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Breaking Point, Chapter 6

One more chapter after this!

Breaking Point:
Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five
Chapter Six - Time for Action.

Gundam Wing Fanfiction
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Bandai. I don't own it and make no claim to.

So far, everything was going according to plan.

Adéle had arrived on time and they had set the rest of the explosives up without anyone the wiser. She didn’t even mention their conversation from earlier. She had either gotten over him (which he hoped, but doubted) or was very good at concealing her emotions.

They were both dressed head to toe in black. Duo had felt odd when looking at the mirror. He was wearing his usual mission outfit, but without the braid he just didn’t look.... normal. If Heero was just sitting in his cell waiting for the right chance to break free... he’d have one angry God of Death at his throat.

It had been about ten minutes since Simon had gone on guard. Adéle nodded to Duo and put a black handkerchief over her mouth, both to protect her from the gas and keep someone from recognizing her at a glace. Duo did the same, making sure that the gas would not effect him. He half hoped that it would knock out Adéle. Then he’d have less to worry about.

The time to act has arrived.

Duo set the gas bomb and let it roll in the darkness till it was almost right next to Simon’s boot. The kid had been keeping the other man on duty busy with conversation, so neither of them really noticed the sound. The other man didn’t detect the gas until too late.

Adéle was keeping herself in check, but he could tell she wanted nothing more then to see if her brother was okay. He winked at her to prove his point. Duo wasn’t like X-cybers. This gas would only put the two to sleep for thirty minutes or so and would leave no nasty headaches after. Unless the person was unfortunate enough to land on his head.

The door was unlocked, as Simon said it would be. The kid also said there would be a technician on the other side. Duo guessed there was some new technology keeping Heero from escaping in there.

The truth was, no one but Dr. Kotanay and that technician knew what was going on. That was what the general meeting was for, but Simon was on guard and Adéle left early. Duo hadn’t a clue of what to expect.

He cracked the door open silently and put another gas bomb in that room. After waiting for a few moments to let the sleeping gas take effect, he nodded to Adéle and slipped into the room.

Taking a brief glace around the room, he noted that Heero did not seem physically harmed. The sleeping gas had put him to sleep as well, meaning he wouldn’t accidently blow Duo’s cover. He went over to where a kid in a wheel chair was laying over some controls and stopped a recording. Curiosity overcame him.

While Adéle was busy freeing Heero of his confinements, he skipped back a few minutes on the cd. “Duo, there’s something wrong with the pilot...” But he had already pressed play.

Duo’s feet were planted on the ground in shock at what he heard. He couldn’t have moved any better than someone tied to train tracks. It was... Heero’s voice. But it can’t be... Heero would never show that much emotion. He was never afraid. It had to be someone who sounded like Heero. Yeah, that was it. They couldn’t get Heero to cooperate so they just got someone who sounded like Heero to come in...

He turned around to see a very pale Adéle. She had stopped moving when the cd started as well. Wait a sec, was she crying? Maybe this was no bad thing then. Duo quickly turned off the Heero-sounding-person and breathed a sigh of relief. It sounded way to much like Heero for comfort.

Adéle was still stuck in shock. Oh well, Duo could get Heero out easily enough. When he saw the confinements, he was surprised Heero didn’t get himself out of them. Wait a sec, there was that gas stuff. Maybe Heero was still suffering the sides effects of that? Were those tears on Heero’s face? They couldn’t be... That would mean that it was his voice in the recording...

What the hell did they do to Heero?

He carefully wiped the tears away and finished getting Heero free. Cold anger was taking the place of his normally cheery disposition. The doctor was going to pay. Hell, if Adéle hadn’t been there, Duo would have sent the kid in the wheelchair to whatever god he prayed to. There had been snickering in the background of the recording and Duo hadn’t a doubt of who’s laugh it was.

Duo lifted his unconscious friend out of the chair. He then got angry at Heero. The kid in the wheelchair must weigh more than the pilot! He may not have been fed properly here, but it took more then two weeks to lose that much weight! He didn’t eat right! Duo had made up his mind. When they got out of this, he was going to make sure Heero got some healthy eating habits.

“Let’s go, Adéle.” She still looked like a deer caught in headlights. But she nodded numbly and followed him out. They had spent way too much time in there. And Duo didn’t trust himself enough to just run away if they met up with some one on the way out.

