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Plot bunnies of a DC sort

So since I can't find my pictures of the Chinese wedding I went to this weekend, I figured I'd do a post about Batman instead.  Because why not?  Now with edit.

Basically, I recently watched Young Justice, and was mostly disappointed.  It got better in the second season, but that did not make up near enough for the first season being pretty terrible.  Considering everyone said I would love it and that it was amazing, I was not very 'whelmed'.  Which is another thing.  Every time Robin said that, I kept thinking of 10 Things I Hate About You.  -_-;;;

Young Justice and it's disappointment aside, I decided I needed good Batman cartoons.  And it did remind me how fond I was of the Tim Drake Robin.  So I downloaded the old 90's cartoon and have been re-watching it again, because the old 90's cartoon is still the best Batman ever.  Seriously, for a show where no one ever died, they managed to make the Joker pretty seriously creepy.  And the plots and animation were simply stunning.  It did give me some plot bunnies I don't want to write but want to read though.

One of my biggest issues with Young Justice was that I didn't care about any of the relationships.  The only one I cared about was when Bruce took Dick out to play basketball after Dick thought Bruce was ignoring him, which I immediately melted into a puddle of goo and wanted more.  So while I steadfastly avoid the tag 'superfamily' on AO3, 'bat family' is apparently a completely different story.

I've decided that I also want fic of Gordon and Batman.  Not shipping them, because no.  But Gordon is a bit like Batman's Brigadier.  He always believes in Batman (and don't tell me that faith's been completely shattered in the comics because I don't want to know), and he's always helping.  Maybe with less animosity than the Doctor and the Brig had, but still, it's a fun relationship.  Also, I want fic of Bruce and Alfred, especially sick fic where one is sick and the other has to take care of them.  Because cartoon Alfred is a precious, precious thing and I just want to snuggle both of them.

Other things I've really wanted in fic:  For some reason, when Batman came up against a deadbolt and just melted through it, I wanted the Doctor there.  He'd try the sonic screwdriver, mumble about how it doesn't work on wood and deadbolts, and Batman just being unimpressed by this crazy alien and getting in while the Doctor's still complaining.  Even Robin has one.  I just want the Doctor's reaction to this.

Also, why haven't more people crossed over villains?  Seriously, I think all the Avengers need to be dosed with Scarecrow's fear toxin.  Scarecrow was always my favorite villain, which probably says something about my sadism towards characters...  Mad Hatter is another one I could see crossing over.  I almost want to make Steve fall under that perfect dream world that he put Batman in because I'm sadistic like that.  Also, I love what that says about the villain too.  I know it was probably because it was the cartoon and therefore omg, no one can die or else we'll scar the childrens!  But the fact that the Mad Hatter chose to put Batman in a perfect dream world rather than trying to kill him for ruining his life?  It makes an interesting choice for a villain to take.  Make your enemies' life so perfect that they won't bother you any more.

Really, the villains of Batman just need more love in general.  Part of the reason Batman is so awesome is that his villains were pretty spectacular.  Therefore, I think there should be more bleeding over of DC villains into other verses.  Just because.

Edit: Also, I feel I should mention I want all the Batman and Robin(s) fic of them being a big bat family.  I can't, however, ship any of the Robins together or with Bruce.  That just feels wrong.  I do ship Catwoman with Bruce in the cartoon though.  Not in Nolan verse, because bleh, but the cartoon is awesome.  I love those two.  And I love when Batman opens the door by cutting the glass when picking the lock would have been so much easier. It's all like, trying to impress someone there, Bruce?


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May. 13th, 2013 02:59 am (UTC)
Sorry Young Justice was still vastly disappointing. I haven't seen any of it myself so I can't say much for it. ^^;;


Seriously, for a show where no one ever died...

...Really? I thought there was at least one character that died...one of the Robins I thought...

What about Bruce's parents though?

I always want more Alfred. All the time. More Alfred all the time. Alfred is my favorite. 0_0 Alfreeeeeeeed. And yes sickfic do want.

I think what makes the Batman villains so effective is that they actually act as "shadows" of sorts to the hero--that is, each one of them explores a dark facet of Batman's psyche (or is a representation of something that he could have potentially become himself, like alternate possibilities) that he must fight against. It's a lot different from the boring way of doing villains, which is essentially going "ah well, do they want to rule the world/have money or do they want revenge?" Granted, some of the Batman villains do a bit of that, but they do more than that too, with the whole psyche thing.

May. 13th, 2013 03:14 am (UTC)
The animated series must always be praised. Joker was probably the one thing Nolan verse did right, but as good as that Joker was, Mark Hamill is still the best at the part.

