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From Daydreams to Reality Part 1

From Daydreams to Reality
By: Memory Dragon
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing and make no claim to.
Summary:  Fifteenyearold Jamie Satory loves to daydream about the Gundam pilots. But what about the guy that daydreams about her? And what would happen if reality kicked in? OC contest fic.
Characters: Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, OC/OC
Author's Notes:  This was a contest fic written for the 2004 GW Original Character Fanfiction Contest.  It won first place for Best Humor and was basically a satire of the classic Mary Sue writer.  It was fun.  Just goes to show you should be careful what you wish for... 

Part One - Daydreams

Heero Yuy. Duo Maxwell. Trowa Barton. Quatre RaberbaWinner. Wufei Chang.

Five names. Five totally different boys. All of whom have absolutely nothing to do with Jamie Satory, besides the fact that she was completely obsessed with them.

Jamie was fifteen years old, medium height. Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes. Blood type of O. Born on February 28th, making her a Pisces. Hobbies: finding anything and everything she can about the Gundam pilots. Why? Because she was in love with them.

Jamie memorized every fact she could find about them, which happened to be quite a bit because her father was a colony politician. She had pictures (often ones she was not supposed to have) posted all over her room and her folders. She idolized them in every sense of the word.

It didn't matter that they were all fifteen years older than her and she had no clue where they were now. She had made up her mind at age ten that she would meet one of them someday and marry him. It didn't help that the only pictures she could find of them were ones from the pilot's younger years, during the wars. In her mind, they still looked her age.

Out of all the Gundam pilots, the only one commonly seen in public was Quatre. And her father had forbidden her to mention that he was a pilot to anyone else. She was just happy to know. Like she'd give away a pilot!

Unfortunately, he was the least attainable because of his status. Marrying a fifteen-year-old would be scandalous, and she wouldn't want to put him out of favor! It would completely ruin his career! Jamie wasn't so selfish that she couldn't think of others. So Quatre was out of the question.

Even though he had retained his boyish good looks. There were, of course, daydreams of forbidden love affairs. It was only natural. But daydreams they would stay because Jamie realized those things never stayed secret. So she would focus on the others. There were still four other choices!

Or three really. She had heard that Wufei Chang was married even before he became a Gundam pilot. Variations of the story said she died, but some still say she lives. The Chinese sure married young!

But if she was dead... Well, she would just have to help Wufei get over her! More daydreams of herself comforting the grieving pilot. She'd hold him till the tears stopped and then he'd tell her that she was the only one who could make him happy again...

Then there was Trowa Barton. He was the quiet one. But silence meant he was hiding something. Dreams of him baring his soul out to her; how he hated killing and the loss of his memory. She'd kiss him and tell him he could leave it all behind and they'd start a new life, together... He'd smile and tell her how much he loved her.

The braided wonder, Duo Maxwell. God, that braid made him so hot. Those dreams consisted of him coming home after a hard day of fighting (It didn't matter that there was no more fighting currently) with his long chestnut hair in tangles. He'd try to comb it for a few minutes before she'd come in and wipe the blood from his forehead. She'd comb out his hair and re-braid it. Then they'd move on to other things... things she really shouldn't know about.

Last, but far from least, was Heero Yuy. Messy chocolate brown hair, Persian blue eyes. Nicely built, but not too muscular to be considered a dumb jock. Did she mention those hauntingly pure blue eyes? So gorgeous. So angsty. Soooooo dreamy.

She'd be kidnapped and he'd fight a million evil bad guys just to sweep her off her feet and carry her off to some safe (naturally secluded and romantic) place. He'd then tell her that he was madly in love with her and never wanted to be apart from her again. Such wonderful daydreams-

"Earth to Jamie! Come in Jamie!"

Such a rude awaking! Jamie glared at a petite blonde, her friend Katie. Next to her, a slightly rounder red head named Colette muttered, "You and your daydreams. Can't you ever think of anything else?"

"And what would be worth my time?" the brunette retorted insolently.

Colette held up the piece of paper Jamie had been doodling on. "Your homework, for once?" She blushed slightly as she grabbed it back from her other friend.

Katie had this far away look on her face. Jamie inwardly groaned. She had a new infatuation. "That new history teacher! He's sooo hot!" Suddenly she snapped out of it and looked toward the Gundam pilot obsessee of the group. "Hey, you like older guys, right? You should check him out!"