But they had no problems getting out. Duo nearly laughed at their security system. He didn’t even have to trigger the bombs. They wouldn’t have any idea that Heero was missing until one of the guards woke up. How pathetic. Granted, the circumstances that made it possible for Heero to be rescued were a bit beyond coincidence. But still, they had assumed no one could find the place. And someone would eventually find it. Because assumptions lead to mistakes.

As if Lady Luck was cheering them on, it started to snow as well. Now there would be no way possible for them to be followed.

Adéle seemed fazed the entire time. Had there been something on the recording that Duo had missed? What did she hear that was different? In any case, her soft nature was showing through. He had seriously doubted to begin with that she knew what she was getting herself into. And he was about to test that.

Once he felt that they were far enough away, Duo stopped in a random alley. Just as promised. Then he carefully set Heero down in the snow, resisting the urge to wrap the unconscious pilot up in his jacket. Taking the special gun out of his pocket, Duo held it out for Adéle to claim. “Wha? Duo, what’s going on?” The snow continued to fall around them.

He carefully controlled his emotions and said in a flat voice, “It’s your revenge. You should be the one to make the kill. This is what you’ve been waiting for, right?”

She took the gun. Her aim was going to be way off if her hands kept shaking like that. But aim she did. Duo waited tensely for her to pull the trigger. She gripped the gun and forced herself to stop shaking. Then her finger pulled around the trigger...

And she collapsed on the snow, dropping the gun without shooting it. Tears ran down her face. “I can’t. I just can’t. That recording... I never knew-I never thought... No!” She tackled Duo as he reached for the gun. “Please, don’t kill him!”

“I was never going to.” She was once again in shock. He slowly reached for the gun again, making sure she wasn’t going after his throat for a third time. Then he showed her the kind of bullets that he had put in the ‘special’ gun.

They were blanks.

“Who-who are you?”

Duo pocketed the gun and took off his jacket. He gently wrapped it around his friend and picked Heero up once more. Luckily, the snow hadn’t had the chance to soak through Heero’s clothes. He turned to face her. “I’m the God of Death.” He waited a few moments for her reaction. When he didn’t get one, he walked way.

* * *

She was following him, but he didn’t care. About the time he reached the hotel, she disappeared. It was all fine with him. He just wanted to set Heero down. He may be lighter then he should be, but he was still heavy!

There were sounds on the other side of the door. The hotel room should be empty. But there were two voices arguing in there. Duo carefully set the unconscious pilot down and took out a real gun. Then he opened the door and rolled in, gun ready and aimed at the nearest target.

Which just happened to be Quatre.

He smiled and put the gun away. “Yo! Your timing couldn’t be any better!” Quatre must have forgotten the hangover incident, because he just barely stopped short of hugging Duo.

Trowa stood off to the side, waiting for Quatre to finish greeting the other pilot. “What have you found?”

The clown was getting straight to the point. They were in for a surprise. Duo locked all the emotional pain away and smirked. “Well, why don’t you check outside. As a matter of fact, I might just leave this to you. I’ve still got some work to do.”

With that Duo turned on his heels and walked right back out. The elevator doors closed just before he heard shouts of surprise. Heero was in good hands now. And Duo had more work to do.

But first, he had to find a place to braid his hair...

* * *

Adéle ran back to the X-cybers’ base after following Duo back to the hotel. She was a mess and she didn’t really want anyone to see her, but she had to know what was going on. She stayed in the shadows and waited until someone came by. And she found out some interesting things from just listening.

No one could figure out what happened. She and Duo had been in and out so quietly that no one noticed the Gundam pilot was missing until the her brother and the other guard had woken up a few minutes ago. They figured it was the other pilots who saved him.

Not that they were wrong. Duo was a Gundam pilot. He was right when he said she was in over her head.

But that wasn’t possible. Because the Gundam pilots were supposed to be horrible people who killed randomly to destroy OZ... Not someone as nice and funny as Duo. Not someone who would regret what they did later. Not someone who was tortured as he was...

That other one Duo had rescued. The boy who killed her parents. She couldn’t hate him now. Not after... Not after what she’d heard on the recording... about her parents... It was horrible. It wasn’t his fault. None of this was any of the Gundam pilots fault. They weren’t monsters. Adéle found herself close to shock several times trying to unlearn all she knew about the pilots.