Bruce's parents died off screen. Dick's parents died off screen too, showing only Dick's face and the broken rope. Other than that, everyone lives. They always show the person in danger surviving. And the Jason Todd Robin died in the comics, but the cartoon had a Tim Drake/Jason Todd fusion for a Robin. So back story characters died, but everyone else survived. They always make sure to say that there were only minor injuries after booms and what not too.

All the Alfred in fic. All of it.

Actually, I think what makes them so awesome is that they are legit crazy bastards. I'm talking flat out psychotic. You're also made to feel quite a bit of sympathy for them, because with ones like Two Face or Mr. Freeze, they were forced into this life, when they could have been perfectly normal people otherwise. But in the cartoon, even Poison Ivy does a bit of rocking back and forth in the padded cell. You get the feeling the insanity plea is actually worth using.

Also, I forgot to mention, but I totally ship Batman and Catwoman. I couldn't in Nolan verse, so the Nolan verse fic with Batman and Catwoman always turns to cartoon verse in my head with their voices instead. Because they've got a lot more chemistry in the cartoon.
Mar. 19th, 2016 03:27 am (UTC)
I remember the old 90s cartoon! What I liked about it was the animation itself. Everyone was sort of flat, and slightly stylized. It was as if someone took the old 60s style of comic, and updated it a bit for the 90s. I really didn't care much for the storylines, I kept thinking they could be a bit stronger.

Maybe I need to go watch it again.

I've been thinking about watching Young Justice because I've seen a few comments about how Superman is a horrible 'dad' to Kon-el, and that Lex would be a better father. (and there is some fic to that effect.)

I guess I should skim it to see the relevant bits, then....

I'll admit that I came across your blog because I was wondering if there was a DC plot bunny drop off.

I'll agree with your idea of Gordon being the Brig to Batman (Doctor). Gordon puts a lot of trust into someone he really doesn't know. The Brig and the Doctor may have had their arguments, but Lethbridge always trusted that if the Doctor said, "Run" then running was best.

Tim has his own sonic screwdriver like thing? OMFSM, I could just see Tim and the Doctor getting along. Tim would actually understand about half of what the Doctor says, and wouldn't get that "look as if you've dribbled on your shirt."

I need to go see if there's any "Bruce or Tim or Dick Traveling with the Doctor fic". Though I think Bruce and the Doctor would be at each other's throats too much. And Bruce would attempt to take notes on tech he saw, and the Doctor would take the notebook from him, and they'd have another fight, and Rose would talk about UST.
Mar. 19th, 2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
See, I loved the plot lines of the 90s cartoon. They were very episodic, it's true, and that does come with some downsides, but they had some pretty strong episodes and did a lot of great things with it. And that's not just nostalgia talking either. I think I gained a much greater appreciation of it rewatching it recently. XD

Young Justice got better in the second season, which is of course when they canceled it. Clark being a terrible dad is a bit of a misnomer (and Lex would definitely not be a better father, given his characterization in the show. He saw Conner as a means to an end to manipulate). Clark had a fairly realistic reaction of 'wtf, here's a clone of me, HOW DARE THEY, and I'm having nothing to do with him'. Not a great reaction for poor Conner, but Clark does come around eventually and Conner becomes part of the fam. It's kind of worth it just to have that scene of Bruce trying to give Clark parenting tips. XD

I found my biggest problem with YJ was that every time a female character was introduced in the first season, within five seconds they were turned into a love interest. They fixed that in the second season, but ugh, it sucked so much. Like, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The second season was pretty fun though, once it got going. Jaime and Bart endeared themselves to me a lot.

Ha, sorry. No, I just used to post random plot bunnies. XD

TIM DID. I've forgotten what episode though. I tend to think Bruce would get along with some Doctors, and less with others. He does, after all, manage the Justice League. XD Managing the Doctor can't be that bad, though I'd dread to think what he'd make of Seven. He wouldn't like being manipulated that much, I think. Three, Twelve, and Two he'd probably get along with. Ten and Eleven he'd pretend to have little patience for, but I think he'd be amused by. Honestly, though, I'd love to see him with Donna. So many people under-appreciate/underestimate her, and I'd love to see his reaction to her. XD

Tim would be fun on the TARDIS. He'd be constantly trying to fly the TARDIS. I'd love to see, like, Clara taking him under her wing. Or him and Ace. There would be so much trouble with him and Ace. Or even putting him with the First Doctor and the larger TARDIS crews would be fun.

Dick would be fun with the Five TARDIS Crew. He'd fit in pretty well with the larger groups, I think.

Basically, it's a Thing That Should Happen. XD
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