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Breaking Point, Chapter 3

Here we go again, Chapter Three. 

Breaking Point:
Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two
Chapter Three - The Breaking Point.

Gundam Wing Fanfiction
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Bandai. I don't own it and make no claim to.

"Doctor Kotanay, an unknown entity has appeared. Do you want me to reprogram it or delete it?"

"What is it doing? Can you read it's intentions?"

"It appears to be working with our program."

"Then leave it. What we've programed hasn't been affecting him. Perhaps this will. Just keep an eye on it and see what the unknown entity does."

"Yes, sir."

* * *

It was two days after they had injected him with the chemical. Sometime within the first few moments, he'd been knocked out. He didn't remember how he got back in his cell. But there he was. They must have taken off all those electrodes after the program had been installed as well, for they were gone too.

Heero hid behind a defensive wall, his mask. It seemed the program could not reach him there. He could vaguely hear people - the program, he reminded himself hastily - from behind the door - his mask. At least he thought so. It was getting harder to tell what was real and what was not. At least the pounding headache had dulled to a minor pain.

As far as he knew, he had not eaten since the meager lunch the guards had given him before the injection. He hadn't slept since then either. Heero had found out the hard way the program worked very well in his dreams. In order to keep his sanity, he did not sleep.

And then Duo came.

"Hey, Heero! Trying to get some sleep?" It took Heero a few moments to register who the voice was. "Hm... You don't seem to be doing to well."

"Duo?" His reply was weak. Was that his own voice? It was so hoarse sounding. When was the last time he had had something to drink? Heero blinked a few times to clear his vision.

It was Duo, but not Duo. He looked like Duo, but his outfit was beyond strange. Long black sleeved shirt with a collar. But the shirt was missing a front and showed off his chest. The two sides of the shirt met at a black belt and then flared out like one of those old fashion tunics one saw in pictures of Robin Hood. Two yellow and blue strips of clothe - part of the belt? - hung down from his waist. Loose black pants. A silver cross on a long chain around his neck. A long black cloak the hung over one shoulder and was draped over the other arm. But the real eye catch was the big ornamental scythe Duo held, decorated with serpents and jewels.

Something was not right about him either...

Duo started to twirl the scythe around, much like he used to in Deathscythe Hell. "Don't worry. I'm only a figment of your imagination. Well, I took the liberty of making my own outfit. Your imagination really sucks at that kind of thing." He then stopped the scythe and leaned over it to look at Heero, cobalt eyes blazing with intensity. "I'm here to put you through hell!"

Heero felt his eyes widen. Confusion swept through him. The other boy tapped his head. "That poison is making you hallucinate, Heero. And so, here I am!" That was what was wrong with Duo... That smile... "By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be wishing for the God of Death to come for you." ...that smile... was cruel.

"I thought," Heero started. He steeled himself and forced his voice to be stronger. "I thought you were the God of Death."

The harshness in the other boy's smile increased ten-fold. It was so wrong... Duo was never cruel like that. It was all Heero could do to stop the shivers running down his spine. Duo's voice was just above a whisper. "Why do you think I'm taking you to Hell?"


Heero was paralyzed by the cobalt eyes. He could not move from his place on the floor to get away, nor could he break eye contact. Duo finally released him by turning around. "Hm, well let's get started. How about that little girl and her dog? You seem to think about her often. Or is that too over rated?"

He shook his head, unkept bangs brushing against his closed eyes. "You can't ignore your self-conscience, Heero," Duo said cheerfully.

"I can try."

Heero winced as Duo laughed. It was contorted, an ugly copy. Just like his smile. "You never can change, can you Heero? Just another obstacle to overcome, right? Well, you won't be able to overcome your own guilt."

He was gone. Vanished without a trace.

Great. Duo's become his conscience. A really evil one. But he can ignore it. He may have forgotten when he was talking to Duo, but none of that was real. It was just the poison. The chemical. He was talking to something that did not exist. He still had his sanity-

"Why did you kill me, mister?"

Startled, Heero opened his eyes to see a shock of white in the dark cell. There, standing in front of him, was a little girl in a white dress and hat. Her arms full with a small puppy. Her eyes full of heart-aching tears. "I didn't - I mean, I didn't mean to..."

Twin teardrops fell down her cheeks as she looked down at her dead puppy. "Couldn't you have at least spared Mary? She was just a little puppy!"

"It was an accident... Dammit! I can't change the past! What do you want me to do? ..." He couldn't stand her looking like that. She didn't deserve to be here.

He bent over to touch the girl, but she pulled away. "Don't touch me! I gave you my flower, but you killed me! DON'T!"

Heero sat in shock as she ran away. Ran straight into the waiting arms of Duo. "How could you do something like that to this poor little girl? And then trying to touch her? To soil her hands as well as your own?" He tisked and made motions to comfort the little girl.

Anger. Resentment. "Your hands are just as dirty as mine! We didn't have a choice! We had to fight!"

"Did I, now?" The girl disappeared. Duo grabbed Wing's pilot by the chin, forcing him to look directly at two vivid eyes. "Remember, I'm not even real. Something that proves you are slowing going insane."

The other boy let go and Heero stumbled back, eyes wide with fear. He was not going insane! He could ignore the voices, the people...But he could feel Duo's hand on his chin... They weren't real! They couldn't be!

"Or am I?" Duo laughed. "Remember, I'm a part of you so I know every thing that goes on in that despicable little head of yours."