But Dr. Kotanay coming over an intercom cut through all her thoughts and inner monologs.

“My dear friends, yes it is true. The Gundam pilot 01 has been rescued from our hands. But do not think that our revenge is lost. If anything, it is still in progress. You heard the recordings at the general meeting earlier. They may have the pilot, but they don’t have the antidote. The pilot will remain insane the rest of his life, unless they realize just what he has. Which is highly doubtful since the disease is so outdated. Our revenge is complete against the pilot 01. But we do need to relocate before going after the others, so please begin evacuation immediately...”

Antidote. That pilot needed an antidote. Duo’s efforts had been in vain. Everything had been in vain. The revenge was taken care of. So why was she crying harder now? “Maman... Papa... Simon... I’m so sorry!”

She then ran down to the now empty holding cell and got on the computer. She had to find it. If she didn’t... She would never forgive herself. She didn’t think her parents would either.

* * *

Heero stirred. Quatre immediately jumped to his side. “Heero! Heero, are you okay?”

Trowa moved away from the wall to get Heero some water. When he got back, Heero was sitting up in bed with his hands on his head. “Are you okay, Heero?”

“My head...”

“It’s okay Heero. Duo got you out of there.” Quatre smiled brightly. But Trowa wasn’t at ease yet. There was something not quite right... As if Heero was looking through Quatre, not at him.

“Duo... I’m not free... I’m still dreaming...”

Trowa was really alarmed now. Quatre was just confused. “What do you mean, Heero?” This was not good... Heero made no note that Quatre even existed.

“No... NO!” Heero tried to attack Quatre, but he was too weak. Trowa was holding him down in an instant, leaving the cup of water spilled on the floor. With a sudden burst of strength Heero nearly managed to throw him off.

Quatre stood there bewildered. “Quatre... I need some help here...” The blond eeped and ran to help Trowa. But just as he got there, Heero collapsed into tears and curled up in a tight ball. Something really, really wasn’t right here.

“Please, just leave me alone... I’m sorry!”

A shiver went down Trowa’s spine. He suddenly understood the phrase about someone walking across his grave. “Quatre, get the tranquilizers out Sally asked us to carry.”

“Wha? Trowa-” But the look in Trowa’s eye stopped him from proceeding. “Alright...” Quatre left to get the ‘specialized’ first aid kit Sally had given them.

“Don’t worry, Heero. We’re putting you back to sleep for a bit.” Trowa put one hand on the distraught pilot’s head and ruffled his hair. His eyes saddened. “We’ll figure out something...”

* * *

A small smile spread across Duo’s face as he pressed the tiny button in his hand. Some where in the sewer, a loud boom was heard. People started scrambling about. Duo had made sure that the bombs would go off this time. He’d had problems in the past, but this time would be different. Maybe it was because he wasn’t blowing himself up this time? Guess Death didn’t want to lose such a good helper.

But there was one person he didn’t want the blast to kill. Duo wanted to take care of that one person himself. Dr. Kotanay.

But before he went in search of the good doctor, Duo had one more bomb to detonate. That little kid in the wheel chair was gonna get a surprise if he was still there. He was gonna blow that machine to bits. So no one else could be tortured like Heero was.

After setting off that bomb, Duo made his way into the center of the confusion. He’d have thought that the doctor would have been one of the first out. But after listening to a few of the conversations, Duo learned that he was directing the evacuation. So not a completely evil guy. Too bad. But not being the usual cowardly bad guy wasn’t going to make Duo forget the what the doctor had tried to do.. It would make it easier on him though.

“You, boy! You don’t look familiar! Who are you!”

Damn it, he didn’t have time for this. He made a dash off to the right, but found it impossible. Someone with a strong grip had taken hold of his shirt. “Look buddy, I’m just trying to get out of here before this whole place is blown to shreds.” Which wasn’t going to happen. Duo had made very sure that the bombs he set would not bring down the rest of New York. That was the last thing he needed.

The person with the death grip turned Duo around to get a look at him. What Duo saw was just disgusting. A filthy old man with yellow teeth. And he smelled. It took all of his will power to not wrinkle up his nose in disgust. How Duo didn’t smell him from a mile away, he would never know. Jeeze, he had to be a chain smoker or something to smell that bad. “It seems to me that you’re one of them that started all of this.”

