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The Purpose of the Journal

Hello all.  So I've never been overly impressed with Live Journals and never really had a need of one.  But I figure if I'm going to be posting any more to the Best Enemies anon meme, I might as well just have a journal with which to occasionally do things with.

What will be posted in this journal:

1. Fanfics.  These will be new fanfics, and fanfics I've brought over from my account.  Also any anon memes I decide to claim.  I will not be bringing over all fanfics from the account, because some of them I'd really rather forget.  *cough*Green M&M*cough*  While I won't take them down from, I see no purpose of also bringing them over here.  I'll probably start bringing over fics once a week or so, when I remember and what not.  Otherwise, fics will come when I write them.

What kind of fics will you find here?  Of my older fics, I've written for a variety of animes.  I've done a lot of Gundam Wing and Clamp fics and scatterings of other genres.  Currently, I've been writing a lot of Doctor Who and Torchwood.  Any further genres will be based on my preference and what strikes me in the mood to write.

2. Roleplay fics.  These are of no general interest to anyone but the roleplay members in question.  I'm simply putting them up here for lack of better place to put them and because it sounded like a good idea at the time. 

What are they?  Basically, they are short (or in one case, extremely long) stories I've written to amuse and cheer up members of a role play, mainly to fill out character backstories and/or a add details to a time that we're mostly skipping over.  So if you don't know much about the role play in question, you probably won't understand much of it.

Currently there is only one roleplay I've written for and I have written bunches for it.  Further posts will explain plot for anyone who is interested and/or bored out of their minds, but I recommend just skipping over these if you're not part of the roleplay group.   Update:  All roleplay fics will be friend locked.  Really, there's no point in putting them out to the general public.  If you're really interested (more like insanely bored), feel free to PM me about reading them.  It's your torture.

3. Plot ideas.  I'm extremely creative.  No, I'm not just saying that.  Basically, I have far too many ideas than it is ever possible to write and am willing to throw a few out there to those of you who are interested.  Some will be marked for me for later reference, others I'll just open up to first come first serve.  

What do you need to know about me?

I'm blunt, I don't hold punches, and I will politely tell you to go f*** yourself if you annoy me.  On the whole though, I'm a pretty nice gal who prefers not to eat her visitors for lunch.  Constructive Criticism is always welcome.  Out right hate is reported, blocked, and otherwise ignored except for maybe a quick laugh.  Difference of opinions are encouraged and enjoyed provided it is intelligent.  Praise and compliments are taken like a cat preening for attention by curling up in  your lap and demanding it be pet and cuddled (aka give, give it now because I so obviously deserve them, and you will be adored) .    Also, I'm a sarcastic Catholic liberal who occasionally breaks out into valley girl and adores chocolate.  I think that about sums everything up.

What can you call me and how can you contact me?

Memory, or Mem will suffice, thank you.  I usually go by MemoryDragon, but as that was already taken I switched the name around.  PM's are nice ways to contact me and I've got aim, msn, and yahoo messenger if you're really keen on chatting.  I'm also on gaiaonline and as MemoryDragon if you care to look me up.

How sadistic are you?

You don't want to know that.  Really.   I mean, let's think about this: I break characters in my spare time.  I enjoy nothing more than to reduce them to sobbing wrecks rocking in the corner and I do this with a regularity that scares even me sometimes.  I enjoy character suffering.  Does that mean I don't do warm fuzzies?  Of course not.  I love warm fuzzies as much as the next evil dragon.  It's always nice to cuddle with something after a particularly angsty piece...  But just be warned that I can and do take great pleasure in breaking characters into tiny little pieces for the amusement of others.  Pity them, because I certainly don't.

Can we have a complete list of fics?

Yeah, yeah.  I made one.  Check the post under this one.

Why do you have so many Tales userpics?

Because I'm obsessed, why else?  All of them were found on this site.  And yes, I am a little Tales fangirl, despite not having written a single fanfic for the series.  They're brilliant games and I adore them, hence the insane number of userpics I've stolen.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

42.  And before you ask, the meaning of life can be found in a truck load of feathers falling on two monkeys.

Anything else?

Um, no, actually.  That's about it for now.  l8r.
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