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From Daydreams to Reality Part 2

Here we go, on with Part 2. 

Part 1

Part Two: Reality

She woke up on the floor in a small room with dim lighting. “What? Where am I?” Looking around the room, Jamie saw it was completely bare with only one exit; a door with no way to open it from this side. And next to her was a badly beaten Raul. Jamie suddenly remembered what had happened.

Slowly, she began to shake the boy next to her with trembling hands. “Raul? Raul, please wake up... Raul, I’m scared... Raul! Raul!” He wasn’t... so many bruises... What was going on?!?! Wake up! Why was this happening? Why won’t he wake up? "Raul!?"

Perhaps one of her screeches woke him up. Or maybe it was her death grip on his shoulders. Either way, he opened his good eye and smiled weakly at her. “Don’t think I’m cut out for this rescue/escape bit...” His voice was weak. What had those men done? “It seems that every time I try to get us out of here, I just get beaten worse.”

He was hurt... They hurt him. They could hurt her too. They were really kidnaped. They could actually die at any given moment. They were going to be killed and found in a gutter somewhere, possibly even raped–

“Jamie-Hey, Jamie!” Gentle hands on her shoulders. “Snap out of it, kay? Don’t go hysterical on me! We’ll get out of here! You’ve just gotta believe that. I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you...”

She couldn’t take it any more. Tears sprang to her eyes as her whole body started to shake. “I-I’m so s-scared.... I-I don’t w-want to be here!”

A pair of arms encircled Jamie as the first sob tore out of her. Raul kept saying something, but she was too scared to really comprehend. Vaguely, some part of her noticed their torn clothing and sweaty smell. His hair was in complete disarray, and she had no doubt hers was too. There was also a small part of her that thanked God for the fact that she didn’t wear make-up.

“Will someone shut that Bitch up? Pesky little brats. Almost not worth using for bait.” Raul was suddenly very still. Then there was a sharp pain in her stomach causing her to cry out.

“Stop it! Don’t hurt her!” Raul pushed himself in between her and the man who kicked her all before she realized that she had been kicked. His voice cracked. And as Jamie pressed herself into his back in order to stay close to him, she felt him trembling.

He was afraid too.

He was afraid too. He was afraid they would hurt him, that they would hurt her. He was hurt. Why? If he was afraid, why did he try so hard?! She had to stop this before he was hurt even more! “Stop please....” she said, just barely above a whisper. Both Raul and the man (a guard?) looked at her. “I’ll be quiet. Please, just stop.”

The man looked very gruff, but dressed smartly. Kind of a rugged handsomeness. Jamie had thought all bad guys were supposed to be ugly. He glared at her one last time before going back out and closing the door behind him.

Another sob rose up in throat, but she forced it down. If she was loud, they would hurt Raul again. He would come back in here and probably hurt her again too. So she had to be quiet...

Once again, Raul gave her a weak smile. “So, y-you do care about me. How about a-a date after all of this, huh?”

She felt a flush run across her face. This was never how she acted in all of her daydreams. She could pull through this. They would pull though this. She nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment.

“D-don’t worry. I’ll get us out of here... somehow...”

* * *

“Heero, buddy. You can’t just waltz in there now! The kid has his pride after all!”

Glare. “They are kids and they are in danger. I don’t see how his pride is more valuable than his life.”

“Aw, come on. You have to admit that it was sweet! Besides, weren’t you complaining about the hero worship complex to me before? If she starts admiring him...”

“...” More glaring.

“It can’t be too hard to make them think they got out themselves. Please, Heero! We can make sure nothing happens-”

“Che. Fine.”

A smirk of triumph.

* * *

Jamie woke up with her head rested against Raul’s shoulder, blushing slightly. Sometime during her sleep, she grabbed his arm and had been clinging to it tightly. Now she was afraid to move without waking him up.

He had been trying to be brave for her. Trying to protect her. And while a Gundam pilot probably wouldn’t have been hurt so badly, it was everything she could have ever dreamed of. Action. Adventure. So why wasn’t she happy?

Because no matter how many daydreams she had, this was life. The real thing. Reality. There was no way they could escape like Raul said. And Raul was really hurt. Actually hurt. Would be hurt for as long as those bruises took to heal. And it was possibly worse than bruises. And the hurts wouldn’t go away with a kiss like in her daydreams. She was scared...

But Raul woke up anyway. She must have been trembling too much. “Hey, you okay? Don’t worry, I’ll-”

The door slid open to reveal two guards. Before she could stop herself, Jamie tightened her grip on Raul’s arm. Startled, he turned to look down at her. Then he smiled.

“Hello there! So, are you guys finally going to tell us why you kidnaped us?” He turned his smile and charm onto the guards. What was he doing? Trying to provoke them? That idiot! No wonder he had so many bruises... His free hand covered hers and squeezed it gently. Raul...

