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Procrastination: First lines

Okay, since this week sucked and is still sucking, I've decided to hell with responsibilities today.  Procrastination is the way to go.  Mostly because I've given up caring for the day. 

That said, I've posted at least twenty more fics since the last time I did this meme, have twenty more first lines from my fics.  I dread to think what they say about me. Extras added for drabbles.

1. The Master sipped his brandy, watching the Doctor dance.

2. "You can't keep me locked up down here!" Amy yelled.

3. The Doctor stared at the gleaming white console, lost in thought.

4. The Master was desperately trying to avoid the natives as he slunk through the gardens of Pira.

5. Running never ceased to be the one constant in the Doctor's life.

6. Bessie was a car with character.

7. The Master's TARDIS veered off course.

8. The Master paced impatiently as the Doctor huddled over some bat-shaped object.

9. Here they were, in the middle of the Sui dynasty with all the brilliant sights to see, and the Master was studying.

10. "You know he means well," Jo scolded him.

11. "Let me out of here!" Amy yelled as she pounded on the door.

12. Humans were among the strangest creatures that the Doctor had ever met.

13. After the Kirestra V Universal Swing Fest, the Master was not overly impressed with this "Swing Diego" that Lizzie kept going on about.

14. It was a cold day, the kind that crept through UNIT HQ no matter how many heaters Jo set up around the labs to keep warm.

15. There was a small scratching at the door.

16. It was the soft breeze that woke Flynn up.

17. Amy lay with her back on the floor, her feet up in the air as she stared at the bright red platform boots.

18. The dragon would not leave Captain America alone.

19. Steve Rogers stared down at his broken tablet, wishing it would turn on again if he just stared at it long enough.

20. The Mars Company hadn't been the Doctor's first choice for visiting a chocolate factory.

21. The Master stared down at the stream, watching the water dance across the rocks in little waves.

22. "It'll wear off," the Doctor said for the umpteenth time.

23. The Master quite liked the Doctor's smoking jackets.

24. The Master laid back on the Doctor's coat, looking up at the trees above him.

25. "Doctor, it's pouring out there!" Peri said, catching hold of his beige sleeve before he could walk out of the TARDIS.

26. The Doctor almost couldn't remember a time when the Master wasn't afraid of death.

27. "Are you sure that thing is working, Doctor?" the Brigadier asked, leaning over to get a better look at the device in front of the Doctor.

28. The Doctor had better things to be doing with his evening than sitting at a gay bar.

And as a teaser, two first lines of fics yet unposted because of typing procrastination:

1. Amy Williams lay on her back, looking up at the high ceiling and counting the wall tiles.

2. He woke up with a start to find he was in complete darkness.

Conclusions:  Well, not much has changed since my last twenty.  Though there might be a bit more variety?  I dunno.  Also, I apparently have a kink for Amy being held captive.  But then, considering I've been using that as a running gag in Amy-verse, this should surprise no one.  The pay off for it is actually in the next one, but this one plays with it too. 

Also, I like naming people in the first line.  I mention this, because it should be rather telling then when I don't name a character in the first line that I'm up to something.  And I am.  But considering the issues I'm having typing Amy-verse, let's face it... that fic is a long way off.  Amy-verse is only forty pages.  Avengers long fic is currently... seventy-two pages, apparently.  And still going.  At this rate, I'm going to just start writing short fic that I can have some instant gratification for a change, because this is getting ridiculous...

In other news, Happy Winter-een-mas to those that celebrate.  Sadly, I have not had the time to play much recently due to all the crap that's been going on, but I did beat Flynn up a few times today.  Because let's face it, as much as I adore Flynn, the only thing that's better than beating his knightly ass to a pulp is spamming Tidal Wave with Rita and taking out thirty monsters in a matter of seconds.  I did that a few times too.  Just because. 

And finally, in case you were wondering why I'm in such a foul mood, Londo pretty much sums it up. 

"The Universe hates me, you know. I don't know why. I have never done anything to the Universe to uh ... Well, all right.  A few things, but after a while, you would think it would be enough. Yes, we have had our little fun with Londo Mollari for now. Perhaps it is time to move on and find someone else to play with."


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Jan. 31st, 2013 03:08 am (UTC)
#7 and #27 are the same line.

Hahaha, my favorites, just by looking at them are: 4, 6 (mais oui), 10, 18, 22, and 29. XD

#2 of the unposted one sounds like an actual writing prompt.

Also, I'm sorry to hear your week has been going poorly. :( But I'm all supportive of procrastinating. Procrastinating's the best.

Hm, I always like making first lines. I've had a few good ones over the years, a few favorites of my own being:

It was a well-known fact in Shepardton that Maureen Richards kept a torture device in her backyard.

Emmanuel Higgins could not be trusted with a razor.

"You and I are the main characters, correct?"

On All Souls’ Day, Tyler’s aunt Chrysanthemum announced on her website Psychic Sidekick that she had had a vision of her imminent death

All of us at the Canadian Women's Club of Atlanta hated Denise.

lol, apparently my favorite lines are all the morbid ones.
Jan. 31st, 2013 03:24 am (UTC)
#7 and #27 are the same line.



You lie. They are different. now.

Six does not surprise me. At all. And I nearly took off 28 just because I don't like that fic at all... >.<

Unposted prompt just starts that way because of plot things. Very important plot things, which I should not discuss in an open journal, since not everyone has a memory like Cy's.

First lines are... a starting point. Sometimes I just throw them out there to get done with it and move on. Sometimes I come up with good ones though.

You do have morbid ones, but I like them. XD
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