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Torchwood: On the Run

In case you ever have a desire to randomly read through some of my roleplay fics (You must be very bored, aren't you?  Don't you have something better to do, like laundry or dishes?  Watering the plants, feeding the pets?  Annoying siblings/roommates/significant others?  No?  You sad, sad person you), here is some basic information about the roleplay that will help you understand what is going on. 

First of all, the roleplay can be found here on Gaiaonline.  It's a simple enough format and if you're really bored and you're in an rpg game where the world is ending in a week and you can stay at an in for fourteen days and still be no closer to the apocalypse you can go check it out.  Otherwise, just take it on my word that it is fun.

It is, above all, a Torchwood roleplay that takes place sometimes after Exit Wounds yet before Children of Earth.  There will be spoilers.  This is your only warning.

History of the Roleplay.

Is this important and need to know information?  No.  Why am I giving it to you?  Because I can.  You got a problem with it, skip it.  Otherwise, shut it and read.

A week or two after Children of Earth was aired, I was looking for a fantasy role play on Gaia.  I had a character I created for a different roleplay that actually sounded pretty cool (if I do say so myself) but only got to make two posts before the roleplay died.  I was a sad panda. 

Never one to cry over spilled milk, I decided to just search for another roleplay that might suit her.  I searched.  And searched.  And searched some more and was getting rather frustrated by the lack of fun things I was finding.  During my searching, however, I spotted a thread asking for a Jack/Ianto roleplay because CoE was scarring.  Now, I have no desire to play a romance roleplay with anyone, but curiosity killed the cat and I was interested to see what other people thought of CoE.  So I clicked on the link, saw the usual crying over Ianto and several suggested plots.  I read through the plots, mostly bored, until one caught my eye.

I thought: Hey, I can run with that.

So, I contacted the owner of the thread, asking if we could not do a one on one roleplay, but a group roleplay where I would potentially play Jack or the bad guys.  I ended up playing the bad guys and the rest, so they say, is history.  I've made some truly wonderful friends during this and love the roleplay to bits.

So what is the story about?

Cue the melodramatic music.

There are many universes, parallel and alternative to our own.  Some have just the slightest changes, a politician here, a piece of technology there, but are mostly the same.  Others have drastic changes to the point where Earth is almost unrecognizable.  Most are combinations of the two extremes, changing and drifting off in different directions as new choices are made.

In our world, Torchwood Three is a force for good, fighting to protect Cardiff from alien threats.  Captain Jack Harkness, immortal companion of the Doctor, handles the situations that arise with flare and sex appeal, trying to do the right thing even when there is no such thing available.  In other worlds, however, sometimes he never met the Doctor.  Sometimes he was ordinary.  And once, immortality and abandonment twisted him into a monster.

Everything changes in the 21st century.  In the year 2035, the Earth has been conquered by cruel dictators who rule with absolute fear.  Over half the world's population has been destroyed, the other half live in a world where bombs have blotted out the sun, where torture is the discipline of choice and technology is a thing of the past.  A group of rebels known as the White Ravens have banded together to overthrow the Torchwood regime and have put forward a plan to go back in time before Torchwood took over to destroy the three leaders and save the world.  A wayward Time Lord trapped by Jack Harkness in a black whole has helped the rebels make the technology to travel back in time.  A hand picked group of young assassins prepare for their journey and make the jump...

...only to arrive in our world.  They are out for blood.  They will hunt down Torchwood.

Okay, enough with the melodramatics.  Basically, that sums up the role play.  I play two White Raven characters, the first being Eirwen, a (usually) timid young hacker with a perchance for pranks, the second being Nick, a general nice guy who had a lot of bad things happen and is now just a little blood thirsty.  Eirwen eventually discovers that they are in the wrong dimension and betrays her friends to help the innocent Torchwood escape.  Eirwen was adopted by the leader of the White Ravens when she was six, after her parents were murdered by Jack Harkness for harboring a fugitive.  That leader of the Ravens eventually became Dr. Owen Harper, mainly because it was worth some serious angst than to connect her to a Torchwood character (think about it, Owen Harper alive and fighting in one world, hating Torchwood with everything he's got and our Torchwood is eventually going to meet him and there would be blood for certain.  In short, it would be [i]fun[/i]!) and I found I rather enjoyed playing him. 

Eirwen was trapped under the burning remains of her house (on top of the dead bodies of her parents) for two days before the Ravens found her.  This caused severe mental trauma, as you may well imagine, and she didn't talk for seven years.  Owen raised her as his 'niece' and she told him under no circumstances was she not allowed to go on the mission to defeat Torchwood. 

Other than that, I'll add more details when I think of them.  Or just put the pertinent information on the fic in question.  If you have any other questions about the role play, feel free to ask.