“Really? What made you think that?” Duo grinned and elbowed the guy right in the face, effectively knocking the old man out. He then brushed himself off and resumed his walk. He better not have picked up any of that smell either. Duo would be in a very bad mood then.

Eventually he came to a large room full of people running around. And right in the center of it all was a man about thirty with a badly clashing suit; his dirty blond hair tied back in a short ponytail. A young woman walked up to the man. “Dr. Kotanay, what about the diagrams-”

That was all Duo needed to hear.

He found a dark corner where he took out his gun and aimed carefully. But before he could pull the trigger, he felt something suspiciously like a gun barrel right next to his head.

Ah hell.

“Drop your weapon, now.” Great, just great. This was exactly what he needed right now. Duo always managed to screw up some how. Just when it was getting good too. He just knew that it had been all too easy.

He dropped the pistol and held his hands up slowly. “Now walk.” Well gee, isn’t he polite. He could have at least said please. But Duo did as the unknown person with a gun to his head said and kept his comments strictly to himself. They both moved into the light. “Dr. Kotanay! I think I’ve got one of them!”

It was remarkable how all the commotion in the room stopped. Duo and the guy behind him were at the center of attention. The guy with bad fashion sense came over. “Well if it isn’t the pilot 02.”

Duo shrugged. “Yup, that’s me. Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie. Ow, hey!” He took the hint from the person with the gun and stayed quiet. The fact that he had realized the doc was awful close to where one of the bombs he had set was helped. Just a tad. He didn’t even try to hide his smirk.

“We weren’t going to kill you until later, but since you’ve presented yourself before us, we will have no choice but to take you with us.”

“Well, gee. Sorry to ruin your plans like that. I was only trying to help out a friend, after all-” Duo didn’t get much further because the guy with the gun whacked him over the head with the butt of his gun.

He acted like that knocked him out and fell to the floor. It had been a damn close thing too. So when the guy from behind him tried to tie up the ‘unconscious’ pilot, he got a rude surprise.

Duo rolled to his feet and punched the guy in the stomach. This time his punch was aimed to knock the guy out. He only managed a “But... how...” before he slipped into the dark. Duo reached into one of his pockets and fumbled for the detonation switch that would blow up the bomb right behind the doctor. He found it just as he heard the click of a gun.

“It seems like we are at a stand-still, pilot 02" The doc said calmly, aiming the gun at Duo.

Well, he’d had a nice life. At least Heero was safe. “You think so? I’m not afraid of dying, ya know. I’m the God of Death. I’ve done what I came here to do. I’ve saved Heero and you’ll go to hell with me.” Once again, a smirk teased its way onto Duo’s face.

“Tell me, Mr. Maxwell. Did you happen to blow up the room where your friend was being held?”

Huh? Wait a sec! What the hell was going on. “Yea. But I really don’t see why that matters!” Now he was confused! Just press the button and get it over with. Maybe the doc was so distracted by talking that he wouldn’t notice-

The doctor was smiling oddly. It was a down right creepy expression. Duo was suddenly paralyzed by his eyes. They weren’t sane... “Such a pity that. It looks as if your friend will just have to be insane for the rest of his life then.”


That wasn’t possible. After all that work and finally getting Heero some place safe... The doc was fooling with him, trying to get him to spare his life... That had to be it. “Yes. You see, you blew up the antidote that we were going to give him when we were done with him, so he’d be aware when we killed him.” The harsh laughter rang through Duo’s ears. “My revenge is complete. Go ahead, kill me. I’ll gladly met you down in this hell of yours!”

“No...” Duo nearly dropped the trigger to the bomb as a wave of guilt flooded him. It was his fault. He had moved too quickly. Hadn’t researched enough. If he had just waited for the others instead of trying to prove himself... Damn it! All the more reason to press the button. Hopefully it would put him out of his miserable existence. Or a bullet to the head. If that doctor could aim.

“So, what is your choice, Gundam pilot?” He looked so damn smug. Well, the God of death would wipe that smile off his face. Duo pressed the button and a soft click followed.

Then a bang of a someone’s gun, and boom of an explosion. The bullet made contact and Duo fell into darkness.