Raul was getting better at hiding his fear. Jamie wouldn’t have been able to tell if she hadn’t been clinging to his arm. But the guards only sneered. She didn’t recognize either of them as the guy from before. The lighting seemed to have gotten worse...

“You two are the cheese for the mouse trap. Which, if you’ll come this way, we’ll set,”one of the two guards said as they both stepped forward and roughly tore Jamie and Raul apart.

“If you hurt her-” Raul began, trying to break free.

“You’ll what?” the guard holding Jamie asked, twisting her arm behind her back painfully. The girl gasped sharply and Raul went still. Helplessness crept into his eyes. “Move it!”

They pushed the kids out of the cell, making their hard grip felt on both teens’ shoulders. Bait? Bait for what? More importantly, bait for whom? Her father could only pay the ransom, so it couldn’t be for Raul. His family was too poor to even do that. He had a part time job to help pay the bills. So who were they trying to catch?

Suddenly she was jolted out of her thoughts as both the guards tripped. Letting go of Jamie and Raul. She would have just stood there in shock if Raul had not grabbed her hand then. “Wha? Raul, what happ-”

“Donno! Just run!” So she did. Her mind vaguely noted gun shots behind her. Some yelling that didn’t make any sense. Something told her she should try and make sense of it because those guards weren’t following for some weird reason. Were they both knocked out by the fall? But then, who was firing the guns? What was going on?

Just when she was about to run out of breath, Raul pulled her aside into one of the rooms. The stitch in her side hurt painfully. It wasn’t for a few moments that she was able to look around. A storage room, with many boxes. But other then that... “Now what?”

* * *

“They’re lost.”

“Well... er... Now what?”

“I told you it wouldn’t work.”

“Aw, come on! They were smart enough to run, weren’t they?”




“Okay, okay. We’ll go find them... And you don’t have to look so damn smug about it either! Jeeze, first smirking, then telling me ‘I told ya so.’ Never mind-”

“Let’s go.”

“Cold hearted bastard...”

“...” Glare.

“Just kidding, buddy!” Playful wink.

* * *

Raul and Jamie huddled together, unsure of what to do. Neither of them could think of a way to fix the situation, besides sitting and waiting. Which would get them captured again eventually. “What do we do, Raul? We’re lost!” She was close to losing it again...

Helplessness and desperation entered his eyes again. But before he could say anything, a slightly amused voice cut through. “You two look like you could use some help.”

Raul immediately moved in front of her and faced toward the shadows where the voice had come from. What now? “Who-who’s there?”

Something moved in the shadows, and Jamie pressed herself against Raul’s back. Then the shadow chuckled. “Didn’t expect you guys to practically save yourselves. You’re making our job easier.” The shadowed figure moved into the light to reveal a man in this thirties wearing all black and a cap that covered a mop of chocolate brown hair. The cap made it hard to see his eyes... “I’m here to rescue you guys!” he said, grinning broadly.

A small object came from a hole Jamie hadn’t noticed before in the ceiling. “Just shut up and get them up here.” That voice! She knew that voice! Where had she heard it before... Someone she should know... Damn it! Who was it?

Raul recognized the voice too. But he could put a face to it. “Mr. Huit?” he asked tentatively. They both stood there in shock for a few moments after they heard a soft affirmative. Their history teacher? Their history teacher?! Mr. Huit was rescuing them? No way!

“How? Why did...” Was all Jamie could manage to stutter.

The other man simply put his finger to his lips in a devilish manner and motioned them closer. “We’ll answer your questions later, but right now we gotta get you kids out of here.”

“Raul... should we?”

He turned back to her, indecision in his eyes. The older man was pleading silently with his eyes, but Raul couldn’t see them. But unlike Jamie, Raul had noticed the guy had a long braid... Finally, he smiled. “I don’t see what other choice we have. The worst that could happen is we get captured again.”

A soft sigh of relief. Then another thud as a second projectile connected with the other man’s skull. “Damn it! Would you stop that? I’m hurrying! Come on kids, we don’t want a cranky Hee-” Thud. “History teacher who is going to be toast when I get my hands on him.” Slight snicker. The man glared at the hole in the ceiling. The snicker turned into a soft chuckle.

Relief suddenly flooded through Jamie’s body. Something about the two men’s playful antics made her want to trust them completely. So after a reassured look at Raul, she stepped forward. The brown haired man smiled. “Ladies first!” He bowed after winking at her then grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up though the hole in the ceiling. So that was how they moved around, an air duct. It was dark, but she felt a pair of strong hands gently grab her and pull her up. She could only assume it was Mr. Huit.

“Move back a bit so Raul will have room to get up.” She did, and soon she felt the boy’s presence behind her.

“See ya, Mark.” She heard the other man say, oddly stressing her teacher’s first name. That was weird... wait a sec... still no where near as weird as their history teacher saving them. “I’m off to take care of the ringleader.”