He closed his eyes again. They weren't real! No use talking to something that wasn't real!

"The perfect soldier. Afraid of nothing but his own mind. Let's try this for a size then."

Heero suddenly found himself in an open court yard inclosed by a huge brick building. This place... Epyon... He tried standing up, but his legs would not support him. Here was were he had...

"Yup. This is where you got Epyon," Duo said, standing in front of him again. His normally cheerful smile - well, the real Duo's smile - was twisted into one of savage joy. "Where you slaughtered soldiers on both sides... including the ones you gave hope to when you showed up."

"I - the system! I couldn't..."

"Couldn't control the system." The self proclaimed God of Death finished for him. "But you are the perfect soldier. You, of all people, should have been able to control yourself."

More anger swelled up, giving Heero the strength to stand. "The system was designed to make the pilot go insane! I'm only human! They shouldn't have expected so much from me!"

"If you were human," a new voice said, "you wouldn't have killed me!" Heero turned to face the sound. The tenor was ruff and belonged to a young man whom Heero did not recognize.

"Who are you?" he asked haltingly.

The man was slightly older then Heero, probably in his middle twenties. He held himself with a rebellious air and a forceful personality. He wore a jump suit that most mobile suit pilots wore... If the pilot in question was a member of the Treize Faction.

"Why did you have to kill me? His Excellency made that suit!" He cried furiously. "My wife was pregnant and I thought your coming would mean the baby and my other boy would still have a father!" Heero stared at the young man numbly as he went on. "We all thought you were there to help! You caught us completely unaware! Ripe for slaughter, you bastard!"

Heero snapped out of his shock and was unable to meet the other's eyes. "I'm sorry... I didn't... I couldn't control Epyon... You shouldn't have let your guard down..."

Behind him a woman began weeping. Turning around once more, he saw a woman of the same age as the man, holding a child, about five, in her arms. Feeling Heero's questioning glance on her, anger filled her heart. "Why did you kill my husband?!"

Heero checked back over his shoulder at the soldier and saw him standing with his fists balled. His eyes were closed as if in an effort to keep his temper. Slowly, the Japanese boy walked over to the woman and touched her arm. "I'm sorry..." he said softly.

She pulled away from him, clutching the boy to her chest. And then the woman did something Heero wasn't expecting.

She slapped him.

"Don't touch me! Don't even come near me! You ruined my life! How dare you think you can comfort me!" Heero shrank back, his hand going up to his cheek. This was real. He could feel her hand as she struck him... He did this...

During her speech, the young man had come up and put an arm around her. "Don't come near her, you hear! I don't want our children to be stained by your hands!"

Heero brought his hand down to look at it. It was a dull reddish brown, the colour of dried blood. "I'm sorry..." he repeated again.

"Sorry isn't enough!" the soldier cried as he took his weeping wife and screaming child into his arms.

Heero watched in growing horror as the woman pulled out an ornate knife from her skirts. She smiled down at the child and positioned the knife in front of her breast. He couldn't take it... "No!" he cried, running to her. "Don't! Kill me if you want, but don't kill yourself!" It didn't matter how fast he ran, she was always too far way! Dammit, he won't make it! "No!"

The scream tore from his throat as he sat up. Looking around, he was back in his cell, lying on the floor. His breath was shallow as he looked around. No Duo. No angry soldier and his wife. No screaming kid who's mother just killed herself. Just him, alone. "A dream..." He must have fallen asleep. He was still sane...

"The baby died with the mother. The kid you saw was paralyzed from the waste down because of the trauma he faced. He has to use a wheelchair, but he's still alive. As a matter of fact, he's one of the ones who brought you here."


Heero collapsed back on the floor, curling up into a ball. It wasn't real. But it was real. All those voices screaming at him were real. It was all his fault...

"You really are pathetic. Can't even face your own deeds without breaking down and crying." Duo tisked as Heero started crying softly. "And those are far from the last. What would the real me think of you if he came in here?"

"I'm sorry... If you want... revenge... Please... just kill me..." Heero managed through the sobs that were threatening to take over. Doctor J... Zero... what should he do now? He hugged knees tighter. Why won't Zero tell him what to do?

There was a sharp pain in Heero's side, causing him to gasp for breath. "You aren't going to die for quiet sometime, Heero. That Doctor has rigged it so you won't until he's satisfied by your screams." Duo sneered as he kicked the boy again. "Perfect soldier... Ha! Hardly!"

"I'm not... perfect..." He never was. Heero never wanted to be. Why do they expect he should be? Why couldn't they just leave him alone?

"Because, Heero, you should have been."

Heero let go of his fragile grip on reality. He'd been pushed beyond the breaking point.

* * *

"Do you hear his screams? His tears? Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yes, sir. It's music to my ears. You're a genius, Doctor Kotanay."

"I know. Keep it recording. The others will want to hear him screaming out the names of their loved ones too. I don't want them to miss it."

"Yes, sir. I'll start programing the everyone else's data now."

A boy in a wheelchair looked back over at the sobbing pilot, still hooked up and tied down. Minerals and fluids that would keep him alive were strapped to his arm. He watched Heero for a moment, then continued typing. He was the youngest member of the group, only eight years old, but he knew what he was doing. Programing was his life. He would make sure the Gundam pilot regretted ever being born.

He smiled as he heard the broken sobs.