* * *

Adéle stood outside the apartment door. This is where the desk clerk had said his room was. Gathering up all her courage, she knocked once. When she heard a muffled “Come in” from the other side, she opened the door.

“Wufei, it’s good to see-” A well dressed blond who just reeked of money stopped short when he saw that Adéle wasn’t who he thought it was. He took one look at the sorry state she was in and made a quick decision. “Miss, are you okay?” He immediately ushered her into the room and sat her down in a chair.

There was another man in the room. He had his bangs covering one of his eyes and was leaning against the wall nonchalantly. Who were these people? And where was Duo? “Duo-”

“Don’t worry. He just stepped out for a moment. We’re his friends.” After making sure she could sit, the blond started to fill a cup full of coffee that had been brewing next to her. He pushed it in her hands.

Friends? They couldn’t be... “You... You-you’re both Gundam pilots? L-like Duo?” The blond nodded and introduced himself as Quatre Raberba Winner and his partner as Trowa Barton.

“Don’t worry, you’re in good hands now. We’ll keep you safe until Duo gets here.” There was no way... The blond - Quatre - was too nice. He was a Gundam pilot?

The quiet one - Trowa, wasn’t it? - finally said something. “He brought a girl in to this? Isn’t Duo’s style.” What did he mean by that? Duo has a certain style? Of what, killing people? She supposed that one could after so many times- why was she thinking this? Why was she even here?

She got her answer when movement came from a figure on the bed. She hadn’t even noticed it was there before this moment. The two guys in the room both jumped. The blond rushed over to the pathetic looking frame of a boy, whom she could only assume was that other pilot. “Heero! Heero, it’s okay now. You’re safe...”

But the blond’s reassuring words would not reach the hell that the other pilot was going through. As Adéle predicted, Heero began to toss and turn. “No...” Quatre quickly put something over the pilot’s mouth and he relaxed back into a dreamless sleep.

A much more upset Quatre came back and took a chair next to her. “Trowa, we can’t keep him drugged up for much longer... It would do more harm than good.” Trowa only looked away, revealing to Adéle a large bruise that had been covered by his hair. A depression sank between them.

Adéle had begun to talk several times with in the past few seconds. Each time, her voice gave out on her. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a pair of strong hands on her shoulder. “It seems,” a calm deep voice came from behind her, “that your lady friend has something to say.”

“Wufei! You made it!” She turned around to see someone about her age of Chinese nationality. Come to think of it, the blond seemed her age as well. The silent one only looked about a year older then the rest. A new wave of shock settled on her as she watched the little reunion. An slightly older lady joined in the conversation, which Adéle had long since lost track of. They were as much the victims as the ones they killed. If they all had pasts like Duo...

The Chinese guy was trying to call attention back to her. But the other lady took one look at her and brushed the others off. “Out of the way, now! Can’t you see she’s going into shock!” The reactions each had were different. The blond immediately started to hover around her, berating himself for not noticing earlier. The silent one just stayed were he was, leaned against the wall in all appearances, asleep. The Chinese guy, didn’t the blo-Quatre call him Wufei? Well he was just looking pained and saying that he had been trying to help.

Finally, her voice was restored. “P-please. Y-you n-need this a-antidote f-for your f-friend...” She held out a trembling hand, in which rested a vile of clear liquid. All activity in the room stopped. When no one else was inclined to move, the silent one came up to her and grasped her hands, steadying them as he got the vile. “We can’t thank you enough, Miss.” That was all he said.

It was enough. She jolted out of the room before anyone could get out of the mild shock it had put them in. Tears ran down her face as she ran, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They yelled after her, but she didn’t listen. She just wanted to put as much distance between herself, that room, and her problems as she could. She ran until the stitch in her side caused her to stop. Then she found an abandoned alley and cried, snow falling unnoticed around her.

* * *

Duo woke up feeling extreme pain in his shoulder. But when his eyes cleared and he looked at it, it was remarkably free of blood. The pain had to be from his impact with the wall... Ooo that hurt...

As he tried to get up, he finally noticed something heavy was in his lap. “Simon? Wha?” Then Duo saw that something was very, very wrong with the boy.

The blood that should have been on his shoulder was on Simon’s.