“Be careful. They may be amateurs but they still might have a few tricks up their sleeve.” Mr. Huit’s voice sounded from in front of her. Amateurs? Did that make her history teacher professional? This was almost too much...

“You too, buddy.” Then there was the sound of a door opening and closing.

Jamie started trembling again. This was way too much. It was so cramped in here... they’d have to crawl... Not only that but- “S-sir,” she started weakly, “it's really d-dark in here.”

She felt a hand much bigger then hers cover her right hand. “It'll be alright. It's not too far out.”

There was something about the two of them. Something that just screamed ‘trust me.’ Jamie could tell Raul was much more relaxed now too. If Mr. Huit said it would be alright, she instantly believed him. She wasn’t sure how or why, but there was just something about him that she’d never noticed before. Or maybe she had. Maybe that was why she enjoyed his class.

The farther they crawled in that tiny space, the less fear she actually felt. Mr. Huit seemed to know exactly where they were going; his voice directing them whenever there was a turn or fork. How he knew his way around the maze, she couldn’t say.

When they got out of the building, Jamie realized it was night time. They made it. They were safe. It was all okay now. She looked over to Mr. Huit. He looked the same as always, except instead of a business like white shirt and tie, he wore a faded pair of jeans and a green shirt under a denim jacket. And a pair of glasses that obscured whatever Jamie thought looked familiar about his eyes.

Then she saw something that didn’t belong in the picture. A man sneaking up behind her teacher. “Mr. Huit! Look out!” But she was too late. The guard landed a punch on his face with enough force to send even the strongest man down. But he didn’t go down. The only sign the punch affected Mr. Huit was that it had knocked off his glasses.

“Mr. Huit!” Raul cried out behind her.

Three seconds later, the man was knocked out on the ground. “No way...” she heard Raul say softly. Jamie didn’t believe it herself. How could someone move that fast? No, wait a sec. How could their history teacher know how to do that?

While her mind was trying to process what her eyes were telling her, Mr. Huit straightened up with a wary look on his face. He looked around carefully. “Guards usually comein pairs...”

Raul cried out and her heart nearly stopped. Raul!? No! He was being held back by a guard with a gun to his head. “Raul!” The cry escaped her throat before she could stop it. She was helpless! There was nothing she could do, there was nothing Mr. Huit could do! He was in danger... he could die...

“Let him go.” Jamie felt her eyes widen and her mouth go dry as her teacher- her history teacher -was pointing a gun at the guard. But what if the other man pulled the trigger first? What if Mr. Huit missed? He had lost his glasses for crying out loud, how can he see to aim? What was he thinking?

The guard sneered. “I’m the one with the hostage here! You can’t do anything-” Silent gun shot. The gun the guard had been holding was now several meters away on the ground. The three of them stood in shock at Mr. Huit’s accuracy.

“Let the boy go.”

Something in the guard snapped. “No way... You’re not real.” Cool persian blue eyes started calmly back, gun ready to fire again. “I-I’ll break the kid’s arm! I’ll do it! I can kill him even! I don’t need a gun! Just stay back! Stay away from me!”

Raul gave out a sharp yell of pain. Jamie was frozen in her tracks. His eyes... Mr. Huit’s eyes.... they had changed...

They weren’t cold and calculating anymore. They weren’t calm like they had been a minute ago. Now they held infinite sadness and pain. She had never realized someone could feel an emotion that intensely... What? No, Raul!

Another silent shot. Raul yelping and jumping away from the dead man when the grip that ha been hurting him let go. The teacher lowered the gun and sighed, closing his eyes. Jamie just stood there in shock.

Raul was okay. He was fine. But Mr. Huit just... That man... He was dead... She had just watched someone die... And-

Blackness came once again as she fainted a second time.

* * *

Raul jumped away from the dead man, yelping. He suddenly felt very, very sick. The man who was just pinning his arms back was now dead. A man who had just been very much alive, now very much dead. Looking back to see the bullet wound in his head was a bad move. There was just enough moonlight to see the color of the blood...

A few moments later and what little he had had in his stomach now on the pavement, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Drink this.” A water bottle was thrust under his nose.

Raul took a sip and got the bile taste out of his mouth. Finally he looked up to see a slightly concerned Mr. Huit. Damn, stay focused on Mr. Huit! Don’t look back at... “Are you alright, Raul?” It was a good thing there was nothing left in his stomach, because when he nodded weakly, he was lying through his teeth.

The teacher helped him up and looked around for his glasses. Cracked. Sighing, he tossed them aside. Then he picked up the unconscious Jamie. There was something different about her... What was it? Come on Raul! Focus! Now was not the time to fall apart! There’s the difference. She had Mr. Huit’s jacket wrapped around her...

