, the plan is to take another shot at one of the random generator pairings I had a while back, plus an Avenger fic about Steve and radios.  So long as they don't turn evil on me, they should be short.  But first I have to finish long fics.  And type long fics.  Dang it, why couldn't the world have ended today so I don't have to?  Sigh. 

I leave you with this warning:  No boom today, boom tomorrow.  There's always a boom tomorrow.


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Dec. 25th, 2012 03:46 am (UTC)
I still care.

I could tell you I've been writing long fic. Which is true. On three accounts. Yes, you read that right, three.

What a coincidence! I am too. Three.

I like your current music! Tis one of my favs.
Dec. 25th, 2012 04:21 pm (UTC)
You're the only one, lol.

Yes, but I actually make progress on my long fics. XD

Have this one too, since we survived. http://youtu.be/RthZgszykLs

Merry Christmas!
Dec. 26th, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)

I do actually make progress on mine; it's just slow progress, thank you. And I at least have a good reason for not making fast progress on them.

Merry Christmas to you too! <3
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