"Katie, you should know by now that only one of a certain five guys could ever steal her heart." Colette's tone held no small amount of sarcasm. But Jamie didn't mind. A fact was a fact. Besides, she was used to this kind of thing.

"You're so lucky, Jamie," Katie went on enviously. "You get to sit in his class and listen to his heavenly voice every day. I have to schedule my tutoring sessions just right in order to even get close to him!"

The new history teacher, Mr. Mark Huit. Bringing up a mental image in her mind, Jamie decided he wasn't too shabby. Short, cropped chocolate brown hair, nice ass, finely toned muscles. Always looking sharp with a white shirt and tie. And his eyes... they reminded her of someone, but she couldn't think of whom. Such a pity that they were covered up by a pair of glasses. She almost regretted already being sworn to someone else... Almost being the key phrase.

Jamie was so caught up in her thoughts that she was thrown completely off balance when she accidentally collided with someone. She let out a small eep as she sprawled out on the floor gracelessly, dropping all her notebooks. "Damn-er... so sorry about that! I wasn't looking where I was going."

"It's alright, neither was I," a light, tenor voice said. A hand came into her line of view and helped her up. It belonged to a boy about her age with long brown bangs that fell into his nice, very pretty green eyes. He started to help her pick up her things while Jamie tried to remember where she'd seen him before.

But the boy answered her question before she could ask. "You're Jamie, right? I'm Raul. We sit next to each other in history." Oh! That's right! Didn't Katie have something for him a week ago? Glancing over at her friend, she saw that was a correct memory. According to Katie, Jamie was one of the luckiest girl in the galaxy.

"Er, thanks. Sorry again."

"No prob. Hey, are you... doing anything tonight?" Raul blushed slightly. Was he... Was he asking her out? No way! Katie was fuming next to her. She should know better by now though. After all, the answer was the same as always. "I'm sorry, but you're not my type. No offence."

"But hey, you could at least give me a chance! Hey wait!" But Jamie has already walked away.

Colette pet his head in consolation. "It's best to just forget about her and move on. You see, she has this obsession with five guys that she's never met..."

"But I don't!" Katie added coyly.

Raul was silent for a moment before a look of determination crossed his face. Colette sighed internally. Some guys just never learn. "I'll just have to prove to her that real guys are better, hm? See ya!" And he walked off to his next class.

The bell rang just then, nearly drowning out Colette's soft and sarcastic, "Good luck." Lord knows how long they had been trying.

* * *

Jamie was tired of Raul. For the past three weeks he had been trying to get her on a date, and she wasn't sure she would last much longer. Maybe if she went out with him once, he might just go away. Or maybe not. Either way, she was getting sick of it.


Her sister, Samantha, was a young woman with straight brown hair that went to the bottom of her shoulder blades and had energetic brown eyes. Her clothes could be considered cute and stylish, but Sam only wore them because she found them comfortable. Sam leaned through the kitchen door, phone attached to her ear. "What's up, little sister?"

Great. She was on he phone. Obviously, her need to talk came across to Sam, for she nodded and motion her Jamie to wait a minute. "Anyway, so Tony's just supposed to catch me by the waist like that a few times, then move his hand up to my shoulder to spin me out. Evidently, he forgot I spin really fast because he just barely moved his hand before he nearly ended up grabbing something else. He was beat red. It was great. Yea, well I'll call you back, Crys. Um-hm. Talk to ya in a bit. Later." Sam then hung up the phone and looked over to her sister. "So spill."

Jamie sighed and walked into the kitchen. Pulling out one of the wooden chairs from the table, she turned it to face her sister who was sitting on a stool by the counter and sat down. "Remember that guy I was telling you about? He won't leave me alone!"

She shook her head. "I don't see why you won't go out with him. He's cute. And damn persistent." If it were anyone but her college-aged sister giggling in front of her, Jamie would have murdered her. "Besides, this obsession you have with the Gundam pilots isn't healthy. Even if you did meet them, you have never had a real man before. You don't even know the first thing about love."

That. Was. It. "I do, too!" Love can't be that hard, right? He just had to look in the girl's eyes and tell her he loved her!

