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I am disappoint.

So I was reading a pretty good fic the other day, and then the ending happened.  And it wasn't a bad ending, it just... it was too pat.  It's all like, but WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THEIR ISSUES?  They had so many issues which you didn't bother to resolve.  And none of them mattered in the end, because they had to have a happy ending.

I hate it when that happens in fic.  I mean, sure, I prefer a happy ending, but I don't want a quick fix either.  If you're going to spend the whole fic breaking your characters, you need to fix them properly.  If you can't do that, put them in a place where they can be fixed properly, rather than just white washing everything.

I think Steve actually gets the worst with this.  I'm not sure why, but in fic it's Always Tony's Fault.  Well, I know why.  It's because it's easier to blame every argument on Tony rather than to show Cap's own short comings and/or risking characterizing him wrong.  Which isn't bad, really, it's just something I get tired of.  I like it when it's not Tony's fault, or it's not all Tony's fault, because that's different and people don't try it as often.  With my own writing, I try to go with both of them being at fault, rather than just one or the other, because that's usually (not always, but usually) how relationships go.

And then, when a person actually decides to make it Cap's fault, they go easy on him.  It's all like... You wouldn't have let Tony off this easily.  Steve was legit in the wrong, and you're letting him get the easy way out because he pulls out the puppy dog innocent eyes.  Tony may fall for that, but you as a writer never should.  Make him beg at the table for a night or so or put him in the dog house for once.  I was so excited, because Steve was at fault, and then it all ended without any sort of real resolution to the issues other than to kiss and make up.  And kissing does not solve things any better than sex does, despite what some fanfic writers think.  It's definitely not the be all, end all solution to Problems.

Sigh.  I think I might just be getting picky because I've been looking for things to hurt, but I don't want a fix like that at the end.  And I kept re-writing the fic's ending in my head, because it should have been better.  Real life does not fix itself that easily, after all.

In other news, listening to Rent is surprisingly good therapy for my current situation.  "Rent," "Tango Maureen," and "Santa Fe" in particular have the exact sort of aggression I'm feeling right now.  If you're wondering about "Tango Maureen" all I have to say is that Chinese bureaucracy is ten times worse than Maureen ever was.

I'm also over 15k words typed on my Big Bang.  Since I've only got about half of it typed, I'm pretty sure I'll make the word count.  Especially since I'm considering adding another scene with Natasha.  Is it a bad sign that I'm typing it and thinking "God, I'm a bitch" throughout it though?  Not the Two Wrongs sort of bitchy, thank God, but just the "That angst?  Yup, they're gonna hate me.  Damn I'm good" kind of bitchy.  Also, I don't think Tony's overly pleased with the sheer number of times I've made him cry.  I blame the fact he's a seven year-old that I'm completely traumatizing rather than overly-woobifying.

Also, I know we had a com discussion about how the world doesn't need more Loki in fic, but I've also enjoyed typing that bit.  He is a nasty little bug-eyed creep, and I had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun using him to taunt the Avengers right where it hurts.  I have the feeling that the Loki fangirls will hate me, because I'm writing him as an evil little bastard.  I can't bring myself to really mind.  Hopefully the com won't mind so much, since I'm writing evil Loki instead of "Zomg, must make him good for slash" Loki or "Just for lols, I'm going to mess with the Avengers" Loki.  Example:

"Still so angry, Hawkeye?  I could remove that anger from you.  Remember the peace you felt while under my control?" Loki asked.  Tony risked a glance up to see Clint was trembling.  "Would you like me to give you that peace again?  To never have to make another decision by yourself?  To make you kill your precious little team and not feel-"

He gets cut off at that point, but yeah, he's totally screwing with everyone's heads.  That was one of those "God, I'm a bitch" moments too.  I enjoyed that one a bit much.  If anyone is surprised, raise their hand.  XD  I think I just need to write more legit evil villains.  I rather enjoyed it.  I dread to think what I'd do with Bester.