“Come on. It’s dangerous to stay here.” Raul had to remind his feet to move. It was a good thing Mr. Huit was patient and understanding. He kept the pace slow enough for the mind- numb Raul to keep up. Just like when he patiently explained history, though Mr. Huit seemed much more world weary at the moment.

Despite the fact that the man next to Raul had just shot someone, the boy had no mixed emotions toward him. He felt safe in Mr. Huit’s presence. Somehow, he trusted the older man completely. They were going to make it. There was just one piece to the puzzle that didn’t make sense. “Sir?” The older man nodded, acknowledging the boy’s question. “Who are you, really?”

A very slight smile. “I’m just a man who’s trying to find his way.”

“You were a Gundam pilot?” Raul stated more then asked. He received a soft affirmative. “They used us to get to you... I... I’m sorry Sir.” Remembrance of the sadness in the teacher’s-no, the Gundam pilot’s eyes at times during class... and just before he shot the guard. The sadness that might even be there now...

“Do you really need those glasses to see?” That chuckle was a definite negative.

Silence as they walked on. A thought came to Raul. “Sir? Are you- Does this mean you’ll leave?” Another soft affirmative. “Please don’t! I want you to stay! I mean, you’re a great teacher and all... I’m sure Jamie thinks so too! I... Please don’t go...”


Raul hung his head, even though he was sure it was too dark for Mr. Huit to see his flushed face. The teacher motioned for him to stop and then set down Jamie. The teacher pulled a small communicator out of his pocket. “Duo, the kids and I are a safe distance from the base.”

“Jeeze, what took ya so long, Heero?” Came the voice of the man with the braid. Heero. Mr. Huit’s real name was Heero. “Time these guys learned not to mess with the God of Death! See ya, buddy!” God of Death? The pilot of the second Gundam? Of course... Who else could that man have been other than another pilot?

He jumped as a big explosion boomed behind him. The building they were just in and everyone in it... Raul gulped and kept his gaze on his history teacher as he picked up Jamie again. Raul wouldn’t look back. He would only look forward.

* * *

Raul watched Jamie out of the corner of his eye. She had insisted on coming to school today. Well, he probably shouldn’t have been here either. But they both wanted to be there. It would be the last day of Mr. Huit teaching. There was a chance they would never see him again.

She had never connected Mr. Huit with the pilot Heero Yuy. He guessed she never noticed the other man’s braid either. As it was, it seemed as if Jamie was trying to forget everything that happened, including her previous obsession with the Gundam pilots.

Jamie had changed. She was quiet now. More thoughtful, but less off in the clouds. He still loved her though. And he thought she might even be starting to love him back. She certainly spent as much of her time in his company as she could.

They both sat through the lecture in a gloomy silence, waiting for the announcement that he would be leaving. But instead, Mr. Huit assigned homework and dismissed class for the weekend. But... Wasn’t he supposed to be leaving? The two teens silently agreed to stay behind after class.

“Mr. Huit?” Jamie began uncertainly. He looked up from his paper work, a new glasses hiding the intensity of his blue eyes. “Are you- are you going to leave?”

Heed looked sternly at both of them. Raul was suddenly very nervous. He watched them fidget for several minutes before asking a question that surprised them. “Do you wish me to leave?”

“No!” They both cried out in unison. Raul looked away blushing. He was pretty sure Jamie was doing the same thing.

“What I mean, Sir-”

A tiny smile tugged at the teacher’s lips that stopped Jamie from going on. “Then I’m afraid your homework is still due Monday. And don’t think you can get out of it.” They both gasped in shock as he put the files he had been looking through in his brief case and prepared to leave. “You two rest this weekend and don’t exert yourselves too much on your date.”

“Date?!” Again, blushing. How... how could he have known about the promise? “I-uh, yes, Sir.”

Another small smile. A very rare thing that seemed to be happening more and more lately. Because lately, Raul noticed it reached Mr. Huit’s eyes a lot more. “Good. Now,” slight frown, “are you two going to leave and give me some peace or are you going to sit here and plague me all weekend?”

They mumbled apologies and both rushed out of the room. They then looked at each other and smiled. “Come on Raul. My father wants me to come straight home today. And you have to walk me there!”

He chuckled and looked back at the door to the history classroom. “I hope, Sir... I hope you find your way,” he whispered inaudibly before Jamie dragged him off.

Because when he saw Jamie smile, Raul certainly had found his own way.

* * *

“Aw, aren’t they cute.”


“I saw you smiling too. Admit it.”


“Stop growling and let’s go get some pizza or something! I’m starved!”


“Ow! HEY! What the hell was that for?!?! Jeeze! You just get more and more violent every year!”

“If you don’t shut up, I’m not paying.”

Chuckle. “Anything you say, Heero-sensei. Lead on!”

Small smile that made Duo’s even bigger.


Quote of the Chapter:

"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it."
-- Jane Wagner