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It's happened again

There comes a time when I've finished all my fics and I have nothing really attention grabbing to do next, despite having a few possibilities.  That time is now.  I'm finishing up a Natasha scene for my Big Bang at the moment, but after that I'm a bit adrift with what to write next.

So that's where you guys come in.  Like last time, I make no promises.  I may or may not write the most popular plot bunny on here.  I may even attempt it and decide it's not working.  But this is just a poll to see what people are interested in reading.  If there's anyone other than Nar that actually checks this journal anymore, that is.

List of Potentials:

Torchwood/Firefly crossover:  One of these days, I will finish writing it.  I really will.  It's too good an idea to leave unfinished, even if Cy will never remember the plot of it.  Basically, Jack and Inara having a contest of who could get the most of the crew to kiss them. Cracky, with a bit of angst thrown in and some technobabble about how they got there. I'd have to check my notes over it, but I believe River won. No, she wasn't a contestant nor did she kiss anyone. She just wins, because that's how she rolls.

More Amy Pond and Three: This was, probably unsurprisingly, the thing that won the last round.  And might I add that if Nar ever gets around to the fic she's had for several months now, there will actually be more Amy and Three in the near future.  So what I'm talking about here is the one after the one that's in beta limbo.  A lot of people are asking for more Master, and a few have asked for Simm Master.  I'm rather inclined to do both, because the last time I wrote Delgado Master and Simm Master together it was amazing.  The basic plot of this would be Amy getting very annoyed with Three and texting the Master to pick her up.  So she travels with Delgado Master for a bit, making sure he knows that she won't be in for anything evil or with murder.  Or summoning.  Except he tries a summoning anyway, and let's face it, that's never worked for him.  It doesn't this time either.  Sadly, this time he gets a slightly crazy future version of himself rather than anything useful.  Let me preface this by saying this would be no where near as cracky as it sounds.  Okay, it would be cracky, because there may or may not be shopping involved, but this would be the fic that breaks the Master and Amy's odd little friendship.  He would cross a line, and there'd be no going back for him.  No amount of orgasmic chocolate will fix this one.  It might also be the last fic of the series, unless I do a cracky little Mr. Pond and Five.

Broken Realities final part: Because more than the Torchwood/Firefly crossover, I will finish this bloody thing one day, even if it kills me.  I don't care how much sex is involved, I will finish this and it will be a goddamned angsty ending, but it will be finished.  Mostly because it's never felt right leaving the Master the way he was in Io Sono Prigioniera.  That was only ever half the plot, and the Master has only ever had one ending for that series.  There was never any other way for this series to end, and I'd like to get it out there someday.

Steve and the Panda: Because we don't want more sequels, Mem.  Stop being Pixar, and write something new!  In this case, it would be Steve visiting the pandas.  Yes, I did get this plot bunny at the Panda research center.  I'm totally shameless about this.  Plot: Steve has Steve Angst.  I've got a few possibilities for which Steve angst, but it's not settled at the moment.  Anyway, Tony notices said Steve Angst, and he's trying to be a good team player (and maybe he just wants to see Steve smile again, which is apparently a thing for me in my fics.  Tony just wants to make Steve smile.  XD ) and decides to drag Steve with him to China for some publicity.  Because the Chinese love Iron Man.  No, seriously, they do.  Watch the Chinese version of Iron Man 3, they say that.  I'll admit, there was little point to the added scenes, but Iron Man blasting off after chatting with Chinese school children at the spring festival was pretty damn adorable.  Anyway, he sends Steve on all the tourist-y things, occasionally joining him when he can get away.  While in Sichuan, Tony tells Steve to go visit the pandas, because pandas are cute and lazy, and if those little guys can't cheer you up, no one can.

So Steve goes.  And then he becomes a big puddle of goo while seeing the pandas, because really, that's what one does when visiting the research center.  Tony even pays for him to hold the baby pandas, which is just adorable.  Come on.  Picture Cap with a baby panda.  Tell me you didn't just coo.  Except this is when Hydra attacks, since they're going after Steve with a vengeance and here's Cap conveniently without his team or anyone that can help.  The rest of the fic involves Steve saving the baby panda, who does nothing but sit there and eat bamboo and look adorable, while Iron Man gets the rest of the pandas to safety.  A picture of Cap with his shield holding a baby panda goes national, and suddenly the Chinese all love Captain America too.  It's good publicity, and Tony grumbles because he was the one who did all the hard work.  Unlike the previous two plot bunnies, this one is a bit more crack and will have a happy ending.  Slash is not guaranteed though.

Doctor Who/Crusade crossover, the Doctor and Dureena: So I've tried this one before.  It didn't work out too well for me, sadly, but I think it's been enough time that I might try it again.  I just really want the Doctor and Dureena to meet.  Mostly based around Eleven's line about how he knows how being the last of your kind sits in a soul, and that's a conversation I want between them.

Iron Man 3 post-credits scene: The five times the team fell asleep during Tony's attempt to tell them of his troubles, and the one time they all gathered together with coffee, caffeine, and prodding sticks to keep each other awake to listen to him.  Pretty much what it says on the tin.  It's not just Bruce who falls asleep on him, but everyone, with varying reasons.  And then the one time they banded together to make Tony feel loved, because Polytropos was apparently dark enough that I'm looking for Avengers fluff now.  Mostly because I've seen a few fics where 'insert pairing of writers choice' is a better choice than Bruce, and I wanted to make it a team fic.

Steve learning West Coast Swing: Give up trying to find a prompt for that, Mem.  Just give in and write the damn thing.  And yes, Lizzie and 'Victor' might show up as teachers.  Probably just as minor characters and more of a nod to them than anything, but still.

Mem, give in and look for anon prompt:  Be it seeing if there's anything new on the b_e anon meme, or actually tackling that monster Avengers Kink for things that might be interesting.  Let's face it, I do kind of miss anonymous prompts and posting.  It's just b_e seems to have died and Avengers Kink is just too big to sort through for interesting prompts.  I dunno.  I just kind of want a prompt that doesn't come with a time limit.

Now that you know your options, take the poll!

What should Mem write next?

Torchwood/Firefly crossover - Awesome x Awesome = more Awesome
MOAR MRS. POND AND THREE (because when can we get enough of that?)
The final part of Broken Realities - Get over your distaste of sex scenes and just write the damned thing.
Steve and the Panda - Mem, do not pass up on the cuteness.
Dureena and the Doctor - Being the last of your race sucks.
Iron Man 3 post credits scene - Team fic that sucker to all hell.
Steve learning West Coast Swing - The world needs more dance fics, Mem.
There's an awesome prompt waiting for you on that anon meme. GO FIND IT.

So there you have it.  Vote for your favorite, though I think my results might get skewed towards Whovian considering my flist.  If any of them still actually read this, that is.  Also, if you really want to make Mem a happy panda, there is always this prompt.  I'd just like to repeat my disclaimer, that I make no promises to actually write any of these.  This is just to see what interest there is and to see if anyone actually checks lj anymore.
Tags: amy-verse, avengers, babylon 5, doctor who, plot bunnies, torchwood

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