I need to write more villains, actually.  It's been a while since I made one.  I think the last one might have been in a xxxHolic fic?  I rather liked Crowe too.  He was fun.  I kind of didn't need to come up with my own villains since I wrote mostly Doctor/Master slash for Who.  The Eronidon didn't really count.  It wasn't evil, just insane from being trapped for thousands of years.  I have been missing writing evil though, without the Master to write in Avengers fic.  Maybe I'll write that Amy-verse with Double the Master for Double the Fun soon.  It might make me feel better.


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Jun. 28th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
Man I hate it when fics do that! Or just, fiction in general when it does that. It always makes me feel like I've swallowed a mouthful of concentrated corn syrup for no good reason and I feel like I've wasted my time and enthusiasm.

And kissing does not solve things any better than sex does, despite what some fanfic writers think. It's definitely not the be all, end all solution to Problems.

And then there's me, where I take first kisses and first times and actually make them cause more problems for the plot nyahaha. SUFFER BITCHES, SUFFER!!!
Although to be fair, I think the kissing solution depends on what the problem is. You're right in that the vast majority of the time it doesn't solve things (like trust issues, for example), but if the only problem in the plot/characters is simply unadulterated UST, then kissing probably does solve it. But I think that solution's just reserved for PWPs. :P

You know, I've never seen Rent, though I do know at least two songs from it, "Tango Maureen" being one of them. The one with all the coffee cups is the other one.

Chinese bureaucracy is ten times worse than Maureen ever was.

*hugs* I'm sorry China's being such a butt to you.

Also, I don't think Tony's overly pleased with the sheer number of times I've made him cry.

As long as you don't inflict pedo-Steve or dead unicorns or tentacle porn on him, I should be able to handle it. ...No, I haven't forgiven you for the unicorn. THAT FUCKING UNICORN MEM WHYYYYYYYYYY. *sobs in a corner*

I have the feeling that the Loki fangirls will hate me, because I'm writing him as an evil little bastard.

Really? I thought him being an evil little bastard was why he has so many fangirls. :P Or at least an evil little bastard with humongous insecurity issues.

Villains are probably my most favorite things to write, just because...because. They're such fun.
Jun. 29th, 2013 01:52 am (UTC)
Yeah. I was enjoying it up till then too. I was looking forward to all the Tony issues they'd created, and then nothing happened. >.> Especially the whole Steve being a dick and getting away with it thing.

Kissing does solve UST. But there's UST, and then there's actual angst. The latter does not help.

And if you think you cause more problems with their first time... Well, let's just not go into Broken Realities. That one was pretty fucked up to begin with.

You need to watch Rent. It is awesome. Also, extremely relevant to me right now.

No pedo-Steve or tentacle porn. Though now I am tempted. With the Tentacle porn, not pedo-Steve, at any rate. And I'm aware neither Cy or you have forgiven me for the unicorn. Actually, come to think of it, that's the second time I've killed one. I'm pretty sure I killed one in an original story before too.

Actually, the Loki fangirls like him because the actor is pretty. They pick up on his angst which I just shake my head at, because Loki's daddy issues are mostly all in his head rather than real daddy issues. To be fair, Hiddleson does a fantastic job with Loki, but I dunno. Loki fangirls are scary.

They are so much fun. *pats the Master*
Jun. 29th, 2013 02:44 pm (UTC)
Also, I just found and re-read my other unicorn story. I don't think I should let you or Cy read that one. If you still don't forgive me for the unicorn in Avenger fic, this one would be waaaaaaaaay worse.
Jun. 30th, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)
There are days I wonder what sort of creature you are.

Sometimes I think it might be part Voldemort. Because Voldemort actually killed a unicorn.

See: http://youtu.be/9N-_KmZmV20?t=1m9s

You unicorn feaster.
Jun. 30th, 2013 12:39 am (UTC)
No need to wonder. I am a dragon. It's in the name.

I don't feast on unicorns though. Just on the angst killing them creates.
Jun. 30th, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
And what do dragons do? They go chomp.

Chomp chomp chomp unicorn angst.
Jul. 1st, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)
Actually, I think they breath fire more than chomping, but hey.
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