“Hey, Simon! Kid, wake up! Come on, you can make it!” But no matter what Duo did, Simon did not start breathing again. No matter what, he did not open his eyes. “Why? Damn it, why?! You had to have known I was a traitor... so why...”

Simon was dead. There was no other way around it. But why?! Why did he want to save Duo? Why’d the kid throw his life away to save Duo’s worthless one? He hadn’t known the kid for more then a couple of days...


Duo didn’t know how long he stayed like that, grieving over Simon’s body. But after a while, the flames from the explosion were getting too hot for him to stand. He stood up shakily, using the wall behind him for support. Taking in his surroundings, he noticed the doctor laying death on the other side of the room. The God of Death had taken more than a few lives that day. It seemed that if there were any survivors from the explosion, which Duo assumed there were from the fact he was alive, they had already left.

He would have to get out of there quickly. Already he had wasted too much time while in shock over Simon. As much as Duo wanted to take the kid’s body with him, he knew he couldn’t. Not with his collar bone cracked, possibly broken.

So he laid Simon out on his back, placing his hands togther on his chest. Then, gulping down what ever tears that threatened to come to his eyes, Duo turned around and picked his way across the room. Simon obviously wanted him alive. So Duo would honor the dead’s wishes.

Taking one last look at the room and the corner that held Simon, Duo turned and left.

* * *

“The news from the underground fire in New York is that the flames don’t seem to be spreading. But the extraordinary information I’ve just received from the local firemen is that there were actually people down where the explosion was. Now we’ll go to Jane Vaughn who is live at the site. Jane?”

“Well Bob, I’m here with Police Officer Gorden. Can you tell me sir, just who are these people?”

“We believe that these are the bodies of the terrorist group called the X-cybers. Apparently, one of the bombs they were working on blew up and killed most of the faction.”

“It certainly looks like fate had a hand in keeping us safe today. Have you figured out if the ring leader is dead?”

“Yes. We believe we found his body-”

Quatre turned off the radio and absentmindedly stroked Heero’s hot forehead with a cool damp towel. It would all be over soon. Sally was sitting across from him, researching what the girl brought in. She was making sure that the vaccine was what that strange girl said it was and that it was the proper amount to give to Heero.

Trowa and Wufei were out looking for her. But neither seemed to be having much luck. Oddly enough, Quatre trusted the broken hearted girl. She had held much sorrow next to her heart. Duo should be back any moment now, according to the news reports. Quatre had no problems identifying Duo’s planned chaos. Speak of the devil, that should be him behind the door...

But when Quatre opened the door, a feeling of wrongness chilled him. And he saw why when he got a good look at Duo. His friend looked awful. Not only was he soaked and frozen, but there was blood-

“Don’t worry. The blood’s not mine. But it does hurt like hell.” Duo brushed past him and took the chair by the com unit. He sank into it. He had none of Duo’s usual energy. And there was still that guilty feeling that Quatre got from him... And when Duo looked over to the sleeping figure on the bed, it intensified.

He got a hold of himself and separated his emotions from Duo’s. Then he walked over to the braided pilot. “Duo, a lady friend of yours brought the antidote over, if that’s what you’re worried about. We’re still checking it out, but it seems to be just what we need. He’ll be fine...”

“Adéle? She brought the antidote?” His mouth hung open for a moment, then he shut it quickly. Quatre didn’t like the odd look in his eye. “Craziness just has to run in her family. I mean, that’s just not normal!” Duo’s laugh had this strange tint in it. Something had happened while he was gone. “First Simon, now Adéle. And won’t this be great to tell Heero when he wakes up-”

Quatre leaned forward to catch the now unconscious Duo. “Thanks Sally. He just needs some rest.”

She nodded as she put down the tranquilizer. “He’ll be fine. And I’ve got some good news on that antidote. It appears like this ‘Adéle’ was telling the truth. She even brought about twice the amount needed. All we have to do is give this to Heero. In a couple of hours, he should be fine.” As she said this, Sally prepared a needle to inject the antidote.

He gently hugged the sleeping pilot and laid him out on the floor with an extra pillow he had found in the closet. It was alright. Everything would be over soon.

Everything would be over soon.


Quote of the Chapter:
“Do you take yourself to be God’s messenger – an angel – or something?”
“If there is such a thing as an angel with black wings.”
--Aya, Weiß Kreuz Glühen