"You've read Mama's romance novels. That hardly qualifies you for an expert. You think they'd want someone as inexperienced as you?" Jamie felt a blush cross her cheeks as her sister leaned over and said, "Little Miss-I've-never-been-kissed."

Jamie was ready for murder, even if it was her sister. "Fine! I'll go out with him and prove to you I'm experienced enough for a Gundam pilot!" And the girl stormed out.

Sam smiled and picked up the phone again, dialing the number with speed that only came with practice. "Hello, Crystal there? Yo. You can tell your little brother he owes me. Yea, it worked. Oh, and tell him if he wants another date with her, he'd better not kiss her! I have the feeling she'll think she's 'experienced' with just one kiss... Yea, so anyway, we had no end of fun teasing Tony after that one. He never spins anyone out by the shoulder anymore either-"

* * *

Raul was watching her. As a matter of fact, he looked smug. As if he knew she was going to give in today. Little jerk.

But then the conversation she had with her sister came to mind. She would date him. Jerk or no. She couldn't let her chance go if she met a Gundam pilot. Sure, she'd been saving herself, but Sam was right. Older men didn't want some girl who had never even been kissed. She had to at least be a little experienced or no one would want her. And Raul wasn't the worst choice in the world.

He was fairly popular with the girls, as far as looks went. The green eyes were his main attraction, but Raul's body was fairly decent as well. Not a body builder, but as evidence by his powerful legs, it was obvious that he was a soccer player. Very casual dress, but still neat. Never any of the designer brands, but Jamie suspected that was due to a dislike of the major brand names. Her sister was like that too. Herself, she could care less.

He was also rather charming in this youthful sort of way. Not anything like in her mother's romance novels. Maybe he was too innocent? That could be bad... but then he wouldn't know if she messed up too. Yes, innocent would be best. She didn't want him to get over zealous in showing her what to do. That was reserved. The pilots would just have to deal with her virginity. Besides if she got enough experience, they wouldn't know until it came to that. And by then which ever one she met first would be so madly in love with her it wouldn't matter.

Bringing her attention back to the present, she noticed something else. He had the nerve to be smirking. Damn it! He does know! She didn't know how, but he did. Fine. She could play that way too. After class, Jamie helped with the clean up duties. Then she asked Mr. Huit to explain a few things in his office. Not that she was having problems in his class, but it was actually interesting to listen to him. So she brought up a question she had. It was more of a 'why' then a 'what.' As she suspected, it took about an hour for him to satisfy the question. And it was almost fun. Underline the almost.

So he had to have left. It had been an hour. No one would wait in an empty class room for an hour with nothing to do. That was just stupid. Of course he left. Jamie felt very smug. She had won this round.

But when she arrived in the class room to get the rest of her books, she found Raul standing there. God, she wanted to smack that grin off his face when he looked up from his studies. "Hey, Jamie! Wanna catch a movie tonight?"

Hell, no man was worth this. Gundam pilot or no. Jamie would have to wing it when the time came. She felt her face flushing with anger at his smug appearance. So sure of himself, was he? Well that would change! She was going to give him a the rejection of the century! She had opened her mouth to tell him off when something cold and round clicked right next to her head.

Jamie froze. Raul stood up in panic, but stopped abruptly as she felt someone twist her arm back behind her. She gasped in slight pain. "Don't make any sudden movements, kid," she heard a deep bass voice from behind her. "Or this little lady will never give you an answer."

Jamie was in shock. She was being used as a hostage. She could die at any second. Vaguely she heard Raul demand the guy let her go. He looked around frantically as more men wearing black moved in to confine him.

Then she fainted.

* * *

"You read the paper?"

Rustle of paper. "Teacher finds two students missing along with a note from the kidnappers on the chalk board. The note was addressed to the long absent Gundam pilots and police fear the kidnappers to be an insane faction bent on-"


Chuckle. "You're going after them, aren't you?"


"I suppose you're going to need some help. Or you wouldn't be here."

"Are you coming or not?"

"Sure. I'll - hey! Wait up! I need some time to - fine! Jeeze, I don't know why I even put up with you sometimes!"

Slight smile.


Quote of the Chapter:

"How many of our daydreams would darken into nightmares if there seemed any danger of their coming true!"
-- Logan Pearsall Smith